Monday, 11 May 2009

finding stillness...mother's day...and centipedes!!!!

i hope you all had a fabulous and memorable mother's day!!!


i must admit that since i was sick with the flu a week ago, i haven't felt like doing much of anything....not even my daily meditation. i'm still not 100% although i'm feeling much better now to what i thought i would paint my card this week with an affirmation that will hopefully encourage me to get back into my daily meditation. i embrace the stillness within. when i meditate, i usually focus on the breath because, when focusing on the breath, there is no room for thoughts which are a distraction. i find this a great method and it helps me to find the stillness within.

acrylics on 5"x3½" CANSON acrylic paper
© serena lewis
click on any image to enlarge

those of you who have followed my blog for some time will know that i'm a devotee of eckhart tolle's philosophies which embrace the power of now.

an excerpt from his book, a new earth -
becoming conscious of stillness whenever we encounter it in our lives will connect us with the formless and timeless dimension within ourselves, that which is beyond thought, beyond ego. being aware of stillness means to be still. to be still is to be conscious without thought.

i really like the sound of that but know that you don't have to necessarily meditate to find stillness in your life. it's really all about awareness and acceptance of what is....being truly present, conscious and aware, in each moment.


i had a wonderful mother's day yesterday! the kids were all here, i had prepared a lovely buffet style lunch followed by cheesecake topped with freshly whipped cream and passionfruit for dessert. DELICIOUS!

the boys played on the playstation for a short time in the late afternoon while michelle and i chatted about creative stuff

i told the kids i didn't want any gifts but they ignored me

aaron made his cards for me and, of course, i will cherish them.
don't ya just love his rendition of me??!!!

michelle graced me with one of her beautiful paintings which i'm absolutely thrilled about. i had been secretly hoping that i would, one day, own a piece of her artwork and now.....I DO!!! YAY!!!

i was also given the 'twilight' DVD from reece.

mum and dad were supposed to come for the afternoon but they ended up at the hospital instead. poor mum had some pretty severe pain in her right, upper rib area which the doctors were thinking may have been a blood clot...luckily, she was given the all clear on that score. after numerous tests, she was sent home but will need to go back for another check within the next three months. i did get to see mum for mother's day though as she and dad called in on the way home from the hospital .

OH, just one more thing.....out of interest, i was rudely awakened in the middle of the night by a CENTIPEDE crawling on my HAND!!!! SCREAM!!! no, i didn't get a pic because.....well, i became a stark, raving lunatic when i realised what it was....EWWWWWWWWW!!!!! it was disposed of rather quickly so i didn't even think of getting a pic....until after the fact.

well, that about wraps it up for today's post......

love, light and peace


  1. I, for one, am happy you didn't get a pic of the centipede. UGH! Poor you! Were you able to sleep after that?

    Happy belated Mother's Day! :)

    Your affirmation card is stunning. Seeking out stillness throughout the day is necessary. And come to think of it, perfect moments of happiness are still moments. :)

    Your kids are so talented and thoughtful! Love Aaron's cards and Michelle's painting!

    And that cheesecake... YUM! :)

  2. Oh! And I am very glad your mom is okay! Sending her healing thoughts :)

  3. EEEEEEKK!!! A centipede!!!! I prob would have had a hart attack if it was me. Was it as big as that other one you found in the home that other time?

    I love the mantra card. I love how you did the spiral as the earing. It even looks a lot like you, is it suppose to be you?

    Glad you had a good mothers day :)

  4. Oh wow such lovely Mother's day gifties!
    Your mantra card beautiful and really gets the message across of inner stillness.

  5. oh this weeks card makes me squirm! I just cant sit still. But a great reminder. You are lucky to get your daughters painting as apresent. I just love her dolls! I started to read the Power of now...but only got half way...sigh! The very thing I need, is the very thing I avoid!

  6. I'm so glad you're feeling better, Serena! The flu is nothing to mess with.
    Your Mothers' Day sounds lovely and I adore your cards and the painting, as well.
    But OH! that centipede would have had me in hysterics! I'm glad you didn't get stung.

  7. Again your Mantra card is beautiful and the message so meaningful. Lovely cards from the kids, they both have your artistic talent and woohoo on the DVD! Glad your mom is okay and I can imagine you freaking out with that thing crawling on you, ewww... scream!!

  8. I'm glad you're beginning to feel better now Serena. It can take quite awhile to begin to feel "normal" again. Once again, I love your meditation card...really lovely.

    And how lucky are you to get one of Michelle's paintings! The best gift a mother could have...well, besides hugs and kisses!

  9. I would imagine that the centipedes there are scarier than here.

    Glad you're recovering and your Mom's okay!

    I really love your latest card! It has a very calming effect!

  10. Happy Mother's Day, Serena.
    So happy to see that you had a lovely day with your family. I wished that my daughter's were with me, but that wasn't possible. :(
    But I still had a nice day.
    That dessert looks really yummy and I bet it was. :)
    The cards that the kids made are really neat. The painting that Michelle sent to you is really nice. What a nice gift.:)

    Norma S.

  11. Serena,

    I forgot.....I love your Mantra card. What a peaceful picture!
    Sorry you are not feeling 100 % better yet. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  12. Genie - Thanks! I did find it very hard to get back to sleep as I always think, where there is one, there could be more. I even had trouble sleeping again last night for the same reason.

    Michelle - Thanks! It was horrible, Shelly...the centipede would have been around 3" in length so a baby by comparison to the last one. I've never had a problem with centipedes anywhere before so I think it's got to be because we have bushland right behind the back fence. I just drew the face from my mind so, maybe in some way, I have reflected myself in the image.

    Thanks, Shashi...I was pleased with how the card turned out too.

    messyfish - Thanks....sorry my card made you squirm though...not sure why?

    Thanks, Mary, and I'm really glad I didn't get stung either...I read that their bites can be extremely painful.

    Thanks, Kerry....I plan to watch my Twilight DVD on Friday night.

    Thanks, Kate! Yes, I'm so thrilled and touched that Michelle gifted me with such a beautiful painting.

    chocoholic - Thanks! I get totally freaked out by centipedes...I think it's all those legs! I'm not sure what the centipedes are like where you are but these can give quite a severe bite though this was a baby compared to the one we had in the house last year.

    Thank you, Norma. I'm sorry your daughters weren't able to be with you this year. I missed out on seeing Michelle for Mother's Day last year as they went to see her boyfriend's Mum instead ....being a defacto couple now, they alternate the special holidays between their families which is quite fair.

  13. ACK! *runs away* but is drawn back to look at the cheesecake ;p

    those are such nice gifts from everyone :D Sorry to read about your mother but at least she is all right now.

  14. I love Michelles art!!! WOW!!! I know you loved the colors in it!!! It had YOU all over it!
    Happy Mothers day late!!!

  15. I hope you feel much better ...and's terrible feeling out of it. ...even for a short time...

    hey...the card is great! He sees you as quite the stylish Mom... I'm sure of it.

    and Michelle's little gal is great.... a treasure...

  16. thanks, jennifer.

    thanks, julie. yes, michelle used my favourite colour palette...what a sweetie she is. :)

    messyfish - the penny finally dropped on what you meant by my card making you squirm. lol

  17. Take it easy--catch your naps. It can take a while to recover. :)

    I love your buddha-like face on the card--so peaceful! I bought The Power of Now but hadn't read it yet. I actually got up and found it and placed it on my "To Be Read" pile--hehe!

    What a wonderful Mother's Day! I'm glad your own mother is okay and that you got to lay your eyes upon her after all that, too. Don't we always feel better when we can actually see them--hehe! Michelle's painting is charming and just your colors--but the words! Wow!!! Aaron's cards were great! Are those inspirational rocks with words on them? And was that a tiny book or a journal? They put thought into all the presents--including Twilight!

    The centipede--OMG!!! I was freaking out just reading about it before I even knew that they could BITE you!!! Scream!! I think I am glad to live in the cold country where we don't have as many insects invading our habitats--too cold for them--good!! ROFL!!

    Hope you are feeling better and spoiling yourself!! :):)

  18. Sounds like a wonderful mother's day with terrific gifts and yummy food. Glad your mom is okay. Hope you feel all better soon, too.

    As usual- love your mantra card.

  19. Wonderful mantra card as every work you do :) and what a beautiful present from Michelle!

  20. I'm so sorry you've been so sick - I'm glad you had a good day though. You have such a happy family! And... thank you for NOT sharing a pic of the centipede, LOL.

  21. That sounds like a perfect Mother's Day....all except the part about the centipede!

  22. Great post and love your mantra card, it's beautiful. Aaron's cards are adorable! So is Michelle's art.

    Sounds like a great day and glad your mom was given the all clear for now.

  23. I love to see what your cards are going to be each week, but I must zoom by the desserts, that's just to cruel....Ro ;o~


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