Sunday, 21 February 2010

Things are not all as they seem

On Wednesday, we visited this lush lagoon.... Ibis preening at the lagoon edge

A dragon lizard was nearby

A fountain pool facing onto the Brisbane River

At the head of the fountain stands this large statue of Confucious which was gifted to the people of Queensland, in December 2009, by the Ji'nan Municipal Government, Shandong Province, People's Republic of China to celebrate Queensland's 150th Birthday.

Just down the way is a pool and, just beyond that, a manmade beach. The beach is quite impressive but I didn't take photos because there were a lot of young children swimming there and laws are in place about taking pics of children in public places. I'm sorry that all the pics are was an overcast day and threatening to rain.

All of the scenes in the photos above are smack bang in the midst of Brisbane City. It feels kinda surreal when we can clearly see skyscrapers not that far away.

Serenity and peace amidst the city chaos

Gotta love that!

Love, light and peace


  1. love the lizard pic :) that is very cool that there is a space like that so close to the city to visit.

  2. lol, I kept looking for the ibis in the first photo before I realized it was in the second. Lovely photos Serena! That lagoon is amazing.

  3. The pictures look absolutely wonderful to me! What an awesome place tucked within the city!! Thanks for bringing us along. It was especially beautiful to see when it is all white and grey up here in Fargo--hehe! :):)

  4. Serena, these pictures, and the sites at Brisbane City are absolutely wonderful. I'm so glad that you give me a chance to visit though your eyes...Shelly

  5. Beautiful photos, Serena. And what a terrific idea not being able to photograph children in public. I'm sure at times it might be frustrating but I think it's good for their safety.

  6. Beautiful photos. I wonder if we have laws like that because I use to do that when I would see a particularly good shot with a child in it.

  7. Hi Serena,
    These are great photo's and it sounds like you had a fabulous day and everyone wanted to come play with you.

  8. Your photos came out very well. The last one is really pretty! I am amazed how much the tropical setting mimics ours here in south Florida!!!

  9. That looks like a beautiful and tranquile place to visit. Such lovely residents living there too.

  10. I don't find your photos dull in the least! Love that lizard. I wish we had a wider variety here. That lagon area is gorgeous. What a wonderful place to have in the middle of a city.

  11. Beautiful photo's Serena...what a lovely place to visit. I was surprised though about the laws that say not to take photographs of children in public places. We don't have any laws like that in Canada. I've never heard of that before.

  12. What a beautiful place you live in!!


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