Sunday, 9 November 2008

water week has arrived


another hasty sketch after a full day -



perfect timing! last night ended 'air' week with a storm which brought much needed, heavy if to announce that 'water' week has arrived.

water represents our emotions, purification, and cleansing so this week will be about clearing our emotions, body and environment.

today's exercise was emotionally difficult for me. we were asked to reflect on our life and find turning points that effected our choices and, thereby, influenced our life after that point.

two glaring turning points stand out to me - one was when i left my first husband after years of abuse. during that time i felt like my identity was lost forever but, when i left, and after a time of adaptation, i realised that i COULD make it on my own with four children. i don't understand why but this experience repeated itself when i married my second husband and I subsequently left him too some months after my fifth child was born. both experiences were extremely debilitating and traumatic for me and i never thought i would recover but.....i did. i guess these experiences have definitely strengthened my spirit and, over the years, have helped me to feel empowered in my own life.

i'm sure i still have hidden gremlins so.....who knows what will float to the surface as the week progresses.


  1. It is truly difficult to reflect on the past and reevaluate our emotions. Thank you for sharing your painful revelations. You are a strong person to move on your own with five children, but you are obviously stronger for it. A true inspriation! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Serena- your sketch is just lovely. I love you you are doing the circles and multiple images in each sketch.

    And I am also very glad you got some rain.

    You should be so proud of yourself and celebrate your strength. Because not only did you survive- you fluorished. The Crystal Bowl meditation I sent you helped me in a really powerful way after my marriage collapsed.


  3. I've been divorced twice also. Been alone (by choice) since 1993 and these have been the best years! Time for spiritual growth and emotional peace. :) I think going through this book (probably in January) is going to be quite an adventure!

  4. Your "hasty" sketch is full of meaning and soulful imagery. I wish I could hastily sketch this way! :)

    Thank you for reminding me that turning points in our lives are important whether they contain gremlins or not. I am prepared for mine! :)

  5. I'm following your progress on this book and love all the art you've done to go with it. I have ordered the book (my local bookstore didn't have it) and will take my own journey once it arrives.

  6. I was so inspired by that page that went immediately to my craft space, without even turning the Internet off!

    Thanks. :)

  7. I celebrate your strength and empowerment with you! Thank you for sharing your story.

  8. I love your turtle! what a fantastic drawing.

    you know what I am finding? that so many of us were abused in different ways, during our earlier years - but we have all survived and wish to heal..
    blessings of light and much love for your journey this week xoxo

    (oh and I am sure I have hidden gremlins too.. I even know of some, but I keep them hidden...maybe water will flush them out once and for all!!)

  9. Your sketch is so powerful given you used repeating circles. Circles tend to mean completion, peace(Chinese Calligraphy) and represent the feminine...given your story, I would venture to say you have regained much power throughout your journey and perhaps you are coming into a time of peace......

    many blessings to you...

  10. Serena, I hope you realize how strong you are!!!

    Thank you for sharing with us your journey. Your honesty and opennes bless us all.

    Most lovingly,

  11. it seems like for so many, the turning points of our lives are the ones that show us just how strong we really are. thanks for sharing your story and your beautiful art!

  12. I can't tell what it like to be divorce but what I hear it very painful and tuff decisions to make.

    I'm not sure of the date of my turning point in my life real been but I know there been some.

    Coffee is on.

  13. Remember the movie the 'Gremlins'?
    They aren't supposed to get wet!

  14. You are so strong.
    Thank you for a wonderful introduction to water week.
    LOVE that sketch!

  15. A fluid and gracefully flowing design! :) Lovely! :)

  16. Hi Serena,

    Very nice post. It is so awesome that you are sharing your experiences. Sometimes we become so attached to our personal pain we seek to recreate it in our lives over and over again. I know this is true for me and I feel that is what you have done also :-)

    E. Michelle

    PS I love Tolle's books also!

  17. Oh my- I can really relate to your story of abusive men in your past. I am glad your life took you on a path to safer and more loving relationships. And I love your water art!

  18. thank you all once again for your comments and encouragement. :)

    janet - i'm glad you are going to do the soul coaching journey too.

    rita - i've been on my own by choice since 2002 and couldn't be happier.

    jessica - thanks for the advice re. meditation.

    paula - WOW! i'm so stoked that you felt inspired to create after seeing my page...thank you for telling me as it made my day.

    linda - thanks for that info. i really like the idea of entering a time of peace.

    gemma - would you believe i've never watched the 'gremlins' movie though i did hear what happened when they got wet.

    e. michelle - you know, that's a very good point. according to eckhart tolle, that's why these life experiences keep repeating....our ego self thrives on them.

  19. Thanks for sharing some of your past experiences with us Serena...I've wanted to come back and leave a comment sooner but life just took over this past week. I too have gone through a difficult and abusive marriage so I know how awful and yet in the end, what a gift it's been. To have gone through that twice must have been soul wrenching.

    I find that there are always layers of stuff to peel away but they get thinner and easier to unwrap, as I get clearer about myself.

    I admire your courage, talent and generous heart tremendously dear soul sister!

  20. I've been going through the rest quickly just to see your art work but will come back to read you. I'm short on time because of so many blogs to catch up on. I love love your art.


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