Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Scribble Picnic - BOO!

Hello friends,

I didn't realise Michael had put up the prompt for this week until an hour or so back so I quickly sketched out the following in my Moleskine A5 sketchbook.

Little Tommy is all set for Trick-orTreating on Halloween night

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Next week's prompt is TOY....time to get the thinking caps on.


  1. This gave me a chuckle Serena, I like your friendly take on this theme.

  2. That's great! Little Tommy has scary fangs lol! I love this theme, very nice sketch Serena! :) We don't particularly celebrate Halloween in this village. There are no kids around, but I love the holiday so I decorate our own house, carve pumpkins and make special-themed food for just me and Alex anyway :)

  3. Love this Serena! Scary but cute - would make a nice kid's card with those green boots and polka dot socks!
    We are low key this year on the outdoor decor for Halloween - because we've just re-sided and painted the cottage I don't want to mess up the walls with nails etc, haha!!! Just have lanterns and pumpkins on the front porch.

  4. Tommy looks like he needs a dentist with his pointy teeth ;)

  5. Well, you did a great job, Serena! Wow, you are getting like me with your inktobers too--rushing through them, doing them as well as you can quickly as its such a time commitment. Anyway, great job. For just a sheet, this little guy is quite Boo inspired indeed! Do Australians do trick or treat? We never did in UK but all that is changing now. And yes, I know I need to visit all your inktobers. I am slowly catching up! Thank you so much for this and all your entries.

  6. That lettering is super cool, btw, as are his green shoes.

  7. Tommy and his polka-dotted socks! Love it!!!

  8. Oh I broke out laughing when I saw this ... the shoes and socks make it the perfect BOO picture. I love your sense of humor.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  9. Oh how cute...yes, I think we could have a little fashion sox show.....Love that we were thinking alike again.


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