Friday, 20 March 2009


i remember 22 years ago today hoping that you would be born on my birthday (23rd) but you had other plans and arrived on the 20th instead. we lived in beaudesert at the time and, while some thought i had named you after the town, you were actually named after a character from a romance novel i had read.
you on your 1st birthday with remnants of cake on your face

don't you look cute with your floaties on

you and your younger brother, reece, became inseparable as you were growing up. there is only 18 months between you both and you always looked out for him.
reece and you (around 4 years old)

you around 5 years old
YAY for turtle power!!!

you around 10 years old here

in high-school, you took up an interest in photography and won awards of excellence for your art and photographic work.

just like me, you adore animals and detest cruelty of any kind towards them

a recent trip out to the property to feed brutus

i'm so proud of the caring and responsible young man you are today.


love always, mum xo


  1. Happy Birthday Beau!! Enjoyed the photo's!

  2. Awww Serena. I have a lump in my throat and it has nothing to do with the flu that is attacking me!

    Soooo touching! :)

    Happy Birthday Beau! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Beau!!!
    He's a cutie Serena :)

  4. Thanks for the tribute to a wonderful son. :) Happy birthday, Beau!

  5. What a wonderful tribute...I can feel the love all the way over here!

    Happy birthday Beau! You've got a great mom...


  6. what a lovely post - watching your son grow up through pictures - never thought to do that. Must add it in to my blog list! And sending along happy bday wishes to you both! I'll eat cake for you the 22nd which is my own bday - all these great (and mysterious) aries/pisces cusp folks...

  7. It's funny but I was also named after a character in a romance novel!

  8. Nice tribute! Happy birthday to you both!

  9. Another set of wet eyes here,all the way across the world, in Arizona...such loving words! :)

  10. I am sorry I'm 2 days late in doing this, but Happy Birthday Beau! I hope you had a great birthday on Friday!

    Love Brad!

  11. Thank you all for your wonderful wishes for Beau.

  12. Happy Birthday Beau and Michelle earlier. And today, Happy Birthday to you Serena. I hope you have a wonderful day and spend it doing all the things you love the best....Ro ;o)

  13. Happy Birthday to Beau!!! Nice photos to share of his life!

  14. Oh thats so beautiful. It brings tears to my eyes now I am a mum too. I just love that he wont be cruel to animals. Thats so important to me. It is possible for boys to be kind then hey? I love that!

  15. Happy Birthday to Beau also! Great photos ... what a little cutie he was! reminds me so much of my two boys growing up:)

  16. Oh, such a tender and loving post of your son. You are such a great mom, Serena ... and no surprise, your children are all great too :)

    *The picture when he's 10, I thought that was Aaron!


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