Monday, 7 January 2008

Two weeks in one post

I've barely managed any time online at all lately. My son, Aaron, turned 9 on the 23rd December and everything has pretty much been a fast-paced blur since. We celebrated Aaron's birthday with a family party and everyone had a great time.

Then, Christmas arrived two days later. Another busy day! I had my Mum and Dad coming for the day also. My daughter, Michelle, and her boyfriend, Alex, arrived later in the afternoon and stayed overnight so they could spend Boxing Day (Dec. 26th) with us too. I think I managed to get the tree down on the 28th.

A family friend was very kind and generous in giving the kids and I two computers with accessories (prior to Christmas) so I'm still in the process of setting those up too with program installations etc....almost done. As these computers are more updated than the one I currently use, I am also swapping mine over with one of them. My Mum and Dad will be getting the cast off (mine) as my Mum suffers terribly with Rheumatoid Arthritis and finds it difficult to hold a pen. So now, she will be able to type her letters.

On the December 30th, I was out shopping when Michelle (daughter) rang to say that she and Alex were involved in a car accident. They had been sitting at the traffic lights and, when it turned green, they started on their way but a woman decided to speed through the red light and collected them in the intersection. Michelle suffered severe whiplash and her back and abdominal muscles were effected too. Alex took a hit to his head but seems okay now. I shudder to think how bad it could have been, if it had been just a few seconds more, because Alex would have copped the full force of the woman's speeding car and Michelle would have been in worse way too. The woman who hit them wasn't even insured.....maddening! I am so grateful they are both okay.....can't say the same for Alex's car though. It's a write-off.

At Michelle's request, I had opted to have the family New Year's Eve party here at my place. My niece and nephew came up with the idea to have a theme so everybody had to come dressed in.....FLURO colours! I hate fluro but who am I to be a party pooper.

The 31st arrived and my sister and I got busy with food preparations in the morning whilst my nephew put up a three bedroom tent in the back yard so there would be plenty of sleeping options.

Michelle and Alex arrived earlier in the afternoon to settle in. Michelle wasn't looking too well and still in pain so lay down for a while, however, when she got up she was overcome with waves of nausea. That settled a little and, shortly after, my sister and her family arrived to party on for New Year. Michelle then ended up having some sort of attack where she felt she couldn't breathe. I called for an ambulance and she and Alex ended up at the hospital for three hours before being given the all clear to go home. My son, Beau, and I went over to pick them up and we made it back in the nick of time to bring in 2008 with the rest of the family.

I have to chuckle because one of the paramedics commented to Alex that it was pretty bright in the house when they arrived to attend to Michelle....he was referring to us all being decked out in fluro gear. I will let you be the judge. Unfortunately, I didn't get pics of everyone who attended.

We followed through with the family tradition of 'first-footing' which has Scottish origins. Traditionally, a tall, dark stranger is supposed to come to the door straight after midnight with a piece of coal, food or coin and the resident and visitor toast in the New Year. This is supposed to bring a prosperous year for the household. Alex is not a stranger but two out three ain't bad.



  1. Serena, you poor girl!
    I hope you get a chance to finally breathe in 2008. I can understand with all the family gatherings and happenings, I had that too. I'm glad that Michelle and Alex are alive. I pray that they will be well. Your family is a lot of fun. I like the idea of the tent for extra room. It's absolutely brilliant! And the fluo colors ... hehehe ... what can I say ... you have one awesome family!

    Okay, I'll end my novel comment now. :)

    PS: Happy birthday to Aaron. He's the same age as my son. I wonder whether they would be interested to become penpals?

  2. Serena...Thank goodness your daughter didn't suffer worse injuries...I hope she makes a full recovery really fast. How scary.

    The fluoro party? LOVE.IT.

  3. Luci, thanks for your lovely comment and well wishes. I think you have an awesome family too! I'll pass on your birthday wishes to Aaron. He is still sound asleep in bed but I think he would like a penpal if Christer is interested too.

    Thanks for your well wishes, Jessica. It was very scary but I'm so grateful it wasn't worse.

    The fluoro party was great! We didn't get to bed until 4:30 in the morning. It's been a few years since I've partied like that. lol

  4. That looks like a very yummy cake and a great bright party!

    Scary to see the car damage but glad no one was hurt worse.

    I used to wear clothes that bright *hides head in shame* ;)

    Didn't do that tradition here in Scotland this year (we were all in bed by 1), but my MIL says she used to be the person volunteered to be the first person in the door just because of her hair colour.

  5. Thanks, Jennifer Rose! I was going to go with a chocolate mud cake for Aaron's birthday but he requested Pavlova and who am I to argue. ;) Pav is one of my favourite dessert cakes.

    I like bright, cheerful colours for decorating but I never wear them so this was a huge step for me...I will probably never wear that top again! lol

    LOL re. your MIL being volunteered because of hair colour.

  6. Holy cow!!! you've had quite a holiday season--both good and bad. Hope things calm down soon so you can get back to the artwork.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be back to visit yours again!

  7. mmm the cake looks really nummy. Maybe you could share the recipe?? hint hint.

    I feel terrible for Michelle and Alex being in that car accidnent.
    That is horrid. We were in two (both times someone rear ended us) and both of them had no insurance either. I don't understand un insured people.

    It looks like you had a wonderful New Years Eve though. How fun. We barely stayed up until midnight. :)

    I hope you can start breathing again and get back into the routine of the norm.


  8. Lovely happy photographs Serena....and I'm SO relieved for your sake that the accident wasn't worse and that they are OK.

  9. Serena, I do wish I could have made it to the party - too bad we are not neighbors! I think the last time I wore "fluoro" was in the 80's in high school. You look so pretty in yours! I got your emails, but I am responding on your blog, if that is okay. I am so sorry about that horrible accident your daughter and her boyfriend were in! Trust me when I say that they really should see a chiropractor NOW, especially considering the attack Michelle suffered....the impact of an accident like that can be felt for years. You are truly blessed that the accident was not worse. I actually cringed here at my computer when I saw the photo of the car and read the account. UUgghh! Happy birthday to Aaron - we almost share a birthday, and that cake is mouth-watering!!!! By the way, are the paintings on the wall in the photo of you paintings YOU made? I am glad you all made it through 2007 and into 2008 in one piece! Cheers to you and the new year ahead! - kate -

  10. Serena that car looks a larger mess than I imagined it to from your email, they were VERY lucky indeed!
    I'm so glad you finally made it home with family for New Year, I hope it is the start of something wonderful for you all.
    Oh and.....I WANT THAT CAKE!!!!!!!!!

  11. WOW...what a post! What a holiday! What a crazy family!!! the flouro??? Happy your daughter and her boyfriend were ok, with only minor injury (hopefully). Hope she is recovering well...
    Happy New Year!

  12. Thanks, Bec ~ :)

    Thanks, Becky. :) I can't understand people who don't insure, at least, for damages to the other car either. Thankfully, Third Party Personal Injury insurance is compulsory so, hopefully, Michelle will be able to make a claim for her injuries.

    Thanks, Ronell ~ :)

  13. Hi Kate,

    Thanks for your concern and advice. I will be sure to pass it on to Michelle. She is currently attending a Physio-therapist three days a week and, you're so right, whiplash can have long-lasting effects.

    Yes, the paintings on the wall are mine. They don't show up too well in the pic though.


  14. Thanks, Anita. I can tell you that cake was delicious! ;)

    Thanks, Julie ~ :)

  15. Well, I think the paintings are cool. I like to display my art around my house, too. : ) Are your kids artists, too?

  16. Thanks, Kate....the paintings certainly give the room a lift. I have no doubt that your house looks amazing with your artwork adorning its walls. Michelle and my son, Beau, both received awards of excellence in High School for their art and photography. They still paint/draw when the urge takes them. I only wish I had taken up painting at their ages.

  17. Wow - what a couple of weeks you had! So glad to hear that your daughter and friend are okay - what a mess!

    My son turned 8 on 23rd Dec. Isn't it a blast to try to celebrate it two days before Christmas? Yikes! :-)

  18. Thanks for visiting, Diahn! :)

    You're not wrong! LOL In one way, they're lucky as they get gifts on their birthday and then Christmas presents just two days later, however, now they have to wait a whole year to see either again.

  19. Wow, it's been quite a holiday season for you, Serena. I hope your daughter & her boyfriend have recovered from the accident. What a busy time you've had. Love the look of your party & best wishes to your lovely son, Aaron :)

    I hope things have settled down for you now. I'm looking forward to seeing your artworks this year :)

    love Maria

  20. Thanks, Maria. I was only thinking of you today and think the same thing about your artwork.

    Serena :)

  21. Hi Serena, I hope everything has settled down now. How is your daughter after all that...??? That would be pretty scary, but thankfully it wasn't worse. Loved all the pictures and your Fluro Looks like a good time was had by all. I also follow "First Footing". I get poor hubby to go out one door and come in the front one....He just rolls his eyes at me, but does it anyway... ;o) Have a great week, Ro

  22. Wow! What an eventful two weeks! I am hoping your daughter is much better now and not still suffering from the effects of the accident!! Whoa! Well, now that you've gotten the drama out of the way, hopefully, the rest of 2008 will be carefree, fun, stress-less, and just plain wonderful. Happy New Year! :)

  23. Hi Ro - Michelle is still suffering and, unfortunately, I think this will continue for quite a while yet. She sustained a lot of soft tissue damage. LOL re. hubby and the first footing. :)

    Thank you, Joan ~ :)


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