Saturday, 31 January 2009

january photo a day - 31st - following a trail

today is the last day of the january photo-a-day challenge. i've had so much fun and it's been great seen everyone else's photos too. i'm looking forward to continuing on with the photo-a-week challenge. you can check out the link in my sidebar if you are interested in joining us.

i had no idea what to photograph today but i did manage something after picking up the familiar trail of one of the creatures who live here.

be warned....the following photos are not for the faint-hearted

this pile of clothes spilled out of that person's bedroom into the dining room....

i followed the messy trail in here....

hmmmmmm.....that bed looks familiar...

and here we have the culprit and quite proud of himself too....he has no shame!

to be fair, reece had tidied his desk up at this stage but it did take him all day to clean his room. not because there was so much mess but because reece felt the need to have a 30 minute break every 15 minutes or so. as mentioned in an earlier post, reece detests housework so will find lots of excuses to have 'necessary' breaks. lol


  1. LOL! That room gave me the chills. You are a stronger woman than I Serena Lewis! :)

  2. Oh I remember those days, having had three teenagers at various times in my life! Some of them grow out of it, some don't......

  3. Oh my! Reese's future wive is going to have her work cut out for her! LOL!

  4. hahahaha, fun post and very familiar to me... My son who still lives at home has a nice and tidy room like this also.

    It's been a fun month for sure. I've enjoyed seeing everyone's photos.

  5. I have seen rooms like this plenty when my son's were home. Well one son was like this and the other was very organized. Is he finished yet?

  6. Thank goodmess my son's wife has charge of him now -- thanks for such a fun post. Well photographed too, LOL. It has been a pleasure to share these glimpses into your life this month. Thank you!

  7. Bwhahaha! I love a mother who's not afraid to show what it's REALLY like....looks alot like my 12 year old's "trail".


  8. My darling daughter's room looks similar at times!lol

  9. I wholeheartedly agree with Reece about taking breaks from housework as often as possible with absolutely any excuse.

    (Althouth I admit I don't leave trails.....)

    LOL he sure enjoys showing off those muscles for all of Blogland!! :)

  10. Thanks for your comments, everyone. It isn't easy for me having to cope with Reece's mess for weeks on end....I'm constantly on his back about it and, after a few weeks, he will finally give in and clean, albeit reluctantly. lol

    Jessica - Reece never misses a photo opportunity to show off his hard-earned muscles. LOL

    Yes, Kerry, he finally finished it late that day. :)

    Linda - I say that exact same thing to him. lol

  11. Hehehehe ... I will not say anything because I am not the pot who calls the kettle black ... but it is good to see that I am not a Lone Mess.

    Luci :)


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