Saturday, 30 January 2010

Family news and some sketches...

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes concerning Reece and his back pain. I ended up taking him to the doctor who diagnosed the pain as being muscular so Reece organised a deep tissue remedial massage that same afternoon. The remedial physiotherapist said Reece's back muscles have a lot of knots that need attention so I only hope he takes it easy re. weight and fight training because he and his girlfriend are leaving for a holiday in Thailand in a couple of weeks.

Other news on the Lewis homefront -

Beau ended up trimming off his mohawk! As much as he loved it, Beau realised that it was going to require more upkeep than he was willing to allow off it came.

Michelle has been visiting a fair bit over the past week and it's been wonderful catching up with girlie goss and watching movies together.

Aaron started a new school year! He is now in Grade Six!!! My baby is growing up.....sigh ~


Despite being distracted in a good way this past week, I'm really pleased that I also managed to fit in some creative time, with a couple of EveryDay Matters challenges....

....and even a Zentangle which I'm naming 'Chaos' for obvious reasons. LOL

Click on the images to enlarge for more details

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Love, light and peace


  1. I love your journal shots, with the pen and pencil technique. I think the emd challenges are great, I love what you do with them, the detail is fantastic. And your baby IS growing happens too fast!!

  2. If Reece can incorporate a regular massage into his routine, he won't need to back off of the weight training and fight training (which you know he won't do because he is Young and Invincible). The REGULAR massage will keep his muscles in a fair amount of conditioned state and he can go about his usual life. The key is making it a part of your life and not using massage only when there is a problem.
    So says I, the therapist. For what is is worth.
    Lovely drawings as usual. Such talent you have!!

  3. Oh, you were very creative this week. How fun that you collected the Buddhas without realizing you were doing so!

    And you had mentioned your feeling of connection with the Native American spirituality before (maybe as a comment on one of my posts? can't recall now). But did I ever tell you your profile pic felt a bit Native American to me when I saw it the first time? With the classic Pocahontas braids and the serene facial expression and even a bit of turquoise, I think, at the ears. :)

  4. ouch about Reece's back. hopefully he takes it easy and has fun in Thailand

    very nice EDM drawings :D

  5. Enjoyed the post and glad Reese is getting the right attention for his back. Thailand, wow, quite a trip!

    Enjoyed the sketches and also how in the heck did you learn to print so nicely?

    I get a little envious reading about a mom doing things with her daughter. I never thought, when I was giving birth to boys, that I would so miss not having a daughter.

  6. Love the sketchbook pics!

    Hope Reece gets his back fixed before he goes away.

  7. Thank you for sharing your work and thoughts with us. The sketches you do are so enjoyable. I'm still new to blogging and am finding so many new friends, each with their own's becoming a real kinship of sorts....Take Care...Shelly

  8. Maybe a regular massage is in Reece's future. Also sorry to hear about the mohawk! I thought it looked great but I understand about the upkeep.

    Love love love all your art. Your zentangle really caught my eye as well as the Buddha.

  9. Lovely drawings Serena. I too am drawn to Native American cultures and people.I attended a Summer Solstice celebration in Zuni New Mexico a few years ago.
    My daughter does much research with different tribes here in Az. It's wonderful because she knows some tribal leaders etc.

  10. Sure hope Reece feels better soon! Now that I know mohawks are too much work I'll that off my 'must have' list! haha
    I think it's so awesome that your youngest is going to be in 6th grade! We are the same age and my granddaughter will start the 6th grade this fall!
    I have to say again Serena, your artistic talent blows me away! You're so amazing!

  11. Glad to hear all good news!!!! Yeah!!!!! Love your Buddha and American Indian drawings!

  12. As always, I feel so inspired by your drawings! I love to come to your blog just to see what you've drawn and you also have such lovely penmenship!. Hearing about your family and seeing all the lovely photos is just a bonus!!

  13. Oh, I really like your zentangle.

  14. I hope Reese finds some relief for his back pain. Lucky you to get frequent visits with your daughter. I hope Aaron has a great year in school- they do grow up fast, don't they?

  15. Hi Serena, lovely to hear from you, thank you for your beautiful message.
    Sorry to hear about the back pain. My hubby suffers with this. he gets bad times with it. Hope the massage helps.

    Have an awesome weekend!


  16. Beautiful drawings Serena, and I'm glad Reese is ok. there are a lot worse things in life than needing lots of massages......


  17. It sounds like your family are just gorgeous! Serena, you've got such a talent and your drawings are beautiful. We too collect Buddha's and it started out unintentionally. Have a great week! x

  18. Hi, Serena,
    I've given you a blog award on my blog. No pressure to participate if you don't want to, though. Cheers!

  19. I hope Reece is better before he leaves. Not sad about a mohawk disappearing--ROFL!

    Love your drawings. Do you have any laughing Buddhas? Those are my favorite! The American Indians have always been interesting to me, too. Soooo many tribes and cultures. Even your zentangle is awesome. I love the way the black stars are there in the shadows, kind of. :)


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