Monday, 9 March 2009

monday photo-a-week & finished bag


there i was hanging out the clothes today when i had the strangest feeling that i was being watched. check out these big, brown eyes! i ran for the camera and, oh so carefully, snapped a few pics while he rocked back and forth wondering what the giant human was up to. he was very patient and actually turned his head to follow me each time i moved. i thanked him for the photo shoot, wished him well, then headed indoors.

praying mantis
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earlier in the week, i found a bird nest lying in the middle of our backyard. i guess it must have fallen out of the large tree overhanging the fence. i was relieved to see that the nest didn't contain any baby birds or eggs.

bird nest

i finished painting the recylable bag


mantra monday will be late again this week, sorry. i wasted a lot of time today checking out tattoo options online but couldn't find anything i liked. i was going to get the OM symbol but then i read that it is frowned upon to wear this sacred symbol anywhere below the hips. i would hate to offend anyone so, after a lot of indecision, i ended up designing my own tattoo. i can hardly wait until the 17th!

love, light and peace


  1. Hi Mum, I luv how the bag turned out. I can't wait to see what you have designed for your tattoo.

    Luv Shell xxx

  2. OH! Can we see your tat design?? :)

    That playing mantis is hella cool! Those eyes are mesmerizing :)

    I love your bag art! You are budding with creativity! :)

  3. Oh wow the bag is so beautifully painted. I love it.
    Aren't those critters so amazing. As a child I always thought they were trying to communicate with us when we saw one.
    I too found a nest last week. I think it must have been an old one.It was so beautiful. I was thinking of bringing it in and making something out of it but decided against it as I thought there might be bugs in it that I didn't want inside the house.

  4. The bag is absolutely beautiful, Serena! You are so talented ... I get so much pleasure from looking at your art works. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us :)

  5. I love the painted bag, very pretty! Last summer I had a large praying mantas on my front porch and got good photos for my blog at that time, aren't they just so wonderful? Glad the nest was empty too (:

  6. I don't think we even have praying mantis' up here. I have never seen one, that's for sure. Cool! Your bag is warm and earthy and pretty! Can hardly wait to see what tattoo you designed! :):)

  7. I've never seen a praying mantis! Darn. Great photo. Love the bag, it's beautiful.

  8. great photo of the mantis :D the bag turned out lovely :)

    I think that designing your own tattoo makes it mean more in the end :)

  9. that birds nest :-)

    great shot!

  10. It's too cold here yet for the praying mantises to come out -- I don't think I've ever had one LOOK at me before though. Nice pic! The shopping bag look beautiful. I've been thinking of doing some for myself, but the idea hasn't drifted up to the top of my "to do" list yet.

  11. The bag is beautiful!

    Love the picture of praying mantis, we've caught one last year ( I meant caught on camera), it was first time in my life I saw it

  12. Great photos and bag! Oh gosh, so excited about your tattoo! Can't wait to see what beautiful creation you have designed!

  13. Once I was gardening & saw a TINY mantis - only 1/2 inch long, in the part I was weeding!! I don't know how I even noticed it - maybe felt watched, too!

    Love how the bag turned out - & what a fun exchange!! I have an older canvas shopping bag that I painted prob 20 years ago, with veggies getting ready for the ballet!! A friend/artist had a number of her paintings done up in cards, & I had fun enlarging & adding a few of my own dancers!

  14. The mantis photo is fantastic! And that nest! Isn't that marvelous? I would be tempted to stick it in my oven on low heat to bake any critters in it, and then use it in a piece of art work.

    Your bag is beautiful. I don't think I have seen hand painted bags before- love it, Serena! But then I always love your painting.

  15. Love the praying mantis, great pic.

  16. the bag is fantastic... You have inspired me to paint my converse sneakers that I believe need jazzing up due to the fact that everyone has a pair, and I want to be a little different! Bit like the bag, now you have your own individual shopping bag
    Oh! and isnt it a bit of a tease to say you have designed your own tattoo, but not show us? hmmmm!! hee hee hee

  17. I'm curious about what design you created for your tat. Love the bag. It's so vibrant and alive!

    We had a praying mantis living in a bush beside our house one year. It's so freaky the way they turn their heads to watch what you're doing. I think they are one of my favourite insects. Stick bugs too!

  18. Fabulous Painting on that bag! Love your photos!

  19. I LOVE that bag, beautiful! Will be curious to see what tattoo you chose.

  20. Thanks again for all your wonderful comments. It truly brightens my spirits to read them all.

    I promise to post a pic of my tattoo as soon as it is healed. Don't expect anything too fancy as the design I created is more along the lines of symbolism.

    Linda, I was so tempted to bring the nest inside for a nature display but Beau said it would probably have lice so I changed my mind. I never thought of baking it...great idea!

    Messyfish, if you paint your Converse sneakers, please post a pic 'cos I'd love to see them.

  21. An awesome bag...can't wait to see your tat! :)


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