Sunday, 16 November 2008

fire week begins...


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affirmation for today - I AM SAFE

the weather today certainly made me aware that FIRE week has was a scorcher of a day which dazzled us with an electrical storm earlier this evening. YEP! Fire week has definitely arrived.

today, we were asked to be aware of all forms of fire signs in my life....

  • i think the top of the list would have to be myself, considering i'm an aries

  • the scorching heat today

  • i love chillies and my kitchen has quite a few chilli decor items.... i guess that would classify as a fire sign

  • the evening storm which brought lots of lightning and flashing

i'm sure more will come to me after i've posted. isn't it always the way?

as i read over denise's introduction to FIRE week, so much resonated with me. as a child, i was always extremely shy and seemed so afraid of people i didn't know. thankfully, i'm not that frightened little girl anymore but i still have fears, particularly when it comes to stepping outside of my comfort zone. i feel safe in my own environment....but when i step beyond it, i can start to feel very insecure. i don't do well in crowds at all and can feel quite claustrophobic. i am slowly improving as my confidence and self-esteem continue to grow.

denise also mentioned that many people choose being nice and sacrifice their own needs for others and, as a result, they are fractured. i'm putting my hand up for that one too. i still, at times, sacrifice my own needs to suit others but i am learning to say no more often.

denise also talks about fear of rejection. i think that would have to be a big one for me. i've had low self-esteem all my life and, while my confidence is growing, i can still be my own worst enemy at times. i am learning that it's all about empowering myself to find my voice and not be afraid to make my mark in this world and take some risks. looks like fire week has my name written all over it. this should prove

love, light and peace,


  1. Fire sign- yep I can resonate with that heat.

    Fear of rejection yep that too
    Giving too much yep .

    I think that now is the time to make your mark but your not alone with your thoughts on the above.

    lovely picture.

  2. Serena, your artwork is like a gentle fire burning. It's warm, powerful and lasting. I look forward to seeing what you have brought into the circle everyday. :)

    As Ms. Linn says, "A fear named is a fear tamed." Roar! :)

  3. came over from AEM - LOVE that drawing. I see you're doing the soul coaching thing Leah is. I must look into that book for Jan and Feb when I have some down time (I keep adding things to the list for that period - soon there will be no down time at all in my down time!).

  4. I am a fire sign too and feel really excited about this week. I am hoping to really deepen my connection and strengthen my spirit this week...

  5. Wishing you much safety while you find your voice and take some risks. Blessings, Nicole

  6. I feel the same about low self-esteem but I think along with the aging process came an attitudinal shift. I'm more comfortable with myself, maybe even less hard. But I agree with you, I can be my own worst enemy at times too.

    You have definitely made a mark in this world...You have made an impact in my life and I'm half a world away!


  7. Hi Serena, love your image! especially the chilli peppers!! awesome. Thank you for sharing about Fire Week in your Soul Coaching post, I really enjoyed reading about it. :o)

  8. Fire sign here also. This reads like the inside of my head!

  9. you pretty much described me with your fears but I am not a fire sign..double Capricorn actually..

    the art today is fantastic!!

  10. May the flame of your confidence grow and grow. You have such a beautiful light! It's awesome to hear your voice as you put yourself out here on this journey!

  11. You're not alone in your fear(s), m'dear. Use your voice as you see fit!

  12. As I read these fears of others. We have a lot of the same fear but we each call them something different.

    Coffee is on.

  13. wow, so many cool synchronicities to start fire week! woohoo!

  14. To a bright soul--
    Your care and love have always shown in your work. Since you have started the Soul Coaching you shine even brighter as you share yourself with us! I agree, even half a world away, you have affected me so positively! I hope all the wonderful things everyone is sharing about you helps your confidence grow. :)

  15. ahhh I've missed checking in here. Loved the post and I can so relate. And what a beautiful image. I see I'm way behind here and if I don't get through everything now I'll be back... I have lots of catching up to do.

    missed you!

  16. Thanks, everyone.

    Lillian and Rita, I feel so touched that I have had a positive effect on your lives. I'm so truly happy that our paths have crossed.

  17. Good post! the lighting souds nice I always enjoy watching lighting.

  18. Dearest Serena,
    I can assure you that you are one of the loveliest people that I’ve ever met … inside and outside. I am sorry for the time that you were ever in discomfort for feeling unease of being yourself. I have the same trouble too. There are some people that make me feel intimidated and insignificant. There’s one question that help me deal with them (and calm the pitter-patter of my apprehensive heart): “Do I even like them?” I know this sounds shallow, and perhaps not soul nurturing, but when the answer is no, I tend not to worry so much about their opinion anymore. Hehehe.

    Shallow Luci.

  19. Beautiful composition and elegance! :)

  20. Thank you, Nick, Luci and Margaret.

    Luci, that's great advice!


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