Monday, 8 February 2010

MONDAY PHOTO-A-WEEK, sketch & ......

Hi everyone,

I apologise if I haven't been around to visit or comment much on your blogs lately. Life has sure been up and down over the past few emotional and tearful rollercoaster ride would be an apt description. My daughter, Michelle, has been going through a pretty rough time and naturally, when my kids are hurting, so am I. That said, things could be worse so I am trying to focus on the blessings that surround me each and every day too.


This morning, over on Caroline's blog, I watched this YouTube video which had me bawling my eyes out. Gabrielle Bouliane sure puts life into perspective.


The theme for this week was hearts and flowers
Click on any image to enlarge

I've only seen the walls of medical centres and hospitals this past week so not a lot of hearts there....well not the type I was thinking of anyways. The other day, I noticed this heart from nature which happens to belong to my sweet potato vine.

As for flowers, the theme this week was perfect timing because, the orange jasmine shrub in the front garden bed is just starting to open up her blooms.

We had a lot of rain over the weekend and I'll post more pics on that tomorrow but, for now, I thought I'd show you another EveryDayMatters challenge completed.

Pigma Micron pen, graphite and charcoal in A5 skecthbook

Stay tuned for more pics tomorrow....

Love, light and peace


  1. Dear Serena...I hope you are alright with these ups and downs the past week. I read back the last few of your posts I had missed. I don't know how I missed them. Praying you are OK, girl!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  2. oh dear, sorry to read that your daughter is not doing well & hurting.. gee, do I know how you are feeling.. so I am sending love & prayers to you both (and am always here an email away if you need a shoulder xo)
    you grow sweet potatoes? lucky you!
    is the shrub a mexican orange blossom?

  3. So sorry to hear that Serena. I hope there is light visible at the end of the tunnel. You sound like a fantastic Mum - nothing in the world is better than that!

  4. Sending love and healing to you and your feeling Serena. I hope the rough times turn into positive, magical times sooner rather than later. OMG that video... so powerful! It touched me right to the core.

    I love your natural heart and your flowering shrub - beautiful!

  5. Sorry about the rough times! My prayers are with you! Beautiful photos though!

  6. Whatever Michele is going through, my prayer for her is peace and comfort.

    And you too, it's hard when one of your kids is hurting. I've been there so many times, ouch.

    Love the sketch.

    I listened to just a little of the video and wow, she must know of what she speaks.

  7. very nice pictures :)

    I hope everyone feels better soon there

  8. Beautiful photos and beautiful sketch. Hope life gets better for you and Michelle.

  9. That orange jasmine shrub is just beautiful. Love seeing flowers when my world is all white.

    I hope thing settle down for you and Michelle. It so hard when our kids are having a hard time.

    Sending some calmness your way.



  10. I'm so sorry to hear Michelle is not doing well and that you've been seeing the inside of hospitals lately. That doesn't sound good. My heart goes out to your both (and Michelle's beau) as you navigate whatever stresses lie in your path.

    Lovely natural heart. I could say the same for your own heart. May you protect it and care for it as you need to during this rough time!

  11. I'm so sorry things are not going well for you and Michelle, I hope you see some improvement soon.
    Meantime I'm so glad you posted the flowers! I needed to see some flowers right now! And that's an excellent sketch of the bike! I haven't done that one...not having bikes around anymore.

  12. life isn't always pretty, but you do carry on somehow...
    it's nice to meet you...
    I hope things are manageable for you and your daughter.

    i'm enjoying your blog...and will look around some more...
    keep creating, you can find amazing comfort through art!


  13. Watching the video really made me wonder what is going on with Michelle? I dealt with looking death in the face over my son's crib. Death has lingered in the shadows and leapt forward close enough to kiss several times over the last 35 years. It does put life in perspective and has been a great blessing in many ways--a gift. Life is precious and we have so much to be grateful for--and not to take for granted. There is much, much love in your family and we all wish you all the best, I know. My heart is with you--speaking of hearts and flowers. Sending love and healing energy. :):)

  14. Thank you all so much for your concern and caring words of support. It truly means a lot to me. The good news is that Michelle isn't dealing with a life-threatening condition though that may well have been a concern at some point over the past weeks. Thankfully, she is recovering from her ordeal but will need time for emotional healing. Again, thank you all so much....I'm sure Michelle will be touched by your support and caring words.

  15. So very glad to hear that Michelle will be okay!! Hurray! Hurray!! :):)

  16. I hope whatever Michelle is dealing with that it has a positive outcome and that she will be ok. It's never easy being a mom and watching your kids suffer whether physically or emotionally. My thoughts are with you and Michelle.

    That was a powerful video!

  17. Oh Serena, you're scaring me! I hope whatever you and Michelle are going through is resolved soon and you both come though it safe and sound. Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

    Love the leaf heart you found- what a great ohoto. And the orange jasmine is gorgeous- I bet it smells wonderful. Fantastic sketch- all those straight lines! I would have wore the paper out erasing and redoing so many times.

  18. echoing the sentiments of us all..... please be well Michelle...and you too Serena. Don't forget to get some rest are just over a cough..or are you yet?

    Great to find some pretty heart shaped leaves...and ohhhh the orange jasmine...I can smell it from here !

  19. Blessings your way!! & may Michelle be surrounded with love & healing.

    I bopped over to in response to your comment about soy & gluten over @ Reality Insanity - soy depresses the thyroid, & some folks suggest only eating fermented soy - plus of course the kelp that many oriental cultures combine with it! Wheat or barley (rye is the other gluten containing culprit) lurk in many products like soy sauce, so you just have to read lables!!

    Yesterday I ate a few mini corn muffins I'd made for a dance on Sat using cornmeal gifted by a girlfriend who knows I'm G Free. The corn (naturally GF) was ground on historic mill stones, so not 'GF' cornMEAL - & I was SO SLEEPY yesterday afternoon, & 'had to' take a nap (just what happens to my 9 yr old granddaughter when she eats 'accidental' gluten!!) hmm.
    I hadn't thought myself as sensitive as my grandkids are, but won't be eating more of those!
    One friend who 'tries to avoid' wheat was raving about looking for things made with BARLEY malt - no, that's a no-no if you're avoiding gluten :)


  20. Serena,

    I have given you the Kreativ blog award. You are always inspiring to me.

  21. I came for a visit after you introduce yourself and left kind words on my blog. I'm sorry you've hit a rough patch. Hope all will be better soon!

    Lovely photos and sketches!

  22. Sending love and well wishes to Michelle and to you, Serena.

  23. Sorry your daughter has been going through a tough spot.

    I sure like that Caroline!

  24. Lovely photos and I hope both Michelle and you are feeling better soon. I certainly know about life's up's and down's and have been dealing with those myself over the last year.

  25. Your artwork and photography are amazing!

  26. Hi Serena,
    I hope Michelle is on the mend and its nothing too serious.
    From one Mum to another, I know the pain we go through when our children are sick.
    Take care,
    Big hugs to all your family,
    Have a loving weekend.


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