Sunday, 7 December 2008

mixed media canvas - work in progress

we had some doozies of storms yesterday and the computer was shut down all night so i didn't get a chance to post. very unusual weather patterns for this time of year as our main storm season months are january/february. the first storm hit around 7:30PM and then, a whole string of storms came through one after the other from around 1AM this morning right through until around 4:30AM. i barely got any sleep at all because i was consoling little cody who is terrified of storms. his little body was a mess of continuous shudders for hours, poor thing, and he just would not settle. is where i'm up to with the mixed media piece i've been working on -

for my reference, i used a sketch of a female i had done from my imagination in my sketchbook last year. i quickly free-handed it onto the canvas using a charcoal pencil. there is still lots to do but i'm having so much fun with this.

i have started reading the book by esther and jerry hicks titled 'the law of attraction'. it's making a lot of sense to me and seems to emphasise the concepts of eckhart tolle and the laws behind 'the secret'. i read 'ask and it is given' by esther and jerry last year and i found it also offered a lot of great ideas...unfortunately, i don't think i was quite ready to incorporate the lessons into my daily life at that time but now, i believe i AM ready. i'm looking forward to seeing where it all leads. i've ordered my book for the book blog in january...see my sidebar under january happenings...i hope it will be as awesome an adventure as the 'soul coaching' book blog was.

it's getting very busy with the lead up to christmas. have you done your christmas shopping yet?


  1. She looks very cute! I am no good at mixed media or free-hand but I will try t-shirt blending it sounds a good idea!

  2. I got my book for the January blog and it looks very promising. I am refraining from reading anything but he introduction (but it is hard because it is so pretty and new!).
    I have done about half of my shopping and I hope to get it completed next weekend. I need to finish up for my sister so I can get the package in the mail!
    Your collage is looking so good! Are you going to keep it or sell it or give it away when you are done? Looking forward to more!

  3. Oh that art is so fantastic! And thank you so much for writing about it. I have trouble with blending using brushes and am happy to hear that you used your fingers and a t-shirt, that's genius! So beautiful.

    I based my stew recipe on this one but made lots of changes to it but the basic idea is the same. I deleted my SC blog now that the journey is over which is why you couldn't find it, sorry about that!

  4. I love watching your Mixed Media piece as it unfolds!

    Thank you so much for sharing your techniques. I will try them. One of my goals out of Soul Coaching has been to work more with my painting (of the non-digital variety) :)

    That would be a "no" to the shopping. I have alternate plans this Christmas. I am boycotting commercialism. :)

  5. Serena,

    This is beautiful. I'm liking it and can't wait to see what else you add to it.

  6. I pick up my book tomorrow!

    oh and by the way - when you jumped on the birdies back in the land of mystery and magick... you must click on it to be whisked away.. wasn't sure if you made it to the Enchanted Forest ! xo

  7. I would never have thought of using fingers and t-shirts--hehe! But then I have barely any experience with acrylics, either. Something to tuck away in my cluttered brain-hehe!

    Your books sound really interesting! Christmas--I make handmade cards and that is it for me. Too poor to do much else. But the people I care about know I love them and think about them all year, I guess. If I had grandkids, that would be a different story. Christmas is for the little ones, right? I absolutely love the holiday season, but not into the materialism of it. Just the joy! joy! joy!--loving humanity and all of the rest!! :)

  8. This is really great, Serena! Very cool and creative mixed media. It was great to come here and see all your latest projects after having been so immersed in school work for so long and having no time to keep up with blogs.


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