Friday, 17 July 2009

flus and eye inflammation

a very quick sketch today

graphite, pigma micron pen & coloured pencil
in A5 sketchbook

click on image to enlarge

it's that time of year when colds and flu are prevalent here and mothers are in high demand. reece was off sick with flu today and aaron was off from school with an inflammation in the corner of his right eye. it looks like the beginning of a stye though hasn't worsened any. i've been using a soaked teabag to soothe it and so far, so good. i took reece to the doctor to see if he needed any further treatment than the over-the-counter flu medication he's been using.

needless to say i didn't get to tackle the desk today.....but then,

tomorrow is another day


  1. Ugh! I hate cold and flu season. At least you are there to help them through. . . it is always nice to have sympathy in such times.
    Here's to healthier days~

  2. You have your hands full! Hope they are both doing much better very soon!!! Neat sketch!!!

  3. You are just a whirlwind of creativity aren't you. Good for you.

    On more biological matters I use Collidal Silver during cold and flu season. Just spray it into my eyes, ears, nose and mouth and sympthoms vanish instantly. Silver is powerful killer of germs and viruses and used for 1,000s of years. Hence the orgin of the saying "born with a silver spoon in your mouth" - meant less prone to childhood illness in olden days.

  4. I sure hope Reece and Aaron feel better soon!
    It's good that you were where you needed to be today~the desk can wait :)

    Have a nice weekend Serena!!

  5. I pray everyone feels healthier very soon.

  6. Such seems to be the life of an artist!

  7. oh no! sick Kids...I know how it feels. We have been down with sore throats and coughs for 2 weeks now. I am so drained. I had a tantrum about having to work tonight! I thought a mantra of yours will pick me up...I must go scroll down the page now!

  8. I haven't been by for a while, so I scrolled down to see what you've been up to, and see a pic of Aaron in shorts, no shirt, and a knit hat! Hilarious, but might this be where the flu started in your house?!

    And when you have time, more zentangles please. It's gorgeous.

  9. Sending healing hugs to Reece and Aaron that thier ills disappear really soon.
    Mom's are always in demand no matter whatr. :)

  10. oh I hope everyone gets well soon and that aaron's eye doesn't get any worse.

  11. Hope you all feel better soon! ~healing vibes~

  12. thanks, dawn. even though reece is 20, he still needs me when it comes to going to the doctor. lol i don't go into the consultation room....reece just needs me there in the waiting room for support. :)

    thanks, julie. :)

    thanks for the info, thomas. :) i hadn't heard of collidal silver before.

    thanks, tabitha. :)

    thanks, darla. :)

    you've got that right, chocoholic. :)

    thanks, messyfish. :) i hope a mantra helps you too.

    thanks, lisa. :) it's actually a misconception that someone can catch cold or flu by the way they dress...they must come into contact with the actual cold or flu virus which are both air-borne diseases. aaron doesn't have the flu but i think he has irritated his eye somehow. we're thinking reece caught the flu at the Greek festival he went to with his girlfriend, michelle (sister) and alex (sister's boyfriend) a week ago because alex is also sick with the flu. :(

    thanks, norma, and that's very true. :)

    thanks, jennifer. :)

    thanks, paula. :)

  13. Boys are the worst when they get sick aswell. They act like they are about to die. Alex is starting to feel better now which is good.

    Hope both boys get better soon. Nice sketch to go with :)

  14. that's for sure, shell. glad to hear alex is feeling a little better. reece seems to be a little better today also.

  15. LOVE the new look Serena! I really like mine too ... so glad we had a go & succeeded!!YAYY! Have a great weekend my friend :)

  16. That is a cool sketch. I hope both the boys feel better soon.

  17. I went and looked at your desk in the link. Will be looking forward to what you do with it now! My favorite was that shabby chic look...

  18. Hope that everyone is better soon. It's time to be super Mom ;)

  19. Mom first--artist later--how true. Sounds like by the time I got here to read they are on the mend--good! Nice sketch, too. :)

  20. thanks, maria. your link provided the easiest three-column template i've seen yet....and the bonus, no gadgets are lost. YAY!

    thanks, shashi. the boys are doing a lot better now.

    thanks, sandy. sometimes, i miss my shabby chic days...ultra feminine decor.

    thanks, caroline.


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