Saturday, 8 December 2007

Skye's Formal

My niece, Skye, graduated High School last month and, as is tradition, they had a Formal Dinner Dance where the graduating students dress up to the occasion. I thought I'd share a few pics of Skye before she left for her special night. She looks like a princess, don't you think?

Skye with her immediate family

Princess Skye

Two of my sons, Bradley and Aaron, with Skye and one very proud Aunty (ME!)

This is one my favourite pics of Skye on her special night


  1. Yes, beautiful! And the last one is so a true princess.

  2. Your niece is a very pretty woman..........and you too.
    Congratulations for her graduation.
    Bye bye from Irun.

  3. She is very beautiful and the pink is the perfect color for her!

    Looks like her night was off to a great start with her loved ones all around. Hope she had a great time!

  4. Thanks so much for dropping by, Kate and for your lovely compliment. :)

    Gracias por los elogios encantador, Jou. :)

    Thanks, Kathy, and you are right....that shade of pink was perfect for her colouring. She had an excellent night! Thanks for dropping by ~

  5. Congratulations to your neice and best of luck as she sets out to carve her destiny. She is very beautiful and you have a wonderful family.

  6. She looks gorgeous - and you look pretty good yourself!

  7. Deffinately looks every part the Princess...and her Aunt is looking good too! ;)

  8. Thank you, Boyd, Casey and Anita! :)

  9. What a good looking family! :)

    *Congratulations to Skye, such a beautiful young lady, I wish her all the best.

  10. Ditto all of the above from me too, Serena:)
    Cheers, Maria

  11. Thanks, Luci ~ :)

    Thanks, Maria ~ :)


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