Sunday, 1 February 2009

sacred life sunday and week 4 pic of me


cody - my constant companion

he came into our life in an unexpected way when he was just a tiny puppy. my nephew had bought him but hadn't realised just how much responsibility a pet really was, especially when it came to feeding and training, so he gave cody to us knowing that we would love and cherish him. cody is now two years old and never far from my side. when i go out, he waits at the fixed window by our front door peering outside, eagerly awaiting my return. when i come through the door, he will bark repeatedly demanding a pat and a cuddle before settling, contentedly, at my feet. it is mentioned in the abraham-hicks DVDs that animals are the great energy balancers of this world and i believe it wholeheartedly. when i'm feeling down cody understands that a pat and a cuddle will make me feel better. he senses this with the kids too. he brings us so much joy and gets us all laughing with his playful antics. cody gives us unconditional love....what a sacred and precious gift that is.



  1. Look at you all smiling and radiant!

    Cody is squishably adorable! He is to you, what Stinky is to me, a faithful and loving companion. And that cannot be beat! :)

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!
    Cody is so CUTE!! I just want to pick him up and cuddle him and have him lick my face!!
    So sacred...great post!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous post. Brought tears to my eyes. Dogs are the absolute best things on this planet, aren't they? And Cody is quite the cutie!

  4. he is very cute :D dogs seem to know when something is wrong even when it doesn't show, and do anything to make you happier. Hopefully we can get a dog soon, you don't realize how much a dog does for your life until you don't have one any more.

  5. I use to have a dog I was close to and miss her so much. Cody is so adorable...and hello there, nice seeing you.

  6. Amazing how much company they can be, isn't it? Food for the soul!! :)

  7. I can understand how much you love Cody as he's definately cuddlishus! I really miss Molly although she stay's with her "other mom" while we're away and I don't think she's missing us much at all. She's getting too spoiled to even notice!

    That's such a great photo of you...what a fantastic smile!

  8. Cosy is so cute. And that's GREAT pic of you!

  9. That's a lovely smile, Serena, it radiates happiness. Yes, dogs are faithful and wonderful companion. Their capacity to love and total acceptance of us is so nurturing.


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