Saturday, 22 November 2008

storms created

thankfully, the afternoon storm didn't eventuate though i don't think we're quite out of the woods yet as i can hear thunder in the distance.

update on michelle - the doctors pumped her up with morphine and sent her home. they believe she has appendicitis though it's not at an operable stage yet so they've told her that the moment she gets any signs of nausea or vomiting, to head straight to the ER. we're hoping it will settle down and stay that way. poor shell has been through enough for one year.


ZEN butterfly - pen & coloured pencil in A4 sketchbook
click on image to enlarge



the soul needs creativity to express itself.....i love the sound of that!

denise states that when we are being truly creative, time stands still and we enter into a dimension that can carry us beyond the ordinary state. i totally identify with what denise is saying here because, when i paint, i often go into what i call 'the zone'....and when it seems like only minutes have passed by, it has actually been hours. i've heard that most artists/creatives have this same experience.

today, we were asked to let our creative juices flow and find ways in which we could do things differently. i've never used oil pastels before but i bought some recently after being so inspired by jessica's lovely work using oil pastels. so, there i sat with my new pastels and A4 sketchbook. i closed my eyes and focused on how i was feeling. i felt calm and grounded and the colour green came to mind in a circle shape. i guess the circle could have symbolised 'being centred'. i started blending the first couple of green tones and daughter called and sought advice on the terrible pain she was in. you know the rest but, from that moment, i found it quite hard to focus so just went with the flow of continuing the circles in colours that flashed to mind. i loved blending the oil pastels with my fingers but.....

...i really didn't play much more after that so focused on producing my art piece for today. this was also influenced by my concern for michelle. she adores butterflies so the choice of subject was obvious....i placed hearts on the butterfly's wings and focused on surrounding her with love and as i doodled the rest, i sent her lots of caring and healing vibes.

i plan on trying out the other task levels in the coming week as they sound very appealing to me. i'm keen to see how the rest of my 'soul' sisters did with today's lesson.

love, light and peace ~


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love your green sun! Staring at the image makes me feel awash with creativity.

    Stunning butterfly! The intricacy of the design is mesmerizing!

    I am sending Shelley warm waves of healing, so that she may weather this storm and feel 100% better! :)

    Thank you Serena! :)

  2. I can't believe they sent her home like that! That's crazy but what can you do?

    Oh I miss the zone. It's been a while. If my lights go out, that is what I am going to do, get back to arts and crafts.

    As usual, you're art is amazing.

  3. Serena, I'm definitely sending love and healing prayers for Michelle.

    That butterfly literally took my breath away, it's so amazing!

    Oil pastels are fun aren't they? You can blend them with your fingers, with another pastel layered over, or even with turps and a brush. I can't wait to see the future art you'll do with them.

  4. I love those circles, like an endless tunnel.

  5. {{{Thinking of Michelle and sending my own loving vibes}}}

  6. Glad your daughter is alright, but I hope she can have that taken care of soon. :)

    I know about being in the zone. I call it being "lost in time". Being lost in time is the thing I miss the most since my health has declined. My body will scream in protest after a short while--an hour or less. Bummer! Probably why I haven't been writing the last few years. I really, really need to get lost in time to write-write (short stories, poetry, etc). I haven't figured a way around that for writing. So--I have focused on arts and crafts--can get lost quicker and get more done in an hour--hehehe! :):)

    Loved your zone-y circles and the delicate butterfly! :)

  7. completely gorgeous butterfly, I cannot imagine doing such intricate work as it required! and your pastel circles I loved so much I am inspired to go looking for mine...I have some somewhere in my piles...

    I do hope your michelle gets seems a bit odd to send her home if she has appendicitis that bad, it sends her there in the first place...I have had attacks but not so painful as that, so it does happen but with that much pain, something is up....

    many, many blessings to you and michelle that all goes well...I so enjoyed my visit here.

  8. I hope Michelle is feeling better, poor girl.

    I really love your butterfly, Serena. It's beautiful. I love being in the 'zone' too :D

  9. I've done things in pastel or chalks on ceramics before. I real like the way it looks.
    But I've learn if you locked each color in before you move on to the next color it lot easier.
    I like porcelain spray some say one can use hair spray.

    Some time I would like to learn to paint with china paints. I heard there a lot like oil but one does it in style of water color.

    Coffee is on.

  10. Beautiful Butterfly!! and I feel the same way about the other activities for the day. I can't wait to make the collage but need some time to gather the materials and to sit down and get it done.

    All my best to Michelle. From all of the comments, she has lots of golden light surrounding her!

  11. Positive thoughts for your daughter...jaw dropped in awe of your illustration...just a perfect composition!

  12. Sending warm thoughts to you & Michelle. I'm glad you're going to continue to explore the exercises - I love how your circle turned out! Such a contrast.

  13. WOW!! What a beautiful butterfly!! Love all the colors. Sending Miss Michelle lots of healing vibes!! Thanks for the update...

  14. This turned out so beautiful, I really haven't used pastels either, a freind of mine just got me some, now you have inspried me to use them Thanks dear. Hope your daighter is feeling better. Healing wishes being sent your way..

  15. beautiful art, serena!

    i'm so sorry to hear about michelle! i hope she's feeling better soon.

  16. How beautiful that your art became like a prayer for your daughter. May she be feeling better very soon.

  17. My hope is Michelle okay now. I like your oil pastel exploration. The butterfly is beautiful, Serena. I think drawing favorite thing of a person you love can release emotions you have for that person such as love, concern, hope, etc..

  18. Thanks for all your well wishes re. Michelle. As I'm catching up with replying to these comments, Michelle is now recuperating from surgery.

    Jessica, thanks for the info on working with oil pastels...I need every bit of help I can get.


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