Monday, 28 March 2011

mind your morels and more

at the end of last year, i noticed these weird looking things growing in the soil just outside my back door.
09.10 morel mushrooms

i'd never seen anything like them before and they looked totally alien to me but i knew they had to be some type of fungi.  so, after some research on Google, i found out that they are called 'morel mushrooms' and this particular type is called 'morchella esculenta'. apparently, these mushrooms are highly prized in the culinary world....who knew??   i'm not sure i would ever eat them as they look freaky to me, however, some people actually go out hunting for them.
09.10 morel mushrooms

i did a quick pencil free sketch in my pocket moleskine watercolour notebook
25.03.11 morel mushrooms

using black pigment ink pen and watercolour
25.03.11 morel mushrooms

and look who is 3½ months old now...

Mikayla Rose!
25.03.11 mikayla

it was my birthday on wednesday and i got to spend most of the day with Michelle and Mikayla as it was our regular shopping day.  Michelle treated me to a delicious Subway lunch and i also received a free muffin from Muffin Break and a free Boost juice on my frequent customer cards. YAY!

it's hard to describe just how much love i feel for this little munchkin....but it's definitely GIANORMOUS!!!
my heart just swells with love when she's around

my self-portrait pic for week 12 of my 52 weeks of me challenge
week 12 - 52 weeks of me

i had a little play in Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3
week 12 b
 i hope you are all in for a glorious week!

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Maybe someone would pay nicely for those mushrooms!

    It's hard to believe she's already 3 1/2 months old! She's so beautiful!

  2. She is just precious! Glad you get to spend so much time with her. Happy belated birthday, sounds like you had all the bases covered ;-) AND I just love your drawings, you have such a unique and gorgeous style.

  3. Those are some creepy looking mushrooms! Makes you wonder who first decided to eat them--hehe! Great sketch!

    My goodness Mikayla is getting so big already! They grow so fast. She is such a cutie. I can see why your heart swells. :)

    Happy belated birthday. Now I know when it is. ;)

  4. O...M...G...!!!
    I used to hunt every year but all the woodland is gone now---those morels are absolutely delicious!!! And what a healthy crop you had!
    I would be beside myself if that was outside my back door....I encourage you to try them....
    Happy birthday! :-)


  5. Happy Birthday...not sure if I would have tried the morels...lovely 3 1/2 months lil granddaughter is now 10 months old...yes I never knew that love for a grandchild could be so huge !!!! take care you look marvelous..

  6. happy belated birthday serena!

    Mikayla is absolutely gorgeous! Sweet baby. :) You both look radiant.

  7. I love morels!! I haven't had any in years but they are delicious.

    Mikayla is so cute. I can't believe it's been 3 1/2 months already.

  8. Dear Serena, your grand daughter is so adorable! That kind of baby that makes us want to squeeeeeze her!
    Enjoy the beautiful moment of life!

  9. Mikayla is so beautiful and I'm sure she looks like her gorgeous mother Michelle. Her lips are like sweet little rosebuds...sigh. Happy belated B'day Serena...hope it was a good one.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday, Serena!!! Just holding that gorgeous little baby girl is enough to make you happy the rest of your days!!! She is such a doll. I adore her cute little nose! She looks like she is made out of pure sugar!
    Your morels are so neat! To think you have them growing at your back door! WOW! You are right...people do have to hunt them in the wild. Maybe you should give them a go!!!

  11. I love mushrooms!

    Mikayla is so chubby!

    Happy Birthday!

  12. oh interesting fungi and fab drawings Serena.

    Belated happy birthday.

  13. Wow! She's already at that cute fun stage! She's a cutie. I wouldn't eat those mushrooms either, they'd have to be highly disguised :D

  14. Happy Belated Birthday Dear Serena!
    I ONLY sing for Special Friends so here it goes:
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday Dear Serenaaaaaa
    Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuuuu!
    May all your dreams come true! :)
    I have seen morels but have never tasted them. Yes, they are very expensive too. Are you going to use them? Love the sketch that you did of them.
    Oh little Mikayla is 3 1/2 months ALREADY! She is adorable! Oh give her a Big Hug from me. :)
    Your picture is lovely!
    Keep well and lots of hugs

  15. Your little granddaughter is so perfect! Great mushroom sketches--very observant--Alisa would like this!

  16. A very happy belated birthday. Glad you had a great day. What a darling little girl she is growing up to be.
    Love the sketches of the fungi.

  17. happy birthday!!
    love mikalya's headband, very nice

    hmm you could always sell the creepy looking mushrooms to cooks....

  18. In the Appalachian Mountains here, the spring morel hunt is a tradition and a real pleasure. I almost cannot believe you didn't eat yours, dear Serena! Like a gift package from the heavens, gone unopened.

    But the best gift, of course, is your lovely grandbaby. She's so, so beautiful, with those deep, pensive eyes. :)

  19. What interesting mushrooms. They are beautiful, especially your drawing of them. Great work Serena. Your G/B looks so darling and how time does go by. The photos of you are really great. I try to take one of me a month. Tee hee. Have a great rest of the week and like I always say to you, I love the way you work in your journal, so neat and well describing of what you drew. Good job.

  20. Arrrrggggghhhh! Sorry Serena!
    and many morrrrrrrreeeeeee.
    (tee hee)

  21. LOVE your paintings! And what a cutie pie Mikayla is! :)

  22. SNAP! and hooray for fungi photos on blogs! yours are quite fscinating and just the thing to sketch. Love your lettering - calligraphy is a dying art.

    Happy Birthday with many more to come! (we March gals have to stick togther)

    Off to look at more of your lovely blog,



  23. Happy belated birthday hugs to you Serena. What a precious little angel in your arms...You are very blessed...♥ xo...:)

  24. Serena those mushrooms are freaky looking, nice sketch you did of them.
    Your grand daughter is precious.
    I understand your love for her. What fun to be able to spend time with her.
    Hope your birthday was beautiful like you Serena!

  25. Belated Happy Birthday, Serena. I've seen this mushrooms in the store, not cheap. So cool looking. Charming baby girl. :-)

  26. Happy Belated Birthday Serena - sounds like you had a lovely time! Morels are very popular here btw, even available in the supermarkets during the season, and sold dried too.


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