Friday, 30 January 2009

january photo a day - the twins

beau commissioned my good friend, romona, to make these dolls for him and they arrived all the way from canada today. beau gave romona the specifics on what colours and animal print he wanted etc. and she did a great job, don't you think?!! as beau is gifting a doll to someone, i don't want to say too much more in case they happen across my blog so will fill you in at a later date.
click on image to enlarge


as we have all enjoyed the january photo-a-day challenge so much, linda, has decided that from february we will continue the challenge with my-world-in-a-photo-a-week for the year. all you need do is take one photo a week of something in your corner of the world and post it every monday. if you are interested in participating, click here to check out the details and add your name to the list.


  1. Those dolls are adorable! What a splendid gift! :) I am glad you are participating in another photo challenge because I love your photos! :)

  2. Very nice dolls and I am sure that whoever will receive them - will appreciate and enjoy!

  3. They're fanciful and daring, I love them! The heart wands are a very cool addition.

  4. Those dolls are remarkable! I am envious of the recipient. They have such great expressions and everything (and I am not a doll person, by any means).

  5. They are darling little dolls!
    I can't believe this month is almost over, and that I kept up with the photo challenge.

  6. Those two are too cute! Love the red hair and the leopard print stockings!! I can't believe I didn't miss even a day all month of our photo a day challenge and only one more day to go!!

  7. hey...I recognize that's Fancy Nancy....

    yep...I'll be doing the once a week photo too...see you next week Serena... ....

  8. Those dolls are beautiful! I enjoyed seeing them.

  9. I saw these on Romona's blog!! They are adorable and how cool to find out the recipient. Small world!!


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