Wednesday, 5 November 2008

self awareness and henna art


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something different for me - i printed out a sketch of my hand which i did a while ago and decorated it like a henna tattoo. i couldn't resist 'painting' my nails black to match and, even though it was on paper, doing this gave me a wonderful sense of freedom.


affirmation for today - I LOVE AND ACCEPT WHO I AM...AND WHO I AM IS ENOUGH

denise writes that, at this stage, we may notice old patterns and blockages rising to the surface.......amazingly, i had a wonderfully, easy-going day. i woke at 4 am, feeling great, read the chapter from 'soul coaching' for today, meditated for 15 minutes and then, things just flowed smoothly for the rest of the day. (afterthought - i even managed time to clear the rest of the clutter from my wardrobe)

some of you were surprised at my comment in yesterday's post about sleeping in until 5:30 am so i thought i would explain.......prior to november, my normal waking time was 5 am each day but i figured that, seeing as how i do best in the mornings, i would wake an hour earlier to get a fresh start on soul coaching activities. it also gives me time alone while the rest of the household sleeps. i've never been a night owl...9:30 pm hits and i'm yawning.

anyways, i'm wondering if my work with eckhart tolle's book assisted me with today's chapter because this lesson was all about the observer and how our identity is not who we are. this was a very strong message in 'a new earth' and i really get that. i've been observing my ego self in action for some time now and, breaking old, conditioned habits is not an easy thing to do because the ego has been used to being in control for so long. its very survival depends on chaos, drama and negativity and it doesn't want to give up that role willingly. most times now, i am recognising my ego self playing out a role and i can react by choosing to take positive action for positive outcomes. the sacred observer - the authentic self - is who i really am and it always speaks from a place of love and pure consciousness.

of course, this isn't going to be an overnight success......the ego self won't go down without a fight and it will constantly rise up again but, as long as i am aware of it, i can stop it in its tracks and choose to act from a place of authenticity. if i slip up and ego wins, i must remember to be gentle with myself and accept that it is part of my learning and there will always be a next time and then......i can beat that crazy, little sucker into submission. ooops, was that my ego self or my authentic self talking?....just kidding ~ ;)


  1. I had a dreadful day.. it is on my blog.. but in reality, it probably was a tremendous day, because I didn't give in to my ego-self..

    I hope to start catching my ego-self and negative talk.. I do sometimes, but most times it goes on for awhile before I realize it.
    The book - a new earth, sounds wonderful, must look out for it.

  2. I read that book too and I can really relate to your was a joy for me to find that this book works on ideals that have come to feel right for me.

  3. This is just gorgeous, Serena! I like the black nails on this! Just great!

  4. I love love love the henna tattoo. Henna is a big part of the sacred celebrations in our culture and you have done an excellent job replicating it here.

  5. Nice work, Serena! I read The New Earth very recently (actually, I'm still not finished with it...almost). It really does put you through changes just reading it. This is stuff we all know deep inside, and yet trying to put it into practice seems impossible sometimes. Your little wisecrack at the end of your post illustrated exactly what I mean...who is talking? Is it authentic self or is it still ego? I guess if there's "talk" involved it's most likely ego, huh?

  6. Really enjoyed your Soul Coaching posts and the artwork that goes with them. Some lovely mantras too.

  7. Love the picture...henna tattoos are so beautiful. I am glad I read Eckhart's has helped with this today. But, this is really hard for ego is a stinker and creates all sorts of fears and barriers! I am learning to overcome it...but, it's not easy.

  8. The henna hand is such a striking image! My latest AED is also a hand! We must be synchronized somehow.


    I am so NOT a morning person...but I'll happily stay up until all hours. I do understand how people love the silence of early morning- I prefer the middle of the night.

    Unfortunately having a day job interferes a little with being nocturnal!

  9. Hi Serena,
    I'm watching your progress as you work through November and while I haven't commented each day, I am enjoying your journey. I don't dare lock myself in like you have as it stresses me out to do that, but on the positive side, I am creating every day. I'm not worried about trying to finish everything I start in a day, just to be doing something creative is what is important to me. Just the mere act of devoting time each day makes me happy. Your henna tattoed hand is beautiful and freeing. Well done, Ro

  10. Catching up on your posts...I see you are going full throttle meeting your month's commitments. Good for you! It's so interesting getting a glimpse into each day of your 30 day journey.

    Love the hand sketch and henna art.

    Ps- I don't know what the problem is with comments on my blog. I checked and rechecked and am still baffled.

  11. Your artwork is simply wonderful! and I feel like I am on the same wave length you are on with this "assignment".

  12. You're doing so well! Sounds like you are well aware of the power of the ego already. Tolle's book didn't work for me but wow, this book is shining a spotlight on my gremlin.

  13. This is the most lovely drawing!! Power of NOW really shifted things for me. It is interesting how the power of just observing can change everything :)

  14. I try avoid anything negative in my life but it seems to show it ugly head every so often.

    It amazing how different things effect each and everyone of us.
    Sometime I let the little voice of "what if_____"

    Coffee is on.

  15. i've been observing my ego self in action for some time now and, breaking old, conditioned habits is not an easy thing to do because the ego has been used to being in control for so long. its very survival depends on chaos, drama and negativity and it doesn't want to give up that role willingly.
    Stunning wisdom! It goes perfectly with your stunning art! :)

  16. I love the drawing, and the henna tattoo. There is something so powerful about marking and adorning our bodies, even an image of it evokes that sensation. Actually, my real nails are black right now. It's fun!

    Thank you for your warm comments on my blog.

    I'm glad you explained about the timing...I read woke up at 4:30 and my jaw dropped. :)

  17. Thank you for your kind words to me today. I'm loving your artwork in these posts!

  18. How lovely to start the day with that time to yourself. That sounds sacred.

  19. Your hand is elegant and graceful and caring and artistic...just like I would imagine you to be! Lovely!

  20. Your hand portrait is lovely ~ so expressive!

  21. love the hand with henna!!! fantastic!

    i was thinking about eckhart tolle when reading yesterday's essay as well and also martha beck's work. she calls the the observer, the watcher. it's good to read it in all different ways. helps the idea really sink in!

  22. OMG your drawing is fabulous and the black nails really make it pop! Gorgeous. I tend to be a morning person myself... so hard to stay up late. A new earth has been on my list for some time. I must get it soon.

  23. Thanks for your great comments, everyone.

    Danette - I'll bet your black nails look fantastic!

    Sorry you had a bad day, Robyn, but I know the next day was good for you so my guess is that it was all part of the process. Good luck with being the Observer.

    Fatma, I'm so pleased to hear that you think I did such a nice job honouring one of your traditions.

    Serena Pia - I think talk can come from either the Ego or Authentic Self, we just have to recognise the ego self is always from a place of control, criticism and judgement. The Authentic self always acts from a place of positivity, acceptance and unconditional love.

    Ro - It's wonderful that you are creating daily and I get to see all your amazing creations at various stages.

  24. To arrive at a state where you are aware of your self and able to accept yourself as you are so you can be compassionate to yourself is a monumental step. I think it's hard to grow when we are not compassionate toward others (as well as ourselves).

    Love the henna hand. Does that make you want to try it in real life, Serena? :)


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