Sunday, 25 May 2014

A baby bird and a sunset

I took these photos back in December of last year 
but didn't get around to posting them until now.
We'd noticed a baby bird clinging onto the brickwork under our front entrance. 
At first, I wondered if perhaps the baby bird had its eye on the stick insect high above it. 

But I quickly realised it was way too little for that. 
The wee baby's feathers, including the tail feathers, had not fully grown in yet.  
I assumed that he/she may have been on his/her maiden flight and,
 tiring quickly, ended up clinging to the brickwork, afraid to move or even stuck. 

We noticed a pair of fairy wrens flitting about frantically in our front garden 
so I was pretty sure this baby belonged to them. 
I had to do something so I slowly walked up to the baby holding a tray.
I gently placed the tray just under him/her so as to give some support. 
That's all the wee thing needed to take flight back to the shrubs in our garden. 
I was so happy to see this precious baby safe with his/her parents again.
 Fairy wrens are one of my top three favourite birds.

I snapped this beautiful sunset earlier this month.

Aren't the colours gorgeous?!

We had Mum and Dad over for the day today.
After lunch, we watched 'The Book Thief'.
Mum and I had read the book and,
 while the book went into more depth,
we both agreed the movie was good too. 
I think the amount of tissues Mum and I went through
stood testament to that.

I hope you're all having a beautiful weekend!


  1. Serena this is so wonderful that you saved the baby wren and reunited it with its parents. You rock! And I love that shot that shows the walking stick on the top of the building above the wren!

    1. Thanks, Keith. I hate to see animals in distress so I was glad I was able to help the baby wren. I love stick insects and praying mantis too. :)

  2. Hi Serena. Oh I commend you for your actions. The poor baby's claws were probably stuck on the cement. You are a hero!! Yay! Great photos and that sunset is beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Gloria! I was so worried about the wee baby and I'm glad too that it was a happy ending. xo

  3. Aww! So glad the baby bird was reunited with the parents! :)
    The sunset is breathtaking! What colors!
    I saw the movie and it was really good! I needed tissues too.

  4. so glad the baby bird got back safely! that sunset is stunning! my IPhone will not capture the colors like that!

  5. oh the poor little bird with the bump on its head, you saved it from a possible fall or a hungry seagull! I read the book thief but have not watched the movie, sometimes I fin the book is much better, I hope i am wrong this time, Beautiful photos!!!

  6. Oh that poor little bird. Amazing that it could even cling to the side of the brick like that. I hope it wasn't there for too long before you came along to help. Such a little sweetie! Awesome sunset. Haven't heard of the book thief. Of course, I don't watch or read the news so the only news I ever get is what I hear on the radio to school in the morning. Hope you have a great weekend. Tammy


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