Thursday, 1 January 2009

a photo a day - jan. 1st

HELLO 2009!!!

we had a great new year's eve but it has been an incredibly HOT and HUMID new year's day. i felt like i was just melting away. i was up around 6AM and, in preparation for a creative year, i tidied up the studio which had gotten quite messy over christmas.

the heat was unbearable but aaron and i ventured outside on a bit of a neighbourhood walk.

here is a pic of our house (terracotta roof) as we started out on our walk

about a two minute walk from our house is a nature strip...
here is aaron playing with his new camera

me playing with my camera

here is part of the nature strip....there is a park to the left

a scribbly looks like handwriting, doesn't it? apparently, it's a worm that chews through the bark....the skinny parts are when the worm is still small and the wider parts are as it grows through to maturity.

we even found a duck egg

a paper bark tree...i love all those layers!

i know this is more than one pic but consider yourself spoiled for today.

love, light and peace ~


  1. That was a nice walk though your neighborhood. Thanks for the treat. Still early here not even light out but it will be in a couple of hours. So will be back with my photo or photos for the day. :)

  2. I love paper bark trees! as a kid I always thought they were like presents with all those layers of wrapping hiding something great!
    I wish it were warm and humid here, instead it is in the 20's!! burrrrrr.

  3. Beautiful pictures - love those trees.

  4. I consider myself spoiled--and hope to be spoiled again soon--hehe! :):)

  5. You have inspired me to go for a nature walk today! What a fnatastic thing to do on the first day of the year!!!

    These scribbling worms are kinda neat!

    Happy Jan 1, 2009 Serena!!!

  6. Hot and humid? I know you're on the other size of the world but that kind of weather just seems impossible while we're getting our blizzard, LOL. What a beautiful natural world exists around you. A duck egg? That must be good luck to find.

  7. I am so enjoying these pics...I LOVE seeing Australia. One day I'll see it in person!!

    I also can't imagine New Years being hot! It's always so colllllld here! :)

  8. I do feel spoiled!

    And a bit envious that this is all a short hop from your house.

    The tree is gorgeous.

    The duck egg! What an omen for the new year!

    And I love the new look of your blog. The green is so peaceful and soothing. Very nice.

  9. Hello Serena!!!

    Spectacular photos! Love the trees and the egg! Giggled at the pictures of you and your son taking pictures. Like kids with their new toys! What glee! What fun! WEEE! :)

  10. great photos for the first day :D The sky looks so blue there. Cool seeing the after effects of the worm, nature's graffiti artists :p

  11. Love this pictures. And you even found an egg!
    Happy New Year, Serena.

  12. Thanks for dropping by, Barbara...I'll look forward to seeing your pics. :)

    Dawn, I so agree...the paper bark trees are full of interest and delight for me. :) I wish is was cold here right now. The heat and humidity has been quite unbearable for the past few days. :(

    Good for you, Julie! I hope you share some pics on your blog. :)

    Thanks, Rebecca! :)

    That's sweet of you to say, Rita ~ :)

    It's hard for me to imagine you guys having a blizzard when we're dealing with this relentless heat. So weird, huh? We have a family of ducks that live in the creek area that runs through the nature strip. Still, it was unusual to see a duck egg so out in the open like that. A great find ~ :)

    Thanks, Jessica! And when you come to Australia, be sure to come visit ~ :)

    Thank you, Lisa. I'm glad you like the new look on my blog too ~ :)

    Thanks, Genie. LOL....yes, Aaron and I are definitely lovin' our new cameras. :)

    Thanks, Jennifer....oh, I love that term for the worms - nature's graffiti artists - perfect!

    Thanks, Linda. I'm so glad I joined the challenge. :)

  13. I enjoyed it!! Thanks for showing us around your "hood"...loved it.

  14. Thanks for the great tour! Love the pictures especially one with the egg and the tree above it and a bark and all of them :)

  15. Wow, we did get a treat!! I love the duck egg, the bark and the writing, what treasures you have found on your walk!!

  16. I feel like I really was on that walk with you Serena...I even tried to soak up some of your heat! Thanks for showing us around and I love the bark!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  17. Wow! There is going to be so much that is new and wonderful to me to see this month. Thanks for spoiling us today!

  18. What fun to share your adventure! My former hubby & I used to take a walk on Christmas, & count the kinds of flowers in bloom! Couldn't do that this year with all our snow - all gone now, & back to our usual winter rain.
    I loved seeing the rounded land so near your home :)
    joyous year!

  19. What a lovely area you live in Serena. I've been inspired by your enthusiasm and have joined in on the photo a day challenge.


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