Monday, 2 March 2009


it was a little like manic monday for me today. brad had a specialist appointment at the mater hospital which is in south brisbane....a high traffic area. i've been travelling back and forth to the mater for specialist's visits since brad was six months old so i'm very comfortable with the drive. however, i've never had a problem finding a parking spot in the public carparks before......until today! both of the hospital's multi-level carparks were full which, of course, sent me into a mad panic as street parking in the city areas is limited to meter parking of 15 minute or hourly slots and are usually taken that late in the day. i don't do well outside of my comfort zone and the parking dilemma definitely stretched those boundaries for me. after a hair-raising 15 minutes of driving around a few blocks, we ended up down at the southbank public carpark so i was able to breathe a huge sigh of relief. we had a much longer walk in store for us but, luckily, we had left home early enough so brad wasn't late for his appointment.

today's photos were taken on our walk to the hospital and at the southbank walkway
click on any image to enlarge

aaron walking ahead along the bougainvillea trellis walkway

i LOVE those trees in the background

WWII monument with clock tower in background

part of the queensland maritime museum at southbank parklands

lighthouse at the museum

i haven't finished my mantra monday card yet due to a busy week so i will post it tomorrow instead ~ :)

love, light and peace


  1. These views are simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing! I'm glad you guys found a parking spot.

  2. Oh! I guess I commented on the wrong day about the walking--hehe! You sure sound like you have been busy--but in a good way with all the company. :) Happy Autumn!! :)

  3. I'll be looking forward to your Mantra car. I love that tower photo, just gorgeous...

  4. Nice to know summer is somewhere while we dig out of a foot of snow! Am loving watching the birds come for seeds though - this much snow brings even the shy ones out of hiding. Lovely photos - that clock is gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous photos, Serena! Love the walkway with all the bougainvilleas.

    Like you I get flustered when things don't go as I planned or expected. Thank goodness you finally found a parking spot.

  6. Enjoyed the lovely photos. I love the walk lined with bougainvillas beautiful.
    I know what you mean about driving within the comfort zone. I am like that sometimes.

  7. Wonderful scenery photos, so it worked out for us!! Sorry you had to go through all of that I don't like when things change on me either, I like to have my course planned out.

  8. gorgeous photos! :D That clock tower is really interesting looking. Those trees are so cool, look like green clouds.

  9. Oh no! I can just picture you now in a mad panic. You can usually always get a park there, I wonder why it was so packed. At least you guys had a nice walk. I loved the pics.

    Luv Shell xxx

  10. OMG...these parking situations are so aggravating at times! I know you were relieved when you found a spot! Very cool things you saw around there also!!! WOW!

  11. My world looks nothing like yours -- how beautiful your sights are! But... why is that boat in a hole in the ground??

  12. How gorgeous are those photos! I wouldn't mind the extra walk, if I had to go through that! :)

  13. Oh, it is frustrating when you can't find parking space, I know. But what a lovely scenic walk you had! Makes me want to go visit our own maritime museum nearby. Love the bouganvillea trellis.

  14. Thanks, Tabitha ~ :)

    Thanks, Rita ~ :)

    Thanks, Sandy...mantra card is now posted ~ :)

    Thanks, Tammy ~ :)

    Thanks, Linda ~ :)

    Thanks, Shashi ~ :)

    Thanks, Kerry. Yep, I'm a course planner too. In all the 25 years I've been travelling to the Mater Hospital, I've never had a problem finding a carpark so it really knocked me for a six. lol

    Thanks, Jennifer. I loved the enormity of the trees...they were so impressive ~ :)

    Thanks, Shell. The children's hospital carpark was blocked off with roadworks so that was the main problem, I think. :)

    Thanks, Julie. I'm glad in a way because it turned out to be a pleasant experience and now I know the way to the Southbank Parklands carpark for future reference ~ :)


    Thanks, Judi. The 'hole' actually follows down the river's edge where they can launch the boats. :)

    Thanks, Genie....and I so agree with you. I think we were meant to leave home early for that very reason. :)

    Thanks, Mary ~ :)

  15. Wonderful pics. What a beautiful area.


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