Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Please keep Northern Queensland in your thoughts tonight..... the worst cyclone in our history is set to hit our northern coastline in just hours and it's wrath will reach as far inland as Mount Isa.  This is a life-threatening cyclone and is 500km wide! They are warning that it will bring violent storm swells of approx. 7 metres above high tide levels near the eye of the cyclone. Over 10,000 people have been evacuated and there are major fears that lives may be lost.  This seems so unbelievable as it comes fast on the back of all the flooding we've experienced in past weeks.  Thankfully, we live in South East Queensland so are relatively safe although we are sure to catch some chaotic weather in the backlash. Tonight, my heart will be with my fellow Queenslanders up North.  I pray that no lives are lost.

This is really scary stuff!

Here is a site that compares the size of Cyclone Yasi if it were superimposed in countries around the world.

Here is a news update from today.

Your thoughts and prayers are most welcome. 

----- UPDATE -----
Cyclone Yasi hit land just after midnight and the Mission Beach and Tully areas sustained major damage.  A second storm surge still threatens some areas.
Read more HERE.

I didn't get much sleep at all last night worrying for what my fellow Queenslanders were enduring. I'm so thankful that there was no loss of life.  
Thanks so much for all your well wishes and prayers.

 ~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. How awful! Thank you for telling us - I haven't seen any news yet this morning. My best wishes for a safe delivery from the storm to everyone in the area. xx

  2. have them all surrounded in love.. dreadful. awful.. :(

  3. I was kinda waiting to hear from you regarding this...glad you guys are far enough away...I sure hope no one will be killed either...hopefully no one will be bull headed and stay in that area! When we have hurricanes here, some people always refuse to leave their homes and it can be disaster, for sure. I can't see taking that would not be me staying behind, that's for sure!!! Take care, and be safew, Serena!
    xoxo- Julie

  4. Oh Serena, it looks awful! I will definitely say a prayer for all who are affected by this terrible storm!

  5. Hope all weather it through safely.
    We just survived the wrath of the biggest winter storm to hit the States in years~~thought the roof would go last night. Today I will bundle up and try and plow out, which I have a feeling will be an all day job.
    You all take care Down Under....


  6. Hope everything is okay Serena. Wow, cyclones, I definitely would be afraid. Take care of yourself. I haven't been keeping up with the news to much but I know there are a lot of storms going on. Makes you wonder. Take care, thinking of you.

  7. Hi Serena, you and Northern Queensland are in my thoughts and my prayers. Stay safe.

    Would you mind dropping by The Farm? I have an Award for you!

  8. Serena, I've just been reading about Yasi. It sounds like a huge, devastating storm. I hope you and your family remain safe and I'll keep you and your countrymen in my thoughts.

  9. Constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. Serena I know your fears as we have had a similar one in India some years ago and I can remember they had huge tidal waves which swiped out thousands of villages. The effect was devestating. Just praying for everyone out there.

  11. OMG, Serena! That looks really bad! And you are near the coastline there in Brisbane, even if it isn't hitting you directly. I pray for everyone!! Stay safe and let us know how you all are as soon as you can. It's just crazy what you all have been thru in Australia these past months. My heart is in my throat!

    Prayers and hugs and good thoughts!!

  12. I was thinking of these areas last night as I slept in my cosy bed and safe house and counted my blessings - what a terrifying thing to go through.

  13. I know it is thursday there now...hope all is are all in our prayers and thoughts !!

  14. You are in my thoughts and prayers. There seems to be crazy weather everywhere.


  15. My heart is now in my throat. The picture of the eye of the storm superimposed over Louisiana was heart-rending. That thing is truly monstrous.

    My friends who moved to Australia lived in Queensland (although they are not now there), and I have loved their stories of the delightful people there. You are all in my thoughts tonight.

  16. It would be terrifying to be anywhere in the vicinity..... those poor people ...

    I'm glad you are not in the immediate path.... I did wonder where in the scope of things you were situated....

    There are some photos on the news here this morning... and it is amazing how some places are still standing....and others are totally ruined...

    and the boats!! oh, my.... piled on top of each at the marina.... what a shame. Those huge exclusive type homes right at the edge of the water...with all those boats piled up in their front yards... must be specially built to withstand this type of weather...there they are still in prefect shape...

    what type of buildings did they use for shelters? how far away did the people have to go to find one? ... sounds like many were turned away as they were full...where the heck did those poor people end up? what a shamozzle.....

  17. Thanks, everyone.

    Vee - I haven't heard anything of people being turned away from the shelters. There were some instances where people initially refused to leave their homes when they were told it was safe to evacuate and they left it until the danger risk was way too high to leave. Those people were then told to stay put and bunker down. The evacuation centres were concrete buildings, some of which were close to the disaster areas...there was no guarantee they would be 100% safe during the cyclone but they were definitely the safer and stronger option over some of homes. Thankfully, all the shelters were damage-free after the cyclone hit.

    Places like Tully and Mission Beach copped the full brunt of the cyclone...some homes there were completely destroyed. Banana plantations flattened and ruined. So sad all round.

    Cyclone Yasi has been downgraded but is still causing havoc with heavy rains and flash flooding in areas.

    I notice that parts of the US have been dealing with severe snow storms and saw on the news where the roof of one shopping centre collapsed from the weight of the snow.

    Geez, this weather system worldwide is just crazy!

  18. Hi Serena, I saw it over TV last night - pretty scary. Stay safe

  19. I didn't want to go to bed that night either. It was hard to turn off the tv. Can you believe there weren't deaths (so far)? Obviously having time to prepare meant that a lot of people did a lot of things right. Still, what a mess!

  20. It's just unbelievable and scary what's going on in your part of the world. Queensland is in my heart and prayers. Hoping all is well where you are...


  21. Serena, so wonderful to hear they're we're no loss of life through the storm. I was thinking about you and your family. Hope you can all get some much deserved rest from the wheather now and get back to calmness!
    Loads of love to you all!

  22. Serena...your Country has been under severe stress from the crazy weather patterns...I can just imagine your unsettling fear and feeling for those so near to where you are...

    Constantly in my prayers...


  23. hope all is going okay there...


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