Sunday, 18 January 2009

one out of three ain't bad...

we didn't get home from the wedding until 11 PM last night and i was totally exhausted considering we left the house at 2 in the afternoon to get to the ceremony. i had hoped to post pics before going to bed but i just couldn't think straight.....the tiredness was overwhelming so, here i am, making up for it this morning with a couple of very BAD pics, sorry. my camera also picked that special day to decide it wanted to have its battery replaced....SCREAM! i need to buy a spare lithium battery for moments like that. they are rechargeable so i can just keep alternating between the two.

i did manage one good pic outside the church of michelle and alex

unfortunately, the following two pics were taken from a distance, where i was seated, and they came out VERY dark. the first taken inside the church, the second inside the reception venue. i so need to learn my camera settings better. any tips would be greatly appreciated. i had to lighten them up considerably in paintshop pro but they are still grainy and poor in quality but better than none at all. i will post better pics at a later date when reece gets some from lionel.

reece was lionel's best man

reece was quite an attraction for a couple of young girls at the reception too. when he came over to chat with us at our table, the lady at the table next to ours, asked reece if he would introduce himself to her daughter and, i assume, her daughter's friend as they were ga-ga over him. reece handled it very well. he went over, introduced himself, and gave each girl a kiss on the cheek whilst holding their hand. the mother thanked him for making their he was a celebrity or something. lol

lionel and patricia made a beautiful couple and here they are cutting the cake. lionel is holding their baby who is five months old and absolutely adorable. you can't really see him behind the cake.

i was so proud of reece too as he gave his first speech and toast and did very well at it.

so, they were my pics from yesterday and i will be back later tonight with my pics for today's photo-a-day.

love, light and peace ~


  1. What fun! LOL@Reece having a fan club. I don't doubt it at all. It's also a testament to your parenting that he is such a gracious young man. :)

  2. everyone looks so nice and well dressed :D

  3. Yes, I have a back up battery and it is so handy to always have a charged one ready to go.

    Weddings are such joyful events. aren't they? Your children are all so good looking.

  4. HAHAHA so funny about Reece. Have they seen him w/o his shirt LOL! What a gentleman.

    Check your camera manual for the different there a little nobby-thing you can turn to switch modes? It looks like the flash was just off in the indoor shots.

  5. That must have made Reece feel good!!.. or maybe it didn't..ha.

    good looking guy though.

    Enjoyed the pics.


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