Friday, 22 August 2008

jim denevan

what a gifted and talented artist! he literally draws these massive geometric designs - freehand - in the sand with just a rake for a tool. INCREDIBLE!!! take a look-see yourself -

i recently visited fran menelay's blog and found this post about jim denevan. he also hosts dinners called 'outstanding in the field' where guests literally eat out in a farmer's field. fran was lucky enough to attend one and shares her experience with lots of interesting titbits and pics if you are interested in checking it out.

zebra update - it's finally finished! YAY! but i am waiting for a clear, sunny day to take a decent pic as the past couple of days have been overcast and gloomy.


  1. WOW! How incredible powerful!

  2. Amazing! thanks for sharing that video, Serena. I am really looking forward to seeing photos of the zebra painting.

  3. I think he's amazing too! Thanks for commenting Nic and Linda ~ :)

  4. Hi Serena! Just wanted to say...sort of on a side note...that my mom, my daughter, a friend and I just attended (a few months ago) a dinner much like this on a farm, with slow cooked regional organic foods...there were 5 chefs there who all made specialties, and it was a specacular evening...if you or anyone ever gets a chance to attend something like is amazing!

  5. Wow! He's a fascinating man and an amazing artist! Thanks for the cideo! :)

  6. Lucky YOU, Julie! It looks like such a lot of fun on the video and, of course, organic food would be a huge plus. :)

    He certainly is, Rita....I'm blown away by his talent. :)


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