Saturday, 22 November 2008

interim post - just in case

hi everyone,

i thought it best to do an interim post early (it's 2PM here) and let you know that we are expecting severe, electrical storms some time this afternoon. some suburbs of brisbane have already suffered extensive damage in the past few days, caused by the worst storms we've had in 25 years, and the pattern seems to be continuing. we are being warned to prepare and stay indoors. the winds are already building up with ferocity. what a week we have had so far...the backyard is waterlogged from all the rain. i'm not sure water week was keen to be over....however, these storms are electrical so that fits in with fire week too. i'm trying to stay positive that the impending storm will not be as bad as the last two. there are two huge trees that sit behind our back fence and they do worry me with the ground already so waterlogged but....positive thoughts....positive thoughts.

i am working on my 'art every day month' piece as well as my 'soul coaching' lesson so, if i'm unable to post them tonight, stay tuned for a post tomorrow.

on another note, i'm currently waiting to hear news on my daughter as her de-facto boyfriend took her to hospital earlier today because she was suffering severe, stabbing pains in the mid-right area of her abdomen. last i heard, alex (her boyfriend) said the doctors were organising an ultrasound. please think positive thoughts and prayers that she'll be okay...

i will, hopefully be back later tonight if we don't lose power.

love, light and peace ~


  1. Your daughter is in my prayers. I hope they find out what it is promptly and she will be well quickly.

    Sounds like you have have plenty enough water last week! I hope your trees remain standing and strong. :)

  2. Serena, I'm sending prayers for your daughter, and for a safe weathering of the storms. Blessings, Serena

  3. Serena, I'll be sending peaceful thoughts for the air, water and fire elements in Brisbane! We get some pretty ferocious winds here to in the winter so I can sympathise with you. I listen to the winds howl around the 60+ ft cedar trees in our back yard and pray that they stay upright!

    I'm sending positive healing thoughts to your daughter and hope that she'll be feeling better soon.((hugs))

  4. Serena, I am keeping you and Michelle in my thoughts and prayers.


  5. Thanks you everyone....I spoke with Michelle just this morning and she is still very tender around the area but the stabbing pain has eased right off. Something tells me this won't be the end of it though.

    (((HUGS))) and thanks ~

  6. I feel blessed to have such caring friends. Michelle appreciates your kind words...thank you.

  7. Hello Serena, I'm catching up reading your posts. I'm starting from the last post I read. I hope as I scroll upward and read your more recent posts, everything is better.

    Much love,


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