Friday, 19 December 2008

less than a week til christmas!!!

........YIKES! i am so relieved we do the secret santa thing at christmas as i can only imagine how stressed i would be feeling right now.....buying for just one person, plus aaron makes life so much easier. i've always been one to leave everything til the last minute, you see. i passed by the shopping centre yesterday and it was packed! there were cars parked in places they would never normally be....up on footpaths too. thank goodness, i only have some food shopping left to do!

here is a pic of the ornament i painted for a christmas exchange

my exchange partner has received it now so it's safe to post a pic. the original design is by Annette Long though the pattern i used for this santa was in a 'paintworks' magazine back in 1999.

yesterday, i spent the afternoon sewing and, today, it will be more of the same. i'm doing some 'top secret' stuff for my daughter, michelle. hehehe

do you like the blog header i made? it's fancier than the basic ones i've done before but it was fun making it. i'm not sure that it's staying though as i plan to give my blog a bit of a face-lift over the chistmas period....a fresh start for the new year.

i hope that you are taking time out to rest and relax during the busy-ness of the christmas season. stress-free is definitely more healthy.
tomorrow, i will be listing FIVE things that i do each day for mental well-being. i was tagged by jamie over a week ago but i've been so busy....tomorrow is THE day!
love, light and peace ~


  1. HI Serena:

    I love your santa ornament. It is so jolly looking. I did get your email and will respond via my aol account. I have no idea what has been going on with you not getting my emails. AOL can be fickle that is for sure.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday. Talk more soon.


  2. Your drawing/painting ability blows me away! such a sweet ornament.
    I am done with my shopping except for food for sweets and for some stocking stuffers but those are no brainers you can get anywhere.
    I still have not finished my cards up but I will tonight.
    I am envious of your long summer days coming up, we have had nothing but rain lately and it is getting quite old.
    See you tomorrow!

  3. I love your blog header! You are so talented :)

    The ornament is gorgeously whimsical. It put a smile on my face.

    Shopping... ugh! :)

  4. you are such a talented artist!!

    The Christmas dec. is lovely as is your new blog banner :-)

  5. I just LOVE the blog header! I noticed right away...I just love that painting. And your santa! How wonderful and vintage looking! You have good things going on's so festive!

  6. ooohhhh you're blog banner is so very fabulous!!! i love the tranquil colors you chose!!!

    and your ornament is so very cute, i love your santa!!!

    thank you so very much for including my mantra monday badge on your blog... so many are showing interest, it's really going to be fun fun fun!!! yay affirmations!!! hee hee!!!

    many blessings to you

  7. Hi Serena, you did a great job on that Santa! I really want to learn watercolors some day...Beautiful.

    Because of only buying for the grandkids, my shopping has been easy.

    And I have food shopping to do...

    I like the header a lot!

  8. Hi Mum!

    I love your Santa ornament that you've done, and I also love your new heading, it is so good! I love it! Well done!

    Love Brad!

  9. I liked that your kindly Santa ornament was a partial face--kind of like he's peeking out at you--hehe! Your header--very nice! She is light and magical--so she fits you! :)

  10. Love your new header Serena ... she kind of reminds me of you, especially after seeing you in your 'hippy' photo of earlier days!

    Love that little Santa ornament ... I'm sure your friend will love it!

    Yes, hope to relax a bit over xmas. I'm really looking forward to it.

    And thanks for your nice comments as always on my blog, Serena :D

  11. I really like the blog header. Nice colours and its not too big and distracting.

  12. I just am in love with your gloriously jovial Santa...OOOOH those cheeks...
    Your blog header rocks! I think the title line is beautifully worded. Gorgeous serene colors too! Good job! :)

  13. What a great ornament! Your talent shines through here! And, yes, very much like the new header - really like the picture alot. And its message.

    Hope your holidays are merry and bright!

  14. Your blog header is very nice! and the santa ornament is just so cute!

  15. Loved the new header and the ornament!

  16. Your ornament is beautiful...what a treasure and your exchange partner is one lucky lady!

    Your new header is beautiful too...I can't wait to see what your new year's look will be. As you've probably noticed, I love changing my site around too. (It's kind of like moving the furniture around in my home!).

  17. I DO like the blog header! I noticed it right away and thought, "Oh, I LIKE that!" I also like your Santa ornament, the way you did the white part purple (my favorite color). Now that I've gotten almost all of my christmas shopping done, I am feeling much, much better. Phew. But, like I said...there will be no more repeats of this last minute ordeal scenario. peace! Serena Pia

  18. Serena, can't remember if I've already done this ... I wish you & your family a beautiful & happy Christmas & wish you the very best for 2009!

  19. Serena,

    Your painted santa ornament is so wonderful!!! (Your swap partner is so lucky) I also love your new header and the fact that it incorporates your fab mixed media piece! I say change it as often as you like. I've yet to get around to making a blog header myself. Happy holidays - you have a lovely family by the way :)


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