Tuesday 22 May 2007

EDM Challenge # 118 - Draw hair

Michelle (re-visited) - graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis

Click on picture to see it larger and more clearly

I'm afraid the eyes were niggling at me as I felt I had done the irises too large. So I went back to the drawing board and fixed them. I think the irises are in correct proportion now so I'm a little happier. I guess the main part of this challenge was to do hair but I'm terrible if I notice things that need to be corrected. I just can't leave them alone until I'm satisfied. On another note, a couple of readers mentioned that they would like to see larger pics of my sketches so I'll try to do that from now on also.

Michelle - graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis

I've been under the weather lately with feeling nauseous and having fainting spells so took myself off to the doctor last week. I kinda knew my blood results would show that I was anaemic because I hadn't eaten a balanced diet over the past few months and, of course, being a semi-vegetarian for two years now, that didn't go down too well. It took a couple of fainting spells to wake me up. I'm now on iron supplements but, apparently, it takes nearly six weeks for the body to build its iron reserves back up so I'm still dealing with feeling tired, weak and nauseous. :( Hence the reason I've been a little lax at doing my EDM challenges, and any other form of art for that matter, apart from still teaching the weekly art classes. Yesterday, I managed to sit down and draw my daughter, Michelle, so Challenge #118 is now out of the way. YES!

Monday 14 May 2007

EDM Challenge # 76 - Draw some flowers

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. We visited my Mother in the morning and had a lovely lunch together. Then, that evening, my kids took me out to the local Thai restaurant for dinner and we all enjoyed a delicious meal!!! The kids spoiled me in the gift department too. From Brad and Reece, I received a black canvas satchel to hold my sketch supplies for when I'm out and about. Beau bought me some lovely pyjamas for the oncoming winter as well as some cash for me to choose what else I would like and I'm definitely going to have fun deciding what to get with that. Aaron made me the most gorgeous Mother's Day card at school. Last but not least, Michelle and her boyfriend, Alex, bought me the book, Don't Kiss Them Goodbye by Allison Dubois, a beautifully-shaped gourmet, oil bottle which can be refilled and a lovely bunch of flowers.

Today, I decided to sketch the flowers for my EDM #76 challenge and, for the first time, I thought I would attempt a pen/biro sketch with a splash of colour using my Derwent Studio coloured pencils. I found this quite a challenge as the last time I worked with coloured pencils was way back when I was a child in school. There's definitely room for improvement but I did have fun trying something different.
Vase of flowers - A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis

My beautiful postcard from Ashley arrived!!!!

Postcard - © Ashley Cecil

I was so excited to receive this beautiful postcard from Ashley Cecil a couple of days ago. Thank you, Ashley! I wrote about Ashley in a previous post - Word Of Mouth - where, at the time, she was offering a free postcard to anyone who emailed friends to tell them of her blog. I was more than happy to do this as I think Ashley is not only a very talented artist but also someone who is passionate about making a positive difference in this world through her art. Ashley's website/blog, The Painting Activist, not only displays her beautiful work but also talks about issues of concern in our world today, such as, animal welfare, the environment, poverty etc. to mention a few. Ashley often provides links to information sites on the topic at hand and also donates a portion of her profits to the relevent causes. I would highly recommend a visit to her website/blog particularly if you would also like to help make a positive difference in this world.

Saturday 12 May 2007

EDM Challenge # 3 - Draw a purse, wallet or bag

My Wallet - A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis

Yesterday, I decided to get another EDM challenge under my belt. I had hoped to also get this week's (#118) challenge done but I ended up with a horrific migraine and I'm still dealing with the fall-out from that. Hopefully, I'll get the chance over the weekend. :)

We got the news a couple of days ago that our landlord is not renewing our lease after 4½ years so this means having to find another rental home in the next three months. In the current real estate market, rentals are highly priced and quite scarce so it is not going to be easy. I'm trying to keep a positive frame of mind despite the fact that the stress is what probably brought on my migraine yesterday. It will be sad to leave this house as, we have lived here twice, for just over four years each time so the kids have kinda grown up here too. :(

Sunday 6 May 2007

EDM Challenge # 117 - Something round

EDM # 115 - Drawing in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis

This is my second EDM drawing now.......only 115 to go! lol

Challenge # 117 was to draw something round so I chose my round, orange-scented candle for the subject and I placed an imitation tigerlily beside it for added interest. I'm thoroughly enjoying the challenges.

Friday 4 May 2007

EDM Challenge # 1 - Draw a shoe

Shoe - © Serena Lewis

I have been wanting to improve on my drawing skills for some time now so, to find some motivation, I recently joined a Sketch/Drawing group online called Every Day Matters. I joined at Challenge Number 117 so I certainly have some catching up to do and, while I don't plan to do them in numerical order, I do plan to do them all eventually. Today, I started with challenge # 1.

Tuesday 1 May 2007

White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits......

My grandmother (God rest her soul) used to have this tradition where, come May 1st, the first thing she would say when she woke up that morning was "white rabbits" three times then, she would go outside and wet her hands with the morning dew on the lawn and wipe it over her face. I don't know if it stems back to Scottish traditions (yep, she was Scottish) but she swore it would bring good luck. I've never taken up the tradition myself, mainly because the last thing on my mind when I wake up on any day let alone May 1st is 'white rabbits', so I can't vouch for dear Granny's theory. My grandmother was blessed with a close and loving family who always looked out for her and, as I remember, family meant the whole world to her so maybe it worked for her. However, if anyone out there decides to test out the theory for themselves, get back to me and let me know if it worked for you. :)

On another note, I finished the Zebra art card. YES!

Zebra art card 2½"x3½" - Matisse acrylics - © Serena Lewis

I'm having so much fun with my Matisse acrylics! For this art card, I used a palette of Hookers Green, Dioxine Purple, Cadmium Yellow Mid and Titanium White. Usually for my 'blacks', I will mix Burnt Umber with either Paynes Grey or Ultramarine Blue depending on what shade of 'black' I want but, for the black tones on the zebra, I just mixed Hookers Green with Dioxine Purple. It worked quite well.

I have to teach class this morning and I should have been finished on here already so I've gotta run.