Tuesday 19 May 2020

Tuesday Reviews Day - Books

I hope you are staying safe and well in these uncertain times of the Coronavirus pandemic. We have been lucky in Australia to have had low statistics, so much so, that restrictions are being eased gradually. For now, our Queensland border will remain closed between other States and, while some people aren't happy about that, I am grateful that Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, is keeping us as safe as possible. We can't be too complacent too soon. I'm not sure that life will ever return to the pre-Coronavirus norm. Time will tell but it has certainly been a big wake up call.


Now, onto some book reviews 

I have not long finished a book series written by Victoria Twead. Six books in total but there are rumours that there could be more to come. This series is basically a memoir of the experiences shared by husband and wife, Vicky and Joe, after making the decision to move from England to Spain.

Book 1 - Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools 
Vicky and Joe leave the dismal wet English weather behind to relocate to sunny Spain under the agreement that it would be on a five year plan. They would then decide whether to make Spain their home permanently. They buy a house in a small mountain village where they are in for a big culture shock.  From renovating a house that is almost falling apart, to raising chickens, to owning one very territorial cockerel, to caring for a feral cat or two or three, to learning village customs and enjoying the local celebrations, not to mention being rescued by a mule at one point. There is never a dull moment, that's for sure.

Book 2 - Two Old Fools - Olé! 
Vicky and Joe have finished renovating their home to their satisfaction so they can finally relax and enjoy their retirement in the small Spanish town of El Hoyo — that is until the Ufarte family move into their quiet street and life is anything but peaceful. 

Book 3 - Two Old Fools on a Camel 
After Joe divulges that he would like to leave Spain to work as a teacher abroad, Vicky reluctantly joins him and is offered a teaching position too. So, they both head to Bahrain to teach at an American school for a year. Little do they know that the Arab revolution of 2011 is about to erupt and Bahrain will be in caught up in the turmoil. They have to deal with some pretty big struggles on the teaching side of things too but they do form some meaningful friendships while there.

Book 4 - Two Old Fools in Spain Again
Vicky and Joe return to El Hoyo after a very trying year in Bahrain. They soon settle back into their life in Spain but, again, life takes a crazy turn when a millionaire moves into the village and a dispute over land ownership presents itself causing division throughout the village. Families, relationships, and long-term friendships are at risk. Can Vicky and Joe help?

Book 5 - Two Old Fools in Turmoil
Life has been lovely and peaceful in their little Spanish haven but Vicky and Joe must make some life-changing choices as Joe's health starts to decline. A new postal mistress arrives in the village and love could be in the air between her and the town bachelor. However, femme fatale, Lola Ufarte returns to the village and could put a spanner in the works. What will be in the future for Vicky and Joe with Joe's condition needing medical attention?

Book 6 - Two Old Fools Down Under 
Vicky and Joe leave Spain for good to move to Australia where their daughter lives. However, Joe first goes back to England temporarily to have his health issues treated, Vicky goes on ahead to find a suitable house. Vicky loves the Australian lifestyle although spiders and snakes may take some getting used to. She throws herself into renovating their new home and also buys a puppy who she names Lola. Joe joins her later but his health is a continuing issue...

SUMMARY - I just loved this series! If you enjoy memoirs like I do, you may like them too. I enjoy living life vicariously through other people's adventures. As a bonus, Vicky includes a recipe from the region with each new chapter. Vicky's writing style is easy to read, enjoyable, and with a fun sense of humour. I would definitely recommend her books.


On another note, I'm happy to report that I have been getting some sketching and painting done so stay tuned for more in coming days.