Monday, 13 August 2007

I've been tagged for being NICE!!!

I have been tagged with a 'Nice Matters' award from my friend Romona King of Northbrook Designs. Thanks, Ro! :) I am to nominate five people who qualify for being nice. Well that's the easy part because I know a lot of nice people. My main problem will be finding ones who have blogs and/or ones who haven't already been tagged.

My nominees are:

Debra Jean of For the Love of Art. This lady has an infectious, bubbly, caring and fun personality and anyone around her can't help but smile and feel better about their day. She is also a fabulous artist who is involved in a Memory Box program. This program supplies keepsake boxes, painted by artists worldwide, to hospitals where they are then gifted to parents who have suffered the loss of a baby. A very noble cause and, sadly, a much needed one.

Chezza of From the River's Edge. Chezza is another lovely lady with a great sense of humour and is also a wonderful artist.

Sandy of Sandy's Art Space. Not only is Sandy a wonderful person....she is also our art group's computer guru and ever helpful when someone finds themselves in computer mayhem.

Stapeliad of Stapeliad. Weird....I just realised that I don't know her 'real' name. lol I met Stapeliad online via our Blogs and we also frequent WetCanvas, a worldwide, online Artist's Community. In the time I have known Stapeliad, I have found her to be a very caring, genuinely nice person and a wonderful mother. We share a lot of common interests and she is a very talented artist.

Bradley of Brad's World of Music. I may be a little biased here because Bradley is my son but he is genuinely deserving of the 'Nice Matters' award. Bradley is truly an inspiration to me. He has been legally blind and hearing impaired since birth and this has not held him back from his two main loves in life, computers and music. He touches the hearts of all who meet him because he has such a polite, caring and friendly nature. I couldn't be more proud of him if I tried.

Okay, Debra Jean, Chezza, Sandy, Stapeliad and Bradley, you need to copy the banner above and nominate your 5 friends now.....thanks for being such NICE people ~

NOTE - Please don't feel obligated to carry on the 'tag'. It's just a fun thing and I would hate for anyone to feel pressured by it.


  1. Hey, thanks :)

    That was really...errr...nice of you!!!


  2. Hi Serenca,
    Thanks for viewing my blog & leaving your lovely comments:)You are very talented. I can't believe you've never even attended a workshop! And five children too! I have three & that was quite hectic. I will have a more thorough look at your blog & posts tonight.
    Kind regards,

  3. Hi Serena, love you blog and art work.
    Ginny,[I hate attention too--]

  4. Hi Ginny, thanks for dropping by and I'm very happy to hear you like my blog. :)


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