Sunday, 23 November 2008

soul coaching - earth week begins


I am Present - acrylic on 6"x6" chunky canvas
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affirmation for today - I AM ONE WITH THE EARTH. I AM ONE WITH MY BODY.

earth week has arrived and focuses on our physical environment, nurturing ourselves and connecting to the earth.

today, in my morning meditation, i visualised that i was a tree with my roots firmly planted in the ground, at the same time, being fully present and aware of the air and water elements needed for my existence......and also the fire element which brings renewal and change in my life. the interaction between the elements emphasises to me that we are ALL connected.

we were asked to assess our body by answering 'yes or no' to a list of questions. am i comfortable and happy with my body? hmmmmmm....yes and no. for one, i live with a back injury i sustained in a fall five years ago and i have to be careful not to overdo things or i can suffer in pain for days. that said, i do try to live a healthy lifestyle. i am enjoying my morning meditations as i feel they help to centre me for the rest of the day.

my art today revolved around nature. aaron and i walked down to the creek and we picked a few leaves to use as stamps for my canvas. i thoroughly enjoyed putting it all together in a messy fashion with earthy tones.

update on michelle - the pain has subsided for now though she is still quite tender in the region. she is staying here for a couple of days so, at least, she won't be home alone if the pains return. thank you all so much for your prayers and words of concern. it was so appreciated.

love, light and peace


  1. First of all, I am so glad Michelle is feeling better. I am relieved she is with you. There is nothing worse than being alone in pain.

    I adore your artwork, Serena!

    I especially am in love with the one day. I love the colors and textures and the butterfly is stunning! :)

    What a wonderful way to start Earth week - a nature walk! :)

  2. (glad to hear she is feeling better, yay)

    Your nature picture is wonderful and I love all the earthy tones. Morning meditation is the BEST! So glad you have found it a useful part of your day.

  3. I love this -- the leaves, the spirals, the colours, everything. Beautiful work!

  4. Using leaves as stamps, I love doing that too.

    I think of myself as an oak when I need strength.

    Glad you are finding your roots and connecting with the earth and her leaves!

  5. Glad to know Michelle´s pain has subsided. {More get wekk thoughts for her}

    Love the canvas, so complete and grounded, perfect for Earth week.

  6. Serena that panting is just AWESWOME. What a great style you are working in...did you create that background just with stamping patterns?

  7. Love the painting is beautiful. I really run out of words to dicribe your work Serena, your writings are just as beautiful. If you were a tree which kind would you be??

  8. Love that canvas, Serena! Hope your daughter is feling better and doesn't have to have suegery.

  9. I love your mixed media piece, it's beautiful...

    I am happy to hear your michelle is feeling a little better ... perhaps with all the positive thoughts coming her way, she will recover completely and soon!

    blessings to you and her...

  10. up there in Q'land you are so fortunate to have many tropical fruits available to you! healthy fruits are perfect. So glad that you are enjoying the morning meditations..

    (sorry, I don't know about Michelle, I have been away and then sick over the weekend, so I will go and catch up with your posts)
    have a blessed Earth week xoxo

  11. Best get well wishes to Michelle. I missed all that somehow.

    How cool to use leaves as stamps. And how wonderful to begin earth week this way.

  12. I'm so glad that Michelle's feeling a bit better and is able to stay with you. I'm sure being surrounded by love and good company will have a strong impact on her health and body.

    You know, when I first looked at your art today I thought it said, "I am a present," and you certainly are!

  13. Glad to hear Michelle is better & that she is staying with you :D

    Really love your latest painting Serena! I am doing butterflies at the moment too (Kelly Rae's influence), but I'm struggling with my paintings, I go so far with them then I have a 'block'!

    Have a great 'earth week' :D

  14. Lovely art Serena.
    Have a beautiful week.

  15. Wonderful news about Michelle. May she continue to feel better.

    Serena, I have no problem envisioning your walk with Christer (maybe because I have a child about his age too). It warms my heart when I think of your walk. You are full of love, Serena, and your children too because of the love you pour unto them.

  16. ooohhhh beautiful beautiful piece! it so emanates earth magic to me! great work!!!


  17. I am enjoying my catch up. I love reading your experiences (except of course about Michelle...meaning ...sorry she is going through that)...

    I'm reading through fast (short on time)..but wish I could sit longer with your writings with each post.

  18. Thanks again, everyone. Your support means so much to me.

    Jessica, I lightly sponged over the background with, I think, it was Raw Sienna..and tinges of green...then I stamped the greens with the leaves.


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