Thursday 19 July 2007


The past few weeks have been very busy with packing to move not to mention trying to find a house to move into. Yesterday, I managed to secure the ideal place for us after viewing A LOT of houses that were either too small or in very poor condition and definitely not worth the asking rent. This house suits us perfectly!!! Admittedly, it's a little more than I wanted to pay but it's brand spanking new and it will be my incentive to get more productive business-wise. The bonus is that it's in the same area so I won't have to move Aaron from his current school much to his relief. We are all getting very excited and can't wait to move in on the 27th. In the meantime, I'll be flat out doing all the usual stuff that comes with moving house so I may not be posting to my blog for a couple of weeks. Here are some pics of our new home....WHOO HOO!!!

No, it's not a ghost in the's ME!! I was viewing the house at the same time the Property Manager was taking pics to put on the net and I didn't even realise I was in this one until I viewed it online.

Monday 2 July 2007

EDM Challenge #125 and Finished Frangipani painting

Last night, I sketched this week's EDM challenge which was to sketch your favourite bird.

Graphite & coloured pencil in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

On another note, I finished the Frangipani painting for my sister's birthday which is today. Happy Birthday, sis! I will see her later today but I'm taking the chance in posting this now because I know she will be busy enough today so won't have time to get online.

Frangipani - Matisse acrylics on 24" x 24" gallery-wrapped canvas - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge