Friday, 28 November 2008

soul coaching - day 27 - earth week


acrylic/mixed media on 6"x6" canvas


affirmation for today - MY FUTURE IS FILLED WITH LOVE AND JOY

OH MY.....what a day!

first up, my shadow self came out to play this morning when she got all fired up at the tone my 20 year old son used.....there was no need for his tone but my shadow self didn't need to over-react the way she did either. then, my 9 year old son must have enjoyed seeing the appearance of my shadow self because he promptly decided to test the boundaries....NOT a good idea because, when he takes on my shadow self, he always loses. we then get to my son's school and, as he winds up the car window, it breaks....the gearing inside the door, not the actual window. oh yes, my day definitely started off on the wrong foot! on the way to autobarn to have the window checked, i calmed my mind and figured i could stop the negative energy in its tracks by focusing on the positive. the technician at autobarn got me out of trouble by, at least, closing the car window. I will be out of pocket for a replacement scissor-mechanism inside the car door can wait for now. as long as the car window is now closed, i'm a happy, little vegemite! positive energy is back on the playing field, people. i called into the 'mind, body, spirit' shop on the way home to pick up some sage for the house cleansing ritual and was so happy to find a DVD by esther and jerry hicks called - 'introducing abraham'.

when i got home, i did my daily 15 minute meditation and then, proceeded to do suzie's house cleansing ritual. i felt GREAT afterwards! thanks, suzie! i then sat down and watched the new DVD and hung on every word, especially the ones spoken by abraham. i then managed some time for my art.....i'm not overly happy with it but i do like the message it conveys.

the lesson for today covers creating a future for yourself this moment.

i'm all for focusing in the present moment but, as i've mentioned before, i'm not comfortable visualising some future scenario for myself. it's my belief that, when you focus on visualising a future self, you will always keep what you want, out of reach, in the future. however, if you focus on what you want in the present moment, feeling and acting like you have already achieved it, you will have a much better chance at manifesting it into your current reality. i can focus on my art in this present moment and i believe synchronicity will continue to direct it into my future anyway without me having to imagine where i want to be six years from now, as denise suggests. that said, if it's comfortable for others that is totally fine by me. i am a big believer in the each, his own.

for me, it's all about being grateful for what i already have....'feeling' and living like i already have the things i desire and trusting that the universe will manifest it into my reality. i don't have it down pat yet but i'm working on it.

WOW.....only one day left now! I'm excited and sad all rolled into one.

update on michelle - she was back home by 10 AM this morning after surgery yesterday at around 4 PM. go figure! she's sore and tender but nothing some rest and taking things easy won't fix. after the weekend, michelle will spend some days here because we don't like the idea of her being home alone while alex is at work next week. thank you all so much for your care and concern. it really helped so much.

love, light and peace ~


  1. Hi Serena, Have been enjoying your progress and admire you for your stick-to-it-ness...:o) Your artwork is wonderful and you'll be able to go back to each one now and reflect on the moments that brought you them. Have a wonderful weekend and congratulations.....Ro

  2. So glad Michelle is back home and won't be left alone for a while. They kick you out so fast here, too. I've brought my son home from heart caths on the same day when he was still too weak to walk straight! They need somebody to watch over them for a while in case of complications--and just for the nuturing. She is in good hands! :)

    We all have bad days with people who press our buttons. You were able to turn it around in such a short time--congrats! Love your rainbow!

    Hard to believe the month is almost done. Thanks for allowing us all to share a bit of your journey with you. :)

  3. How great that you were able to adjust your attitude and turn your day to a more positive outlook. And rainbow drawing is so pretty and cheerful!

    Good to hear that your daighter is doing beter and home with you as she recoups.

  4. glad she back home :) Good that she is there to have people watch over her. I got sent home the same day after my Gall bladder was removed, but was back in that night with problems :/ As long as she takes it slow and doesn't jump around like I did :/ :p she will do well.

    I have really enjoyed your month of posts. Thank you :D

  5. oh my, I had to laugh at your shadow self - mine always came out when that tone was used and she still comes out !!

    tell me about the DVD - that is another I have heard alot about. I think they are here giving talks at the moment.

    thanks for being part of my journey this month - I do hope we can keep in contact :) always good to have another australian around !!

  6. I'm so glad to hear that Michelle is doing well. My son had an emergency appendectomy when he was around 10 - I remember how I felt - so take a deep breath - she's going to be fine.

    I think that I feel something like you do - since I wrote my future in the present tense without even realizing it.

    But like Sylvia Browne always says "Take what speaks to you and leave the rest."

    Blessed Be

  7. Good to know you could shift the mood of the day. Continuous thoughts for Michelle.

  8. I thought the Shadow saga was very entertaining...I really like your picture too. I can't believe you finished it in one day....

    I have an Abraham Hicks CD ask and it is given.

    I must go back to listen to it.

  9. Wishing you a Life filled with all the colors of the Rainbow. You definitely filled our days with color on this journey. Thank you so much!

  10. I have so enjoyed your art and reading your posts throughout this bookblog.

  11. I learn a lot form all this soul coaching.
    Wishing you the best in your life.

    Coffee is on.

  12. Beautiful painting, beautiful sentiment! And I am so glad Michelle is doing better. She's so furtunate to have a mom like you to take care of her in times like this.

    I can't believe this month is almost over either!! Wow.

  13. What you've said about focusing on bringing into the present what you want, instead of in the future makes some sense to me. It also feels harder, in a good way. I'll have to muse on that some more. Thanks. Lovely artwork.

  14. love your painting!thanks for the comment-I guess I was really just scared to mess it up more if I tried to paint the edge! I think I need a tinier paintbrush, and then I will go ahead and try it!

  15. I'm so glad Michelle is on the mend. :)

    I love how you let your shadow self blow off steam and then got down to the business of light. Shedding light! I do agree. The visualization is now. Be now, become the future.

    Thank you Serena :)

  16. Nice writing and rainbow! did you know that everyone sees there own rainbow and that if you are moving the rainbow will move with you.

  17. What a beautiful way of turning it all around and creating what you want in the moment. A powerful resource. Thanks so much for sharing, Serena! May your moments be precious.

  18. I'm so glad to hear your daughter is alright now. I really love your painting! It fills me with great cheer looking at it. Serena, I'm completely with you on visualizing/affirming things you desire as already part of your NOW. Prayers of thankfulness are so much more powerful than prayers of petition. Though it's hard to get past the nagging doubts of "but this isn't yet my experience," if we remember that, on some level, everything we desire for ourselves IS ALREADY TRUE then we can do this thankfulness exercise with out a doubt in our minds of it's veracity.

  19. Wishing for you to be in the present moment always and projecting exactly what you want to be, do etc. How wonderful you were able to turn your day around. Blessings, Nicole x

  20. Thanks, everyone!!

    Robyn, the DVD I bought is titled - Introducing Abraham. The secret behind "The Secret"? featuring Esther and Jerry Hicks. I have quite a few of their books too. :)


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