Wednesday, 30 September 2009

monday's photo-a-week & artist's way week six check-in


i really don't have a lot to offer this week, sorry. the dust storm played havoc with my health and i ended up battling a severe dose of blocked sinuses which had me feeling pretty much miserable all week. the only highlight was when the kids and i went out to a family dinner in celebration of reece's 21st birthday on sunday night. i didn't even get pics.

i snapped the picture below at aaron's school this morning -

australian bottlebrush tree
click on image to enlarge



this week was all about recovering a sense of abundance. i have to admit that, due to being out of sorts with my sinuses, i found it diffucult to put my all into this chapter and subsequent tasks. i didn't do them all but i did try.

i have my postcard ready to post.
i found five rocks which act as reminders of my creative consciousness....i have placed them in a small pouch to carry with me.

julia also asks what gives us true joy? the answer is different for everyone and it can be the littlest of things, such as, enjoying a bowl of raspberries which was an example given by julia. i think, for me, it would be spending time with my kids, a trip to the beach, or listening to a variety of music while i am painting.


did i do my morning pages each day? yes, though my heart wasn't really in it because of feeling so miserable.

did i go on an artist date? no. i have found that artist dates have been my biggest hurdle each time i have done this course. is this saying that i'm not letting my inner artist explore and have fun?

any synchronicity? i wish.

any other issues significant to my recovery? i don't think so.

hopefully, i will have more to offer in week seven

love, light and peace


  1. Hugs! Hope you feel better honey!

  2. Hey just dropped by to say cheers for posting the link on boho's blog, I will be heading there, aso a fan of the book.

    Hope you get well son, i heard about the red dust on the news. Seems unusual for a british girl like me.

    All the best

  3. Hope you a feeling much better. Amazing how the viruses go round in the Uk as the same time as Australia?

  4. Oh, Serena! I sure hope you are on the mend and feeling better daily!

  5. Considering the pictures you posted of the dust storm, it's understandable you'd be having sinus problems!

    Feel better soon!

  6. sorry to read you had problems with your sinuses :( never fun. been reading that a lot of people had lung problems from all the dust

    gorgeous looking tree :) nice splash of red colour to see this time of year

  7. Hi Serena,
    I've been wondering how you got on with getting rid of the termites?

    OK, I have a great solution for sinus problems. Make a saline mix of 1 cup warm water, 1 tsp. salt.
    Buy a new 10 ml syringe.
    Holding your head tilted over the sink, slowly squeeze saline solution into top nostril, until it comes out of bottom nostril.
    Blow nose, and then do the other side. If you have any problems understanding my instructions, send me a private email and I'll contact you.
    I can't take any medication and this is the best solution for sinus problems. Works a treat everytime.

  8. Hope you are feeling better. Alex still has a bad cough but is a lot better then what he was.

    I am trying to catch up really fast for AW. I can't wait till I am back on track with everyone else.

  9. Hi Serena...hope you are feeling better now. No wonder you got sick with all that horrid dust! Good grief! I think you did amazingly well with your artist assignments considering...
    Hang tight, girl...and I think you are amazing no matter what!

  10. Serena, I'm sorry you haven't feeling well and hope you're over it all soon. Feeling ill can really drag you down and it's hard to be "up" when you're "down"!

    I love your bottlebrush's so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Feel better soon. I'm impressed that you could even do what you did. I used to suffer from sinus headaches and they're a real pain...literally!!

    Take a break and take care of yourself:~)

  12. Hi Serena,
    i've got a little award for you on my blog. Thanks for inspiring me in so many ways!

  13. well done! you got through week six. I remember our group almost disbanded on week 6. Hope you are feeling better after the dust storm now.

  14. No surprise that the awful dust storm would drive a person's sinuses crazy! I hope you are feeling better and better. I'm still punkish up here in Fargo, too. No dust storms--just rainy and cold. I'm surprised you kept up with AW--good for you! You really need an artist's date after you are feeling better. :)

  15. Hope you're feeling much better by now. Sinus problems are the worse! Take care, Serena :)

  16. Hope you feel better, wish you so!

    Happy belated Birthday to Reece!

  17. Hope you feel better soon and find lots of energy.


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