Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Day 5 of 366 Daily Sketch Challenge

Just a quick post and run tonight. 
I have a migraine trying to get a grip on me.
Another self-portrait.

Just close your eyes and relax....

5/366 daily sketch
Hahnemuhle D & S sketch journal - A5 size, 140gsm, landscape format 
Platinum Carbon fountain pen,  
Watercolours, LAMY black ink, and white gouache.
© Serena Lewis 

Just to give you an idea on how I work, 
below is the loose pen sketch I did 
before applying the watercolours and detailing. 

Now I'm off to bed to hopefully
get rid of this looming migraine
before it gets a hold on me. 


  1. What a beautiful sketch, Serena. My hubby's sitting here and saw it - he said the same thing. If he says you're good....then you're good. lol He studied art. You can find him over at www.dottyhill.blogspot.com. Hope your week is going well. xx

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment from both you and your hubby. I'm following his blog too now. :)
      Hope you are enjoying a lovely week too. xx

  2. really hope the migraine doesn't settle in

    great angle for sketching a portrait :)

    1. Thankfully, the migraine didn't get a hold only with the help of medication though. I've been dealing with foggy brain side effects today. Thanks for commenting. xx

  3. Oh no! I hope the migraine didn't get a hold. But your sketch is beautiful! I love all the different angles on your self-portraits! :)

    1. It didn't...just dealing with foggy-brain from the medication side effects is all. The lesser of two evils. I'm glad you're enjoying the self-portraits...I'm trying to make them interesting so people don't get bored. hehe

  4. fun to see your creativity in your self portraits and what poses you choose - all of them are wonderful to see!


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