Monday, 23 February 2009

movies, books, flowers, tattoos and mantra card

has it really been a week since i last posted???!!!

geez, the time has flown by......

entertainment-wise, brad and i went to see the movie - australia - with my mum and her friend on thursday. despite the mixed reviews i've read, we LOVED it! reece had seen it and, though he liked the movie, he wasn't happy that aussies were kinda portrayed as drongos at the beginning and i can see his point but it didn't spoil the movie for me.

also this past week, i read the last two books in the twilight series, eclipse and breaking dawn. the last book, breaking dawn, was my absolute favourite! to celebrate finishing all four books in the series, brad and i went to see the movie - twilight - at the cinema today. we both thought it was good and are already looking forward to the second movie. i felt that edward was portrayed as a little too serious in the movie compared to his character in the book where he displayed a good sense of humour. it was good to see that the movie did stick fairly close to the book.


again, i missed posting my self portrait on thursday so here i am for your viewing pleasure....or not


the bird of paradise in my garden is blooming so thought you might like to have a look-see


i can hardly wait until i get my tattoo for my 50th birthday next month. i'm still deciding exactly what the subject of my tattoo will be but i'm leaning towards a wolf on my left ankle or an anklet design. i've always loved wolves and have felt a very strong connection to them but i'm having a hard time finding a tattoo of a wolf that i actually like. hmmmmmm..... i will be going with, beau, my son and it will a first time tattoo for both of us. my mum is cool with it but i know my dad isn't happy about the idea of his daughter getting a tattoo and, i guess, at my age...does it really matter? this past week, a male neighbour who didn't know i was planning on getting a tattoo spoke rather negatively about women having tattoos....that's when i told him i was getting one. he changed his tune and it felt good to stand upright in defiance of his judgements.....which leads me to my choice of mantra for this week. i AM unique and happy in my own skin. it's taken me a long time to finally get that. i used to be the type of person who would worry about what other people thought but, through my spiritual path, i see that it matters not what others think. i'm entitled to be the me that i am....and, if people don't like it.....TOUGH!

acrylics on 5"x3½" CANSON ACRYLIC
mixed media paper
click on any image to enlarge

also, this past week, i have managed to prep a few canvasses ready for my paintbrushes to work their magic....i sure hope my muse is cooperative when it comes to actually painting designs on them ~

have a wonderfully blessed day, my friends, and enjoy being the uniqueness of YOU!

and now...i need to catch up on some of your blogs

love, light and peace


  1. Damn I missed you!

    But what an exciting week! I haven't seen Australia yet, but since it has your stamp of approval I will. :)

    The fourth novel in the Twilight series was my favorite too. I am still marveling at how successful these books have been.

    I adore your self-portrait and the mantra card today!

    OH! And are you going to be designing your own tattoo? Yes? Yes? :)

    Way to stick it to the man, Serena! :)


  2. Great post today Serena. I'm glad you finally took the plunge and were able to speak up and express yourself. We often hold back for fear of offending, when in fact we only hurt ourselves in the process. Nothing is more important than being comfortable with who you are and everything else comes together from there. Congratulations for reaching that's a tough one, but one step closer to total freedom. ;o) Ro

  3. Another beautiful card. I love the bird of paradise flower. It is an unusual colour. I have only seen yellow or orange ones. Like your picture wish could see the whole of you.

  4. Yes--you have been busy! Missed you out here in cyberspace--hehe! Another great card! Bird of Paradise plants--what a world you live in--hehe! Enjoyed your entire post! :)

  5. Enjoyed your newsy post and I haven't read or seen either movie. The only movie I saw recently was Slumdog.

    Good for you getting a tatoo. Are you doing the whole wolf or just the face.

    Love your mantra card!!

  6. Glad that you enjoyed the movie. So far everyone that I know has enjoyed it as well. The Twilight series is currently stacked on my piano-it is obvious that I need to get a move on! Kudos to you on using your voice-and being comfortable in your own skin!

  7. Serena...have you thought about designing your own wolf tattoo? You can't go wrong with your own creation. And you ARE a wildlife artist after all!



    oh, and I ADORE your mantra card.

  8. What beautiful eyes you have!
    Food for you standing up and being yourself. I got my first and only tattoo for our 15th wedding anniversay. None of my girl friends had them and it was a daring step for me. But the older I get, the easier I find it to be myself and not worry so much what others think of me.

    Gorgeous Bird of Paradise! I have a whote one, but I planted it in too cramped space and need to move it. When we planted it, I didn't realize how huge it would get.

  9. Good for you standing up to him. I'm all for anybody (legal) getting a tattoo no matter their gender.
    Once it heals and you want to show people, please post a picture. At least tell us what you decide on :) I think you should design your tattoo too :) Might mean more to have an original then getting one from a flash book :)

  10. Beautiful Flower!
    I like your Mondays cards, very creative!

  11. Oh how I envy you have a Bird I love those flowers..
    What pretty eyes.I would take pic of me if I look that good:}
    You cards are always very your art!!

  12. awesome self-portrait serena!!!! i love eyes, and have been experimenting with similar self-portraits as well... which i hope to post soon.

    and of course, super magical mantra monday affirmation card!!! i love the henna/tattoo hand!!! you GO girl!!! stick it to the man and be happy within yourself inside and out!!! with ink to show for it!!! hee hee!!! i hope you'll take pics of your new tattoo and post???

    thank YOU so much for being such a fabulous contributor in my mantra monday fun-ness!!! i appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!!!

    peace and love to you serena!!!

  13. Very nice self portrait and I love the bird of paradise.

  14. You know, I think I'm the only person in the world who hasn't seen Twilight!

    Tattoo - Go girl!!! I love mine. I designed a peace sign made out of daisies when I turned 35. Since then, I've been dying for another one.
    Be sure to post a pic when you get yours!

  15. ...oh and don't look anywhere close to being 50!!!
    Gorgeous the self-portrait!

  16. wonderful mantra! I love the card too. Its hard for me to maintain this, but I love that others struggle (and in your case) succeed!

  17. Hey missy! glad you are back. . . see how much you are loved and missed when you stay away. Feels good, doesn't it? The right design for your tattoo will come to you probably right before you decide to get it. That is how it was with several of mine.

  18. wow, you have a big birthday coming up next month, ___? March. Can't wait to see your tattoo Serena! I'll never be game to do that, I prefer a piercing lol!

  19. Love your photo of your eyes, very pretty!! Your flower is very colorful and love the card as always!! You are a March girl, so am I!!

  20. Hi There!

    I've seen you on a few other of the same blogs we visit, so it is time I introduce myself. :)

    I LOVED Twilight as well. I am currently reading Eclipse and look forward to the next movie. I hope it moves a bit faster than the book though.

    Your art is beautiful and I look forward to returning!

  21. Liberating isn't it to say I am what I am and not spend time being concerned with pleasing everyone. Beautiful bird of paradise. the wolf tattoo sounds like a good idea I considered it myself years ago, but decided on a sun instead.

  22. Welcome back! What a week! Breaking Dawn was my favorite in the series!

    A tattoo huh? Be careful, they're addicting! I have 2 and want more. I say follow your gut on what you put on your body...and find a really good artist. I worked with the tattoo artist to create a lotus (on my lower back). It was a fun process. Can't wait to see the photos when you are done!

    Also, love the mantra!

  23. So loving your matra work!

    YAY a tat! I got one when I turned 30. And good for you for telling that person that YOU were going to be a woman with a tattoo. ;)


  24. My DD is reading over my shoulder as I look at your blog today -- she is delighted to find another "Twilight" fan, LOL. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I look forward to the DVD release next month! As usual, I enjoyed your entry.

  25. Hey, Serena! You won the giveaway for the dragonfly stitchery over on my blog! YEAH! Send me your address via e-mail to:

    I will get it in the mail tomorrow or whenever I hear from you!

    Hope you enjoy...Julie

  26. Genie - Thanks. :) I'm so used to reading heavy-thinking books and the thing I loved about the Twilight series is they were written in an easy flow, simple language.

    Ro - Thanks ~ :)

    Thanks, Shashi. There are other pictures of me in the '52 weeks of me' label in the sidebar. :)

    I'm glad you liked the whole post, Rita ~ :)

    Thanks, Sandy. At this stage, I'm looking at getting a wolf head howling with the moon behind. :)

    Thanks, Lissa. :) I hope you enjoy the Twilight series. I found the third book my least favourite...a little too drawn out for my liking.

    Jessica, I thought of designing my own tattoo but, in doing that, I would run the risk of another artist not interpreting my design the way I would want it done and then, I'd have to live with it. :)

    Thanks, Linda. I agree...the older I get, I find it much easier being myself. :)

  27. Thanks, Jennifer. :) I'll be sure to post a pic once it's healed.

    Thanks, Helen ~ :)

    Thanks, Jacque ~ :)

    Thanks, Jenn! :) I'm glad you're enjoying my Mantra cards. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration.

    Thanks, Carla ~ :)

    Thanks, Boho. OH, a daisy peace sign sounds lovely. :) A peace sign is one my options should I not find a wolf design that I like.

    Thanks, Messyfish ~ :)

  28. Thanks, Dawn, and yes, I'm touched that people actually missed me ~ :) I hope I find a tattoo that I can live with...maybe I'm just too picky. lol

    Thanks, Maria. :) My birthday is the 23rd.

    Thanks, Kerry....YAY on us being March girls! :)

    Thanks, Tabitha! You have a lovely blog too ~ :)

    Thanks, Mike ~ :)

  29. Thanks, Caroline! I'm already planning, possibly three tattoos. lol Maybe, one day, you will post some pics of your tattoos? :)

    Thanks, Melissa ~ :)

    Thanks, Judi! Twilight certainly has been a very popular book series. :)

  30. OMG, thanks, Julie!!! I'm so rapt that I actually won!! I'll email you shortly! YAY!!! :)

  31. I got my first tatoo last year, my 50th year. It is a celtic tree of life and I love it.. it is addictive I can tell you and I have booked to have my next one on April 1st.

    try searching the net for pictures of wolf tatoos, there are many out there and also the tatoo parlour should have lots of designs or they can design one for you.

    don't worry too much about your dad and his attitude towards them. my mum was disgusted but I pointed out that I was still the same person with or without a tatoo. I think that generation has the opinion that women with tatoos are 'wanton' and hey, I always wanted to be wanton, didn't you ?? hee, hee. xoxo

  32. Hi! I've been 'away' for awhile (recovering from my dau's wedding??) I have a tatoo of 'dancing fairy dragons,' that a lovely, intuitive friend did! When I saw her tatoos, I knew she was *the one* to do mine, but what?? Then I saw some faires she did (armband) & that's what I wanted, only a spiral . . .
    She let me look thru her books, & I saw her dragons, . . . oh, no!! She said "Well, how about faire dragons!" I explained the 'spiral,' (rather than plain horizontal 'band') & she said "we can avoid the more sensitive inner arm that way!"
    when it came time to do the tatoo, she'd invited a young fellow artist to observe (Knowing I'd enjoy having the male energy there) & we ALL THREE sat around the table, drawing!
    Her dragons look like I could have drawn them, & we chose one face that the fellow had drawn! I took them to a copy shop to shrink a bit (several sizes to choose from) - five dragons: Earth (brown & green wings) Water, (blues) Fire (red & orange) Air (paler blues) & 'sacred sound' (5th element in the Cherokee tradition) purple! Each is about 1 1/2" tall, & they grasp each others' tails or legs - I LOVE them, & so does anyone who really looks at them! They are small enough that many folks seem to think they are 'temp. tatoos' - & short sleeves cover them!

    Don't know if you've used mineral makeup, CMH essentials has 'Twilight' in their shimmer eye shadows - sample size (quite adequate for MONTHS) is only $2-. I recently found that Bare Essentials also has a darker *Twilight* in their Platinum kit (which was on sale a week ago!!) . . . I thought of TW fans when I noticed the name - :)

    Happy upcoming BD!

  33. OMG...I can't believe it is autumn there! It is spring here...we really are on opposite ends of the earth!!!

  34. I loved Twilight! I read the entire series in a week...sick eh! My mom and I got matching hummingbird tattoos for Mother's Day last year. You go for it!
    Oh and I love your self portait! You have beautiful eyes :)

  35. You continue to amaze me...I love your spunk! :)


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