Tuesday, 2 December 2008

doggy in a blanket

i'm feeling a little lost at the moment, without direction, now that the 'soul coaching' program is over but i'm sure things will start falling back into place soon.

michelle has been here for a few days recuperating after her appendectomy and laparoscopy.....she has shown improvement with each day and will be going home tomorrow night as she is now able to get up and about for periods throughout the day. naturally there is still a ways to go before she is fully healed from the surgery. it's been lovely having her here though i wish it had been under better circumstances. we are both planning to get together for a craft day each week once she is all better so that will be fun.

hard to believe that december is already here. WOW! where did the year go???!!!

today, i packaged up my completed christmas ornament, with a few goodies, ready to go but i can't show a pic here until my exchange partner receives it. so, for now, i will share a pic of the christmas tree exchange i participated in last christmas.
acrylics on wooden tree
click on image to enlarge

oh, and i just had to share a pic of cody, my dog, lying in among the throw blankets in my wardrobe....can you spot him?

click on image to enlarge

i'll be back tomorrow.....sweet dreams,

love, light and peace ~


  1. Your puppy looks like he has the best spot in the house!
    Your exchange sounds like a lot of fun and what a pretty tree from last year!
    I know what you mean about feeling a little lost after a month of direction from Soul Coaching. It is weird not to have an assignment and people to check up on. It was a great experience for sure.

  2. I am soooo glad Michelle is better! I have had weekly craft nights with my wonderful DIL, Leah, and we got away from it--well, since last winter. She's just started to try and make it again. We both have really missed it. Such a relaxing, spirit lifting, creative time spent with good company! Have much fun!!! :):)

  3. Glad to read Michelle is doing better.

    I'm also amazed at how fast the year went. I look back in my picture folders to a year ago to see what was going on and am amazed that something that feels recent was a year ago.

  4. You are so clever Serena! I love that tree!

    Cody is adorable...I want to kiss his nose! (Don't tell my cat) :)

  5. I know what you mean about soul coaching being over.
    But I did get anther light lite in my world.

    I can see a little black nose and end of tail from your puppydog.

    Coffee is on.

  6. Peek a boo, Cody! I see you!!!

    That Christmas tree you did is outstanding! I love how you used pink poinsettia leaves rather than red!!! Just beautiful!

  7. Hi Serena, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving your wonderful comments. I really appreciate it. Your Cody is so cute! Happy Holidays!

  8. OMG! Cody is soooo cute! :)

    I am so glad Michele is doing well. :)

    SC helped us focus our direction but I know you will get back in the swing of things soon :)

  9. Such a cute pic of your little dog.. dogs sure do have personalities, don't they?

  10. That picture of Cody is adorable! How in the world did he get in there without knocking the pile over? Talented pup, he is!

    Love that little tree!

  11. you know, I was feeling lost too.. for a few days.. even melancholy.. but I took myself into the garden and just sat.. I feel better now and cannot wait til the next chapter!


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