Sunday, 11 February 2007

The erupting Gingercake.....Argggghhhhh!

Well readers, I'm not even sure I should be sharing this with you considering it may forever put a black stain against my prowess in the kitchen but I'm gobsmacked on this! As I type, I have a Gingercake baking in the oven but I've renamed it 'Demon-cake' because this particular cake decided to take on a mind of its own and erupt on me. Don't believe me? See pic. I had to quickly place another baking pan on the shelf underneath to catch what seemed like a never-ending flow of gooey mess. I've baked these cakes countless times before without incident but today.......what can I say? It's a demon-cake! The only up-side is the beautiful aroma throughout the house which I'm hoping won't soon change to the smell of burnt cake droppings. I did open a new packet of Bicarbonate of Soda so I'm wondering what else they are packing into that stuff these days???

Demon Cake - © Serena Lewis

On a nicer note, here is a pic of Cody, now just over 13 weeks old.

Cody at 13 weeks old - © Serena Lewis

I didn't get much painting done this week with my classes starting back up for 2007 but it was nice to catch up with my students again after the annual break.

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