Friday 30 March 2007

Feng Shui clock in progress

My day at the beach was wonderful! It poured rain halfway to the coast but we kept a positive frame of mind and it stayed fine the whole time we were there. It only started to spit lightly as we were packing up to head home. Unfortunately, I didn't get much opportunity to sketch and the one I did attempt isn't anything to brag about so I might work on it a little more should I decide to keep it. I did take some photos for reference which I hope to do something with at a later date.

I'm currently working on a decorative art piece for part of my daughter's birthday present. Michelle has recently taken up an interest in Feng Shui and wanted me to paint a clock per her specifications. It's not finished yet but I just wanted to show that I have been painting something.

Work In Progress - Acrylics - © Serena Lewis

Friday 23 March 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!

It's my birthday today and, so far, it's been great! I feel so blessed to have received lots of birthday greetings from family and friends. My sister, Angela, has even planned a get-together at her home tonight because she felt I could do with a night off from cooking dinner. Ang, you're simply the bestest sis a girl could have. (((Hugs))) I feel so excited and spoiled too because my kids have pooled their money together so that I can order more......MATISSE paints!!! I feel like a child in a lolly shop!

This has been a nice end to the week for me as it really didn't go well at all because I've been suffering terribly with muscle spasm in the upper back/shoulder region which mainly affected my neck. I could have done without a week of pain but, thankfully, I'm feeling so much better today. It's amazing what a trip to the doctor will do. Unfortunately, I don't have anything along the art side of things to show you because I wasn't able to sit and draw or paint without being in pain so I think that's a valid enough excuse.

On Sunday, the kids want to take me to the beach which is something I love to do but rarely get the chance. For me, it's pure bliss to just sit at the beach, take in the beautiful sea views, breathe in the rejuvenating sea breezes, listen to the sounds of the waves crashing to shore, watch the seagulls as they fly about squabbling over titbits of food and, last but certainly not least, feed my own face with yummy fish and chips. Sigh ~ Whether we go or not will depend on weather as the current reports aren't too promising but then, they're rarely right so I'm staying positive. I also have to see if my sister is able to puppy-sit for me. I can't leave Cody home alone all day and dogs aren't allowed on the beach.

If we do head to the beach, I plan on taking my camera and sketchbook with me so I may have some pics for you by early next week. Until then, enjoy your own weekend and remember to take time to smell the flowers even if, due to our severe drought and current water restrictions, weeds have taken over instead. Okay, okay....well maybe not in your gardens.....

Friday 16 March 2007

Flamingo Final update

Flamingo 3½" x 2½" Matisse acrylics - © Serena Lewis

Okay, here it is.....I'm still not 100% happy with it but I think I've spent far too much time on it already so time to move on to bigger and better things.

Thursday 15 March 2007

Flamingo frustration!

In my haste to post about my new Matisse paints, it became glaringly obvious to me that there were little flaws with the Flamingo art card that I just couldn't ignore so I'm in the process of re-working it. I'll post an update soon.....that is if I don't get too frustrated with the darned thing and scrap it. lol

Tuesday 13 March 2007

Matisse - My preferred paint!

Flamingo Beauty 2½" x 3½" Matisse acrylics - © Serena Lewis

My Matisse paint order arrived and I wasted no time in trying them out....see Flamingo art card above. I have to say I'm IMPRESSED! I love the pigment load this paint offers and I'm eager to move onto more projects.....stay tuned ~

Thursday 8 March 2007

Butterfly photo album

Butterfly Photo Album - Acrylic - © Serena Lewis

My son asked me to paint something decorative on the above photo album which he'd bought for a friend's birthday and this is what I came up with. It was a rush job so nothing too extravagant but he was very happy with the result so that was the main thing.

NEWSFLASH - For over fourteen years now, I've been faithfully painting with Chroma's Jo Sonja paints as well as their Atelier ranges. In recent months, I became very disillusioned with the lack of support they offered to small business so I took a giant leap and decided to change brands. Whilst the idea of getting used to a new paint is a little daunting, I am also keen and excited to give the chosen brand - Matisse - a fair go. I eagerly await my first order and will let you know my thoughts in future posts.