Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday Snippets and sketches

I'm puppy-sitting for Michelle and Alex this long weekend.
Abbey is SO cute, don't you think?!

And here is my sweet Cody astride the couch arm
peering out the window.

I'm making progress on the blanket.

I LOVE toast with marmalade for brekkie.
I don't have it regularly but I spoiled myself a couple of mornings this week.

Delicious bananas and pears!

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sunday snippets by tinniegirl


I haven't had a lot of time to sketch lately as I'm putting most of my spare time into finishing the blanket for my granddaughter.  I also have oodles of baby bootees to do too.  Michelle came two weeks early with Mikayla so I'm panicking as Grandbaby No. 2 is due early November. 
So much still to do and time is fast running out!  

Anywhoo, these are a couple of sketches I did earlier in the month.
Pencil-free, on location, using either ballpoint pen or Faber-Castell Artists PITT pens
and a little watercolour in my pocket Moleskine sketch journal.
I added the watercolour later at home.


Okay, I'm considering whether or not to sign up for BlogtoberFest.
It would mean blogging every day starting from tomorrow
for the month of October.
Am I crazy for considering this challenge?
Most likely!!

However, my line of thinking is this -

I usually participate in the November
Creative Every Day Month challenge each year and
I do have a personal sketch challenge on the horizon that both
these challenges could well serve.

I'll sign up and see how I go....
No harm in trying, right?

Anyone care to join me??

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I hope you're all enjoying a lovely weekend.
We've had a bit of rain here with more expected.

~ Love, light and peace ~

Sunday, 23 September 2012


My Dad turned 80 on Wednesday and, today (Sunday),
we had a family get-together to celebrate!
He and Mum shared a dance which was lovely to see.
Poor Dad isn't very steady on his feet any more due to hip and leg pain.
He was also diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in recent months.

Today was Reece's (#3 son) actual birthday so
it was nice to see him and his partner, Sarina, too.

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sunday snippets by tinniegirl


Sadly, our celebrations today were bitter-sweet because,
yesterday, we heard the devastating news that my brother-in-law
had passed away at only 48 years old. 
He was diagnosed with cancer 
a couple of months ago.
Naturally, we are all deeply saddened by his passing.
Wayne was such a beautiful, caring, and happy person
and my heart goes out to his wife and two sons.

R.I.P. Wayne ~ xo 

~ Love, light and peace ~

Saturday, 22 September 2012


Hi everyone,

Jenn over at Just add Water Silly was telling me about this great new magazine called,


I haven't personally checked out the magazine myself
but it sure does sound good.

In Jenn's own words -

It's finally available!! We've been waiting for the second issue of FEATURING to go to the printers so the we, the editors, could sing it's praises and rejoice in a spectacular and exciting new magazine once again available to buy.

Once again, FEATURING is a highly readable, colorful and interesting spread. Of course, we have our regular sections, "In The Spotlight" where we highlight one inspiring artist, this issue we turn the spotlight on Michelle Reuss and "Into The Studio" where we explore an artist's place of work. This time the artist's space we invade is Jennifer Beinhacker's. (I wrote this article!) We also have a "Featured Blogger", Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow and don't forget our "Theme Gallery" where we publish art from our readers, this issue's theme way The Road Ahead. There's a huge selection of other interesting articles on Zentangling, photography, Twitter & henna art, with lots more to keep you reading.

For a sneak peak inside 'Featuring', click HERE.
For the entire line up of articles, click HERE.


As for me, I'm all aches and pains this weekend.
Went for a slip-slide on the tiles the other day and
my right hip took the brunt of the fall which caused
my back injury to flare up.
My hands are still very painful due to arthritis and
carpal tunnel syndrome but that's a daily given of late.
Needless to say, I'm resting up today (Saturday).

Have a wonderful weekend !

~ Love, light and peace ~

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday Snippets


My beautiful granddaughter, Mikayla
enjoying a chocolate marshmallow biscuit.

Cody curled up fast asleep

My son lives in the city so we went in to visit him today.
The view from his 60th floor apartment.

We had brunch at The Groove Train by the riverside.

I took some photos on our walk along the riverside.

The Kookaburra Queen paddle wheeler
which takes people on lunch, dinner or special event cruises.
We cruised on this beauty way back in 1998.

A pair of Little Pied Cormorants swimming nearby

The Story Bridge

My favourite tree is the Queensland Bottle Tree
This one was in ANZAC Square

There were a few of these beautiful trees in the Square

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sunday snippets by tinniegirl

I hope you've all been enjoying a beautiful weekend!

~ Love, light and peace ~

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday Snippets & Sunday Sketches

Photos from my week!

Blueberry oat muffins made by my son, Aaron.
They were delicious!

Seven of these canvasses will form one painting in the near future.

I got me some push pins in my favourite colours! WHOO HOO!

Purple and blue...
purple & blue

I was so happy to find these push-pins!
push pins

A pretty moth I spotted under the pergola roof.

Aaron and I walked to the park with our dogs, Cody and Jack.
Here is Cody and a wee glimpse of Jack in the top right corner.
cody at park 09.09

A pair of galahs joined us under a tree nearby.
Here is one of them.

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sunday snippets by tinniegirl


Today was quite busy but, for Sunday Sketches,
I did manage to do more work on the doodle sketch.
Still unfinished but getting closer to the finish line.
I should add that this doodle is inspired by Alisa Burke!
I'm taking her Sketchbook Delight 2 class.

Doodles - work in progress

Doodles - work in progress

Doodles - work in progress

Doodles - work in progress

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I hope you've all been enjoying a beautiful weekend!

~ Love, light and peace ~

Friday, 7 September 2012

My favourite colours

This week in the Artist's Play Room group, Jenn asked us to share our favourite colour/s.

When I was a young girl, my favourite colour was lime green.

As a teenager, my favourite colour was purple.

As the years went on, I never lost my love for lime green and purple and,
between my teenage years and adulthood, I fell in love with turquoise blue too.
So that is my favourite colour combination.

I use them in my studio

Throughout my home and in my art.

Unfortunately, I've had a very busy week and time got away from me so I only have a work-in-progress to show for  the APR weekly art challenge featuring my favourite colours.  A partial layer with lots more to do.  I plan to finish it over the weekend and will post the finished page soon.

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Just Add Water Silly's blog hop link

~ Love, light and peace ~
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