Thursday, 28 August 2008

vegan burgers, studio progress and a woolly situation

thanks for sharing your day with me. it's always nice to hear what others have been up to.

last night was vegan night, where once a week i cook a vegan meal for the 'whole' household to partake of. after catching up with a few of my favourite vegan blogs, i couldn't go past the voracious vegan's tempting bombay burgers. instead of having them on a bread roll, i served them with mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots and broad (fava) beans on the side. they were a real hit so i will definitely be making them again. thanks, VV!

then today, i put a layer of texture on the canvas using matisse gel medium.

then, i popped to spotlight for some craft bits and pieces and, after lunch, i watched chapter six of a new earth with oprah and eckhart tolle. i am reading each chapter of the book and then watching the corresponding chapter on the computer.

later in the afternoon, i pottered around in the studio playing with different layouts for my tags.....still deciding on them. anyways, when i got up to come through to start dinner, this is was greeted me on the floor of the studio -

my darling cody had been at it again! up to mischief! and, of course, he wanted to turn it into a game so took off with the wool, down the hall and into Brad's room leaving a trail behind him.
then, he raced back into the studio to find something new to play with - ....never a dull moment with cody around.


  1. The Bombay burgers sound yummy. I saved the recipe but honestly, I'm not a cook and usually just buy my veggie burgers!

    My cats love to get my yarn just as Cody did. No matter how high I put it up they seem to find it!

  2. That is my kind of day and you get to finish it off with such a How long did it take to unravel the yarn.. ;o) Ro

  3. Hello Serena,

    Came by to thank you for stopping by and praying for my son.
    Praise the Lord! They got all the cancer. Please continue to pray for him and his family. He still has some treatment and healing process to go through!

    I'll check out the burger. Looks like you had a lot of yummies to eat.

    GOD Bless You and Yours and Your Creative Life!!!

  4. But Cody looks so innocent!!!

    Is Spotlight a store in your locale, or online? I will try and find it.

  5. Whew, Serena!! When I saw all that yellow, I thought it was paint!! So lucky it wasn't. Well. Cody is so cute, how can you get mad?

  6. Cody's playtime cracked me up! Altho I'm sure it wasn't too funny for you at the time--hehe! I guess I am glad I don't knit much anymore. :)

  7. LOL! OMG! that is so hilarious. And Cody looks so sweet and innocent laying there- hee hee! Isabella used to do that with toliet paper. Cody, you are adorable!

  8. Hard to be annoyed with that cute face looking at you! lol

    Have a great weekend, Serena!

  9. lol. glad it doesn't just happen to me. I once had a cat who always used to pinch my ball of wool. Treated it like a kitten

  10. Oh my, how cute is he!! A mess, yes...but it really would be hard to be mad at him.

    Sounds like a good day...except for untangling the wool!

  11. Janet, I sometimes buy the premade veggie burgers too. :)

    Ro, I put the wool on a shelf up high until I get the chance to unravel it. :)

    Flassie, I'm so happy to hear that your son's surgery went well and I will continue to keep him in my prayers. (((Hugs)))

    Julie - The Spotlight outlet is probably a 5 minute drive from where I live. :)

    OMG, Deborah, thank heavens it wasn't paint! Yes, he is way too cute to get mad at. :)

    Rita, Cody was thoroughly enjoying himself until I spoiled it for him and took the wool away. I wasn't mad at the time though I may curse him when I start trying to unravel the mess he made of the wool.

    Linda, if you go to this earlier link, , you will see Cody making a similar mess with toilet paper. It sounds like Bella has outgrown her fascination with toilet paper. Cody is nearly two and I'm still waiting.... lol

    Thanks, Maria ~ :)

    miss 376 - cats LOVE to play with much fun to watch their antics. :)

    Kate, the wool is still waiting to be unraveled. Lesson learned ~ :)

  12. Hehehe, life with Cody is certainly exciting!

    *I remember when my dogs got into my paint tubes. For a week they had very colorful poo-poo.

  13. OMG, Luci...coloured poo?! LOL

    I agree, perpetual chocoholic ~ :)


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