Monday, 19 January 2009

photo a day & mantra monday


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yes, i am a creative being and YOU are too. we are all creative beings. creativity has many facets whether it be preparing a delicious meal, taking interesting photos, decorating areas in your home, planning a garden, sculpting with clay, sewing, creating a beautiful painting...just to name a few. you ARE a creative being.

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today, aaron and i went to his school to collect his books for the new school year. he starts back on tuesday, grade five! while walking through the school grounds, i stopped and snapped a couple of pics from the school gardens.
a pretty red hibiscus

i don't know the name of these flowers but aren't they pretty?

genie's comment made me realise that i had forgotten to include the following pic. this is part of the school ground....that is aaron walking ahead. i love the trees.....and aaron, of course ~ :)


  1. Love your "creative" mantra painting for today! And the flowers are a delight to see. Those white and pink ones almost look like hair or something--hehe! 5th grade! When do they start Middle School or Junior High in Australia? 6th grade or 7th? Won't be long--another big step in his life--and yours, too. :) Have a great day!

  2. thanks, rita! here, we now have PREP which is the year before Grade One. PRIMARY is Grade One through to Grade Seven. JUNIOR HIGH is Grade Eight through to Grade Ten. SENIOR HIGH is Grade 11 and Grade 12. :)

  3. to clarify - the year before Grade One used to be called Preschool with less hours than regular school. PREP is closer to regular school hours.

  4. OH! Love the mantra card. I want to wear it! :)

    It's amazing that the school grounds have such lovely floors. Our school grounds are decorated with garbage. Something to work on. :)

  5. Thanks, Genie ~ :)

    The school encourages the kids not to litter and they also have incentives in place for kids who actually volunteer to pick up litter. It seems to work quite well. I do like that the school has a lot of garden areas throughout the classroom buildings with good shade trees.

  6. I love seeing these pictures. Those white and pink flowers are wild!

    What a beautiful mantra card. You are a creative being! I'm glad to be able to celebrate that with you this Monday :)

    Thanks for your warm and beautiful comments on my blog. I put them in my encouragement box!

  7. BEAUTIFUL mantra card serena!!! i am absolutely in LOVE with your color combination!!! pink orange and yellow!!! so very vibrant and alive!!! i can't wait to include your post link in mine this evening (my time)... yay yay yay!!! and yes, creativity has SO MANY faces!!!

    oh my!!! school gardens...those flowers are on school grounds??? wow... i am definitly living in the wrong country!!! ha ha ha!!! i am LOVING your daily photos serena!!! especially all of your beautiful plants!!! i adore plant life and am sooooooo breathing in all the beauty of your pics, especially since everything here is COVERED in snow!!! oooohhhh spring!!!! ha ha ha!!!

    thank you for participating in my mantra fun!!!

    peace and love to you!!!

  8. Oh it looks so WARM there! I'm surviving a freezing rain storm right now and look at those flowers where you are.

    I am so curious as to how you do your art? Is it done on computer or all by hand? I love it.

    Thank you for commenting on my interview and yes, you are all those things and so much more! Life at home can be beautiful. In reality, we are so very lucky, aren't we?

  9. What a wonderful thing for the school to be drenched in beauty and growing thigs like really is what we all need.

    Unfortunately the kids in this city would just destroy it. :(

  10. The flowers are truly beautiful. The pink and white ones look like fireworks!

  11. I love that mantra and it is so true. Always makes me sad to hear some people say "I am not creative at all", and their resistance to believe and recognize the creative things do.

    Your hibiscus photo is gorgeous and that other flower is beautiful, too. Lovely school grounds.

  12. the little pink ones look like tiny bursts of fireworks....

  13. You are such a creative being! I am enjoying being more creative and allowing this side of me to run free a bit more. I love the flower photos...especially the purple and white ones...they look like fireworks!

  14. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. From a few of them, I see that our school kids are quite spoiled with all the greenery around them. Thankfully, they do seem to appreciate it. The school even have a rainforest type of section for the kids to enjoy and they do....and the birds love it too.

    Mary, Vee and Caroline - 'Fireworks' is a great description for the pink and white flowers.

    Suzie - my art is done by hand. I'm not clever enough to do the digital stuff....maybe one day though. :)

    Jenn - i am thoroughly enjoying the Mantra's right up my alley for helping to keep me focused. :)

  15. Beautiful flowers, second ones look like a little fireworks :)
    Love your mantra saying for today!
    Thank you!

  16. Beautiful flower pictures, the second one looks quite delicate.

  17. gorgeous school grounds :) wish more schools had areas like that, would keep a lot of kids from skipping I would think lol

    those are very pretty flowers, the last one looks like it needs a brush lol

  18. I love your Mantra and the beautiful flowers.

  19. Enjoyed your photos and yes... that one species of flowers are goreous. I wonder what they are.

    Beautiful Mantra Monday image too!

  20. Oh, those pink flowers look like little fireworks. How festive! I firmly believe that we are all creative beings too -- thanks for sharing.

  21. Those unknown flowers are sure pretty.

  22. Those two flower photos are spectacular! The pink and white ones look like fireworks to me!
    Have a happy Tuesday, Serena!

  23. Those pink flowers look like fireworks! They are incredible!

  24. Stunning Mantra card. I am absolutely in love with orange at the moment. This is a feast.

    The school picture reminds me of the school my niece goes to in Africa. A real tropical environment.


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