Monday, 5 May 2014

Sketching around Brisbane and a bit of history

On Saturday, April 19th, I participated in a Worldwide Sketchcrawl.
A day where sketchers around the world gather together, in their local groups,
and sketch for the sheer love of it and a sense of community.

This was my first time participating in a Sketchcrawl
so it was quite exciting for me.
We met at Queensland University of Technology.
The problem was that, being Easter weekend,
 the QUT and it's facilities were closed.
So, not to be defeated, we sketched buildings from the outside.
I also chose to sketch in the gardens at Gardens Point
within the campus grounds.

Aaron (son) came along and, after a morning of sketching,
we all went to The Pancake Manor for lunch.
The food was delicious!
I actually wouldn't mind going back there to sketch
as The Pancake Manor was refurbished from an old church
so it has a great sense of atmosphere and character.
St. Lukes Anglican Cathedral was constructed in 1904
but was no longer used as a church
once the newly built St. John's Cathedral was opened in 1910.
However, St. Lukes did remain active for Anglican purposes until 1977.
 It was leased out and became The Pancake Manor in 1979. 

I neglected to take a photo of the Pancake Manor so,
while searching on Google,
I came across a wonderful blog
about Brisbane and its history.
 I know I'm going to be visiting this blog a lot
as I continue to learn more about the beautiful city I grew up in.
Trevor Newman, aka. the foto fanatic, is blog owner
of Your Brisbane: Past and Present,
and very kindly gave me permission to use his photo for this post.
Please view the original photo HERE.

The Pancake Manor
Photo Credit - © 2011 the foto fanatic - All Rights Reserved
via Your Brisbane: Past and Present


This is Old Government House, sketched freehand, directly with pen.
Watercolours were added at home. I was trying to be fast, messy, and loose
hence the rickety appearance. 
Medium - Pen and watercolours
Paper - Moleskine watercolour notebook 5"x8"

A palm tree sketched at Gardens Point beside Old Government House.
Of all things, I went and forgot my water-brushes on the day
 so couldn't use my watercolours. 
Luckily, I'd packed some watercolour pencils so
 I used those and applied water when I got home.

Medium - Pen, watercolour pencils
Paper - Moleskine watercolour notebook 5"x8"


When we first arrived in the city, we noticed bands everywhere!
As it turned out, the Australian National Band Championships
were also taking place in Brisbane city that day. What a treat!
Their Facebook page HERE.

They gathered at Queens Park.

The atmosphere and sound was amazing!

We spotted these gargoyles on our walk to The Pancake Manor.
A sketch opportunity for a later date perhaps?

I am SO glad to have joined an Urban Sketch group because, not only do I love to sketch,
but it gives me the opportunity to see and learn more about this great city of Brisbane.


  1. I liked your building with a tree on the side.

  2. Your governors building does not look rickety! Love your palm tree!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Julie! I'm glad it doesn't appear rickety to you. :)

  3. i'm jealous of all the light and sun :p

    your sketches just keep getting better and better :D

    1. We've had a cold snap this past week and have had to bring out the flannel PJs but, the days have been nice regardless. Thanks for the kind comment re. my sketches, Jen. :)


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