Wednesday, 7 January 2009

january photo-a-day & week 1 Self-portrait

the other day i mowed the front lawn and, today, i mowed the back lawn. as i was mowing alongside the house, this little guy shot up from the grassy edge and ran up the side of the brick wall. to the best of my knowledge, it is a baby dragon lizard. i'm so glad the mower didn't get him.

here is something else i found in the backyard today...
....rats, it's just my son, he's big into personal fitness and was doing a workout outside.

i'm also attempting to do a self-portrait pic each week for 2009.....lucky you....NOT! loli don't know if i have the confidence to keep this one going but we shall see. i've heard of the self-portrait challenge before which i think is a daily thing, however, dawn did a weekly self portrait for 2008 and i thought that was pretty neat. click here to see her '52 weeks of me' flickr album.

love, light and peace ~


  1. I commend you on the self-portrait initiative. :) Lucky us indeed! We get to see the marvelous Serena! :)

    Okay, I won't comment on your son's pic... excuse me while I wipe away the drool...


    Hugs. :)

  2. Hi Serena, great challenge, fun too... Suppose we'll see one of you and one of those little lizards together...

  3. Oh! what an odd sensation to click on a link and see your own face pop up every where! wow, it's early. It will get easier and harder at the same time. You'll be glad you did it though. Yay!!!

    I love the dragon lizard! how cool is that, that you have them running around wild in your backyard. We purchase them here in the states as pets! Bizarre.

    My almost 21 year old son is quite the model of physical fitness, as well so all I have to say about Reece is, nice.

  4. Yippie! He escaped the the mower to live another day! You sure don't look old enough to have kids that old.Love that proflie photo of you- you have a darling nose ;)

  5. I sure wouldn't mind finding your son in MY back yard...not at all! LOL

    Love the lizard and your self portrait!!


  6. I'm glad you're doing self-portraits...and that you didn't mow over that cute little dragon. I'm doing a similar project, the 365 project and I find taking pictures of me very challenging too. We can do it!

    We're so close to 12 Secrets, so happy you're doing it too!

  7. I'm so glad the baby lizard escaped the lawn mower! Reece looks like he should be in modeling. I like your first self-portrait with the buddha! Seems to fit the way you are starting out your year. :)

  8. I love your new blog look. Is this new for blogger? How fun. I am glad you did not run over the little dragon lizard. He looks so cute.

    Wow-your son looks great. You should be proud that he is taking such good care of himself. That is so important.

    It is nice seeing warm weather as we have been so cold.

    Talk more soon. I know I owe you an email.


  9. Interesting lizard, handsome son, and fun've been a busy girl, and you have a very nice profile!

  10. sigh........... doubt my workout will ever give me any muscles like that, but, I keep on keeping on...and at least am the same weight I was at 21....

    Reece would probably laugh at my 10 and 20 pound weights... but, tell him I can still do 20 proper pushups ...and I'm over 60 .... can't do any one-armed anymore... blew out my left shoulder trying for 20 one-armed push ups on my 50th .... stupid old woman.....

  11. Oooh, I'm looking fwd to your SP series Serena.
    Bravo Reece, lots of hard work to achieve such fitness I'm sure

  12. Man I will take the second photo over the lizard any day. Great bod for sure.

  13. Cute lizard and cute son too, self portrait pic's? Yikes that too scary fr me to think about, but you should not have a problem {:

  14. Are those lizards very common? What a great photo! I think the self-portrait idea is a good one (and a good excuse to get a remote shutter control for my camera, LOL.) You do NOT look old enough to be that young man's mother!

  15. o.0.....

    anyway lol

    that lizard is very cute :D Wish we had more lizards here to take pictures off.

    I sometimes do a SPT but keep forgetting its Thursday lol. Good luck with your self portraits!

  16. Cute lizzard! escaped!whew! :)Another day :)

    Looking forward to your self-portraits!

  17. Cool little lizard, and lucky for him fast too.

  18. wow, I was here this morning, got sidetracked, came back an hour later I think and my screen was still on your blog, but I had to run so couldn't comment.

    I enjoyed the post and your selfportrait. That ought to be fun. You go girl.

  19. oops and meant to say, wow, your son has quite a physique...very nice...

  20. Glad to hear the baby dragon lizard escaped the mower blades!
    Your son has a great physique.
    I love your self portait :-)

  21. I'm enjoying your pictures's so nice to get a clearer sense of "who you are and where you live"...I feel like I'm really getting to know you better!

    The lizard is quite beautiful and I like the idea of taking a self portrait once a week too. I find anything that requires me to keep it up daily becomes a huge commitment but once a week is quite manageable. I think it's a good exercise in learning to accept and feel more comfortable with ourselves as well. In the blogging world we tend to hide behind our words. I may join you with this one!

  22. Fit young man, your son!! Good on him :-)
    Love your profile photo. Hope you keep doing the self-portraits . . . sounds like fun :)
    I've been so lazy since we got back from Bundy, haven't posted anything, maybe tomorrow. We had a lovely time there.


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