Tuesday, 20 January 2009

52 weeks of me & baby rainbow lorikeet

52 WEEKS OF ME - week three

my daily meditation time. i don't always meditate sitting on my bed...sometimes, i will sit on the couch in the lounge room before anyone else wakes up in the morning.


the day flew by before i knew it so, apart from the pic of me taken today, i thought i would share some pics of a baby rainbow lorikeet that was in our care a few years ago.

this was taken in the rainforest style garden at the school. i had hoped it's parents would find it but no luck, so i called in a registered wildlife carer.

the wildlife carer felt that he must have fallen out of the nest as he couldn't fly and you can see its long tail feather hadn't even grown in. the beak of the adult rainbow lorikeet is red whereas the baby beaks are brown/orange in colour. rainbow lorikeets are nectivores too so it's very important NOT to feed them anything but fruit, particularly stone fruit, nectar-type native flowers and water. feeding them seeds or anything else can cause permanent damage to their unusual looking tongues. we only had him overnight before the registered wildlife carer was able to come and collect him.....with plans to eventually release him back to the wild.

we still speak of this little guy with much affection even though we had him for just a day.

we went to see 'marley and me' today. a funny and emotional movie....i'm so glad i took tissues in with me. i won't say anymore because i don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet but.....it was a lovely movie.


  1. Don't you look amazing, meditating there?! I love that pic!

    And what a beautiful sweetie that bird is, I adore him.

    I avoid emotional movies these days so I think I'll wait for video for Marley and Me. Thanks for the heads up!

    Thanks for letting me know all your art is handmade, fantastic!

  2. Nice photo of you in meditative mode, Serena, and I love the ones of the little lorikeet. I hope the little fellow makes it and enjoys a long life in the wild. Very wise of you to call in the wildlife carer right away.

  3. I'm a dummy but I just found out you had wild parrots and parakeets there yesterday. And then I come visit here and see this! I am glad it had a happy ending.

    Now, please tell me you made your bed and gussied up because you were taking the picture, ok? Please. Even your hair looks good. I should take a pic of me meditating, first thing in the morning with cat hair all over me, and my hair a wild nest that you could put your little lorikeet in while waiting for the rescue people to come get him. You even have on a gorgeous skirt! It's not right Serena!

  4. WOW! What a stunning bird! How curious abut their tongues.

  5. Loris are very popular as pets here in the States. But their fruit and nector diet sure makes for messy poop-LOL! I had parrots for years, and though I loved the loris, I couldn't see having one in my home- hee hee

    You look so calm and peaceful meditating. Good for you to take up this daily practice.

    I loved Marley and Me but couldn't sit through the ending.

  6. What a gorgeous bird! I wonder if I have ever seen one - isn't nature amazing that it could create this much color in one little bird?!!!

  7. Enjoyed your photo and loved seeing that gorgeous bird!! I wish we had those flying around here.

    I have never been able to meditate sitting up. I could never get comfortable enough to relax and get to that wonderful point one gets to in meditating.

  8. awww...what a little sweetie the little lorikeet was...

    such lovely colours....

  9. Wow! The only things that fall out of our trees right now are snow balls. It would freak me out to see something so incredibly beautiful in a tree here. You're so lucky to live where you are!

  10. Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

    Lisa - Yes, we have a lot of native parrots and lorikeets here, the Rainbow Lorikeet being just one of the many varieties. LOL...well I did wait until I was 'decent' to take the pic. Usually I meditate first thing in the morning, in my tank top and boxer shorts which are my summer PJs...face and hair undone. I didn't get the chance to meditate early yesterday so when I went to meditate a little later in the day, I thought it would be a good photo opportunity.

    Jessica - their tongues look like a cylindrical shape with little hairs all around the base of it. apparently, the hairs help absorb the nectar.

    Linda - Yep, their poop is VERY messy! lol

    Sandy - I generally lie down if I'm doing a guided meditation but I do prefer sitting.

  11. You look very serene in your photo and the little bird is so colorful and sweet looking.

  12. Great pictures of the Lorikeet, such fantastic colors. Years ago we had a Jenday conure that had similar vivid coloring.

  13. Ahh! Another bird lover? You have such a wide variety of unusual birds in Australia, too!!

    You look so peaceful meditating! You should be so proud of yourself for keeping it up! :)

  14. Very pretty bird, like different colors and textures of his/her feathers.

    One day I need to learn if not meditate, at least relax for a few minutes :)

  15. I wish I had the discipline to meditate at least a little every day. They say it is so good for you, but to sit still in quiet....what is quiet? With 7 people in the house there is no such thing. The bird is gorgeous and what a lovely experience to get to have with it.

  16. I feel peaceful just looking at you meditating. :)

    Gorgeous little guy. So sweet of you taking care of him, but I have come to expect nothing less. :)

  17. what a cute colourful bird :) would love one but don't think the neighbours would like it lol

  18. What a gorgeous little bird...absolutely stunning colours!

  19. It's nice to see you Serena :-) Thanks for sharing the photo of you meditating. How special to have been able to look after the baby bird... it's colours are spectacular.


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