Saturday, 11 August 2007

My Studio!

Plumbing problems are all fixed now. It turned out not to be a broken pipe but rather, a blocked one so it was an easier fix....YES! The plumbers said that a lot of rubbish ends up down the pipes from tilers and other workmen and it can sometimes build up to a solid block so, when we moved in, it brought the problem to the fore. Also, nearly all new homes have water suppressors installed which cut down the water pressure in an effort to conserve more water. That didn't help the problem either. I'm just happy things are back to normal again. We're lovin' the new house and haven't even missed the old place.

I unpacked and set up my art studio in the garage over the past couple of days. I'm RAPT!!! I have so much more room now as I made sure that my studio was the priority here, unlike the last house, where my studio gradually squeezed its way into a little corner of an already full garage. So, here are pics of how it looks so far ~


  1. Hi Serena,
    Your new studio looks awesome. It's about time you had "your own space". An artist needs her place of inspiration after all. Glad the plumbing problems are resolved to. That's not what you need when moving into a new place. Enjoy your new home and space. Ro

  2. Looks like a nice and cozy place to work. :)

  3. Hi Serena, I'm new to your blog. I live 600km north of you :)in a small rural community & I've been painting for approx. 18 months. I like your blog & your studio looks great! How long have you been painting? I like your work :)
    Maria from Biloela

  4. Hi Maria, thanks for dropping by and for the lovely comment. :) I've answered your question over on your blog which, btw, is a real feast for the eyes. I plan to visit often ~

    Serena :)

  5. Hi Serena, I've had a good look at your blog tonight & thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be a regular visitor :) May I put a link in my blog to your site?
    kind regards,
    Maria from Bilo

  6. I'm so glad you enjoyed my blog, Maria, and I wouldn't mind at all if you link to my blog.:)


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