Sunday, 6 November 2011

Day 6 - AEDM & Nablopomo - messy abstract & inspiration

hi everyone!

for some time now, my 12 year old son has been asking me to paint an abstract for his room. he wanted one like the one i did for my own room a short time ago.

my abstract
creative play - finished - 04

aaron's room also has a blue/green colour scheme but i created his with more drama than mine....and minus the purple at his request.

as you can see from the end result below, they are similar but different

i had a pretty bad pain day with my right arm so i think that showed through too

i managed to snap some of the stages to show you

01 - Abstract in progress

02 - Abstract in progress

03 - Abstract in progress

04 - Abstract in progress

it's 30" x 15" in size on gallery-wrapped canvas
05 - abstract final

finished and in place on my son's bedroom wall
05 in my son's room

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click here.


and look what happens when i stand still for too long
when i stand still for too long
my dog, cody, comes over and parks himself right on top of my foot!
he's so cute ~ lol

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww cody is adorable, wish mine did that, he's a rescue dog and obviously he was not fussed before so we always have to coax him over to us, although then he happily just sits on you. Great piece Serena, I think it looks fab up on his wall, thanks for sharing, much love Jennibellie x

  2. I really like these abstract paintings you've been doing! If things ever calm down enough around here to give me a few hours to myself in a row, I want to try one.

    And that's my dog's favorite place, too. Luckily, me feet are always cold, so I don't mind. ;-)

  3. My pugs do that when I've been at the computer too long - both of them, right on my feet under the desk, but that's the only place they do it. LOVE that abstract - thanks for showing the process. In it's place on the wall with a yellow candle is my favorite - it's quite wonderful! Thanks for visiting over my way! Also I am in awe that you already have day 6 up. I don't even know what I"m doing for day 6 yet!

  4. Love love love love love love getting to see your process and the result. BE-you-TEA-full abstract! I love the colors, the shapes taken in there. So glad I hopped over from AEDM...look forward to seeing what else unfolds this month...Miracles, k-

  5. Such a beautiful abstract work and the colours are restful and beautiful!

  6. Love the paintings! I think it's the best compliment when your kids ask for our artwork in their rooms.

    My cats like to steal my seat if I'm out of it too long in my work space! :) I'd rather they lay on my feet!

  7. I can tell you really enjoy making these!! Have a fantastic day (I love that your dog hold you down so he can love you).

  8. Wow!! Great job Mom ;). Sorry about the pain, hope it has subsided.
    Stay inspired!

  9. This is gorgeous! Your son is lucky to have that gracing his room. Love your dog :)

  10. oh, that's one awesome painting...your Son is very lucky! And your little one that seems to need "foot hugs" is just too darn cute!

  11. Love the new piece!!!! I really need to try a large abstract sometime...just to see what happens :)

  12. Wonderful abstract! so cool that your son requested it! also love the mandala!

  13. Another gorgeous abstract Serena! And Cody is so sweet...I was told by my guides that when animals sit or sleep while touching us, they're actually sending us healing energy. Often we're subconsciously resistant to receiving this and by leaning against us or lying on us, it's much easier for them to share this love and healing and harder for us to not let it lucky you! (As I'm writing this, Molly is lying on the bed with me, pressed up against my legs :)

  14. Hahaha, I used to have a dog that always sat on my feet and I loved it. :) Seeing that makes me miss her.

    You do such wonderful paintings Serena, so full of colour and movement. Even with a painful arm day you did a wonderful job.

  15. Your son is so lucky to have you for a mom. He can get fantastic, original art for his room whenever he wants. I really like this new abstract....especially all the drippy goodness.

    I need to borrow Cody to keep my feet warm!

  16. Wonderful painting - and that dog is just too cute ;)

  17. love love love this!, it is so free and full of whimsy!
    ♥ for your comment today.:)

  18. Hope you are feeling well. Your paintings are stellar. Love your palette.
    One of my favorites is the blue rose you sent me. It is displayed proudly in my art room.
    Hugs to you and cody and all.

  19. The abstracts are superb. I'm slowly working up to tackling something that big. I've made it from 4x4 to 12x10, so only a couple of years to go :)

  20. lol at cody :) that doesn't look that comfy o.0

    very nice painting, there is a lot of movement in both of them :)

  21. Aren't messy abstracts fun?? Yours are great! I love Cody too! Thanks so much for your visit!

  22. Love it--my colors!!! Hope your arm is feeling better. May I borrow Cody...uh, I mean...may Cody come over to visit when cold feet season gets here?

  23. Your abstract is wonderful. I'll bet your son was very happy. Cody...what can I say...adorable!

  24. Love the colours & the movement, fantastic artwork for your son's (or any one's room), so bright & inspired, loved seeing the steps too!

  25. Serena this is really spectacular and it looks as though it would be great fun to do. It is always hard doing the similar but not the same thing, but you have pulled it off perfectly... lucky son, hope he appreciates you and Cody is too cute. Mushu does that in winter, but it is getting a bit warm now so he is spread-eagled across the doorway of whatever room I am in...they are funny little things aren't they xx

  26. Your painting is dramatic and fresh. I like that you went big- and the photos give a better idea of the size than just a cropped image of the art. Very nice!

    pst...I love your doggie, Serena. He made me smile.

  27. aww cody is soooo cute! I like the way you show all the stages of painting...useful to see. what does that gesso do though? Ive never used it before.

  28. cody is so the vibrant colours of the new abstract...take care thinking of you !!!

  29. I love this! How do you do it? You manage to make abstracts that I just love...and I am picky about abstracts. ;) Aaron must love this!

    Cody is so cute! Karma does that same thing--lays on my foot...even when I am sitting at the craft table. They must love us, eh? :):)

  30. I think it's great that he loves your work enough to request a piece for his room. :)

    And Kero's like that with me; I guess they're worried if they don't lay on part of us then we can sneak off while they're sleeping soundly or something?

  31. fantastic abstract Serena, I'm sure your son loves it.
    Hope the pain in your arm lessens.
    your dog is so funny, my little dog sits on our feet if we are still for too long, so cute

  32. Oh Cody is so cute! Blue does that too but she perfers to lay on my yarn or whatever I'm trying to work on. That picture is neat and so big! I love those colors but I did like that little bit of purple... I guess guys don't like it though. I bet your son loves this painting!


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