Friday, 8 January 2010

THIS is what happens when I go away for a few hours....

Today, Brad, Aaron and I went over to Mum and Dad's for lunch and a nice afternoon visit. We had a lovely time as usual. When we arrived home, my second eldest son, Beau, had gone.....

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I have been saying since October 2009 that I felt the year 2010 would be about change for, not only me, but for my kids and others too. I must admit that this wasn't quite what I had in mind but it does explain why Beau bought those hair trimmers a short time ago. He had trimmed the front and sides by the time I got home and, understandably, couldn't do the back so I finished it up for him......I gotta say......I like it! Beau LOVES it! Brad likes it! Aaron hates it! Michelle hates mohawks so we kinda know what she will think of it and Reece is yet to see it so the jury is out on him. However, it wasn't too many years ago that Reece was considering a mohawk himself so I think it's a safe guess that he will like it.

I've always admired people who stand out in a crowd and march to the beat of their own drums and I've never been one to be strict about how my kids should look or dress. Well, there was that time when Michelle's hair was so long and absolutely beautiful and she had to beg me over and over before I finally gave in and cut it to shoulder length. Remember that, Michelle? lol I still have the cut-off plait/braid which Michelle thinks is kinda weird but's sentimental to me. Anywhoo, I encourage my kids to find their own style, likes, and dislikes and be comfortable in their own skin. Reece wanted to grow his hair long when he was around eight years old so I let him grow his hair long. In his high school years, Reece wore his hair in the US Marine/jarhead style and I was cool with that. Beau wants a mohawk....I'm happy if he's happy.

Love, light and peace


  1. Well I love it! he wears it very well. It is a good lenth, too. It is all about the happiness, isn't it. I mean, what a boring world if we all were the same.
    btw, you have a very good looking family both inside and out, I am sure you already know this though.

  2. I'm not a huge fan of mohawks but I must admit he does pull it off well! It helps that he's so handsome!
    I wish I could dress all fun and funky and color my hair neon pink...wouldn't that be fun? But I'm 50 and live in a small town and there is no need to bring the gossip focus to me at this point. haha
    Have a great weekend Serena!

  3. Wow, it looks great! I love the middle photo of the three, that's such an amazing portrait!

  4. WOW...totally cool. But I happen to be one of those girls that loves mohawks. Must have been quite a surprise to come home too...

  5. I think it looks GREAT! He's handsome either way but the new "do" shows his individuality. I agree with you about people who stand out in a crowd. It shows they think for themselves and don't just blindly follow along.

  6. I think I'm too old to give an opinion on young peoples styles-LOL! So I'm not saying a word ;)
    When I first started reading I was thinking you were going to say you came home to find he had moved a horse into your backyard- hee hee

  7. Well you've done well that your kids are free to express themselves. He does look good. I agree 2010 is all about change.

  8. Like Linda, I'm not venturing an opinion on the haircut because I'm even farther out of this loop than she is! But he's handsome either way. You're a good mom.

  9. Hi Serena,
    Hey, I'm with you. Let the kids have there own personality!

    I wonder if I'm too old-I've just added red streaks to my hair.

    He does have a tough look of "Don't mess with me" which can be good when in a nasty situation!
    Have a great weekend,

  10. My eldest decided she wanted short hair so she cut hers herself. Mind you she was only about 4 at the time;-)

    When you're good looking like him you can wear your hair any way you want and still look fabulous.

  11. Oh Serena I can't stop laughing! I like the mohawk. Also, I think he should dye it blue. :)

    Somewhere, I have a ponytail of my own hair from when I cut it from waist length to shoulder length 15 years ago. I also have hair from Daya's first haircut.

  12. I think he looks cool. I'm like that with my youngest, I say do what makes you feel good and for him he needed both arms tatoo'd, full sleeves, but for him it is art work and meaningful. I think its' cool.

  13. Not a fan of mohawks--at all. But--I totally agree with you--I would have let him wear it whatever way he wanted to also. Freedom of expression! Especially important in the young, don't you think? So they don't waste their life living other people's ideas and they discover who they really are and their own direction. So--even tho I think he looked much better before--cudos to the mohawk. ;)

  14. Hi Serena. One thing about Mohawks they grow out quickly. My son and grandsons have both had them.
    Kind of fun I think.
    Hope you are doing well. I'm blogging again. Come visit if you want.

  15. Beau thanks you all for the positive and supportive comments on his mohawk.

    Dawn - I certainly would be a boring old world if we all dressed and looked the same.

    Darla - I think you would look great with pink hair ~ :)

    Felicity - I like the middle one best too...thanks ~

    Caroline - Thanks. I certainly didn't expect it but I was okay with it. :)

    Janet - That's so true. I have always admired people who dress to their own unique styles and not follow the norm.

    Linda - LOL I think the mohawk is much easier to deal with than a horse in a small backyard. lol

    Thanks, Kate. I always try to be supportive of my kids and they are good kids with big hearts so I can't complain.

    Thanks, Jennifer! :)

    Thanks, Mary. I know my Mum will be fine with it but my Dad may shake his head a few times. lol

    Anna, I think the same. I also think you would look great in your red streaks...I hope you post a pic. Must check out your blog later.

    Sandi - Yep, Aaron has done the same thing as your daughter...he had a mighty short, uneven fringe for a while. lol

    Jessica - Beau laughed when I told him your suggestion of dyeing it blue. I still have hair from baby first haircuts too. It's a Mum thing. :)

    Sandy, good for you! I'm sure your son appreciates your support too.

    Rita, that's very sweet and yes, he needs to be himself and not worry about following the norm.

    Gemma, thanks....that's what I figure too. I'm glad to hear you're back blogging....will pop over and visit later today ~ :)

  16. I like it...what the heck!!!!! I say go for it!!!

  17. He looks great in it, and a lot of that is due to the fact that he probably feels great in it! It's so wonderful that you support that! :)


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