Monday, 18 January 2010


Today was horrible heat-wise! It's been sauna-like conditions from early morning with a temperature of 35°C/95°F (I found out later that we actually hit 38°C/100.4°F!) and a humidity of at least 80%. I've even had trouble breathing most of the day because the air has been so hot and heavy. We had a storm move through late last night but it only added to the humidity rather than cool things down. I think I need to migrate to a colder climate.

Anywhoo, the theme for our photo group this week was - Shadows

Yep, that's my shadow. I've taken a photo of my shadow self before but it's been later in the day where the shadow cast has been short and wide. I like this long, tall look best.

I took these fern shadows while we were at the lake on Friday. This was taken with camera pointing down at the ground.


On another note......the other day I received another of the giveaways I won! The beautiful calendar pictured below was created and made by Sara, over at The Sharing Connection, using her very own photos. The images are beautiful and each month includes an inspiring verse. Thanks so much, Sara....I love it! For those who haven't visited Sara's blog before, it is full of inspiring stories and life perspectives and well worth a look-see!

I'm feeling a little light-headed from the heat so I think I'll sign off and get to bed early.....

*** nighty-night all ***

Love, light and peace


  1. I love the fern shadows! If its any consolation, ts been yuk yuk too hot here too, but today it was cold! I have my polar fleece jacket on, and the ugg boots were out too! Maybe the cool weather will reach you up there tomorrow!?

  2. It seems so weird you are hot while we are in the dead of winter!!! Nice calendar! Congrats!!! I like your shadow...looks like you are on stilts!!!

  3. Serena, what a great shot, I love the color and contrast! the photo feels like it has texture. Great job!

  4. Eww. Hope the humidity dissipates soon for you. I hate humidity... But then again it brings those pretty plants and flowers...

    Love your pics! Your shadow is powerful! :)

  5. So sorry to hear about the heat. I know how bad heat with high humidity can be, it can really make one feel ill. Take care, stay cool.

    Love the shadow pic and I'll check out her blog.

  6. Hmmm, I don't like being cold all day, but I don't envy you that heat, either, Serena. I'd be lightheaded, too.
    Yes, I like that long tall shadow, too. Makes your legs look long as Heidi Klum's!

  7. ooooh, look at those lovely long legs!

  8. Heat and least favorite kinds of weather. I just wither and become useless in that kind of heat.

    Love the shadow photos! But then I can't see your lovely face!!

  9. I love the shadow photos! I hadn't realized that you're seven feet tall!

  10. I hope the weather breaks for you and cools off a bit. That humidity is awful! Do you have air conditioning? Doesn't sound like it. How can you stand it?!

    The calendar looks beautiful and I checked out Sara's blog briefly. I saved it so I can go back sometime when I have more time. (I may be dreaming--hehe!) You have been winning things right and left! Spirit lifters!! Wow! Happy for you. This is such a personal gift/prize. Congrats!! :)

  11. hope you are feeling ok! and that the humidity lessens for you. I don't do well in humidity at all.

  12. Yesterday was unbearable!! I hated it! The top level of our house felt like a hot box all night. I hope today is a little cooler.

    Great shadows Mum. I like the one of you with the long legs :)

    What a lovely giveaway you won.

  13. *sends cold air that way*

    very nice shadow shots. I actually thought the fern shadows were just dark ferns at first :)

  14. Ah, I hate heat - so sorry you're suffering! Great shadows. I really like the fern pic.

  15. Great study of shadows. Who knew you could look 50 lbs. thinner by casting a tall shadow! I wish I could dip my toe into Australia ... it's cold here in Maryland!

  16. Love your shadow pic, mine always turn out short and squaty , besides our ground is yukky right now with dirty snow. Love the fern one too and wow nice win!

  17. Colder climate YEAH!! :D
    Come to NY. We love Aussie accents.

  18. Hi Serena!
    I love your photos, especially you, the long legged beauty! That's an awesome pic!
    Congrats on the calendar win, that's so pretty!
    Thanks also for stopping by to wish Ryan a happy birthday. I'm so glad his gentleness came through, he really IS! He's my quiet, calm, always thinking son. I look up to him and seek HIS advice.
    Have a great week and if it doesn't cool down a bit, you're more than welcome to come for a visit to chilly North Dakota :) I'm guessing you'll pass on that one! haha

  19. You have a beautiful blog. Thank you for stopping by mine and commenting.

  20. Those fern shadows are gorgeous.

    I have trouble imagining sauna-like conditions in the dead of winter here. But I know the kind of heat you're talking about, and I don't envy you thoe conditions. It totally knocks my husband out when it gets like that here, since he's not from such a climate, and his body can't seem to understand the heavy humidity to boot.

    Get some rest and don't forget to soak your feet in cool water for a quick pick-me-up!

  21. Looks like as though you are standing on stilts.

  22. Your shadow image looks like you're all legs- love it! I always wanted long legs, but got stuck with stubby ones. Nowdays, I'm just glad I have legs that work, even if they are short-LOL

    Love that fern photo- looks so artsy. Congratulations on winning that fantastic calendar.

  23. Oh I just hate when the weather is like that and effects your breathing! I hope its cooled off some. Nice shadow pics, I'm quite short so I'd prefer the longer leg shadow too hee hee The fern shadows are very cool! Congrats on the calendar, it looks fantastic.



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