Sunday 30 November 2008

and the winner of........

this 'I AM LOVE' original 6"x6" canvas painting

take it away, brad -


please email me with your home/snail address and i will mail off your prize.

i was so happy to give away this painting that i decided to pick a second winner.

this person will receive my 'I AM PRESENT' 6"x6" original painting.

and the second winner is....

take it away, aaron -

please email me with your home/snail address and i will mail off your prize.

if you enjoyed this giveaway, know that there will definitely be more in the future, so feel free to pop in for a cuppa and a chat. you are always welcome.

i have michelle and alex coming to stay for a few days so we are able to look after her while alex is at work. she is very sore with three separate suture sites, on top of still healing from the car accident injuries a year ago, poor thing. anyways, i hope to get back tonight to post a little more re. my soul coaching journey but, if time gets away...i will post tomorrow.

love, light and peace to all ~

Saturday 29 November 2008

soul coaching - day 28 - earth final




today, i did level one and level two of the tasks and i found both very beneficial. i do plan to do level three but didn't get the chance today.

i enjoyed the meditation in level one...i have been meditating daily without fail since the first week of soul coaching. it's funny that i have always wanted to get into the practice of daily meditation but i've never found the time....always too busy....yet here i am, making time and meditating daily. i have done the same with my art this month.....another area that i seemed to lack time to do yet i've managed time for daily creativity in my life also. i am thrilled to say the least!

level two involved radiating my internal light towards all i encountered today...people, animals, trees, homes etc. i stayed at home today except for a very quick trip to the shops in the late afternoon. i did try it out though and i felt quite good about it. i plan to put this into practise daily.

i know that my soul is unconditional is consciousness in its purest form. to know who we truly are means to be connected to this pure consciousness. i haven't reached that point yet but i am aware of its existence and that it is part of who i truly am. i am learning to live an authentic life and i am making positive changes to learned behaviours and conditioning from my past. i am learning to live in the present moment and, in doing so, i am AWAKENING to my true self.

today is the last lesson of the soul coaching journey and, tomorrow, we close off the book with a quest so stay tuned.......

i would like to say a special thanks to jamie who organised this wonderful journey for us all to share in. and, of course, a huge thank you to Denise Linn for writing this amazing and helpful book. my life has been truly blessed by the experience and it has been an honour to share it with such amazing women who i hope to remain friends with.

love, light and peace ~

NOTE - bradley will be drawing the winner of my original art piece - I AM LOVE - tomorrow and there is still time to get your name in for the draw here. GOOD LUCK ~

GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED - stay tuned - winner to be announced very soon!

Friday 28 November 2008

soul coaching - day 27 - earth week


acrylic/mixed media on 6"x6" canvas


affirmation for today - MY FUTURE IS FILLED WITH LOVE AND JOY

OH MY.....what a day!

first up, my shadow self came out to play this morning when she got all fired up at the tone my 20 year old son used.....there was no need for his tone but my shadow self didn't need to over-react the way she did either. then, my 9 year old son must have enjoyed seeing the appearance of my shadow self because he promptly decided to test the boundaries....NOT a good idea because, when he takes on my shadow self, he always loses. we then get to my son's school and, as he winds up the car window, it breaks....the gearing inside the door, not the actual window. oh yes, my day definitely started off on the wrong foot! on the way to autobarn to have the window checked, i calmed my mind and figured i could stop the negative energy in its tracks by focusing on the positive. the technician at autobarn got me out of trouble by, at least, closing the car window. I will be out of pocket for a replacement scissor-mechanism inside the car door can wait for now. as long as the car window is now closed, i'm a happy, little vegemite! positive energy is back on the playing field, people. i called into the 'mind, body, spirit' shop on the way home to pick up some sage for the house cleansing ritual and was so happy to find a DVD by esther and jerry hicks called - 'introducing abraham'.

when i got home, i did my daily 15 minute meditation and then, proceeded to do suzie's house cleansing ritual. i felt GREAT afterwards! thanks, suzie! i then sat down and watched the new DVD and hung on every word, especially the ones spoken by abraham. i then managed some time for my art.....i'm not overly happy with it but i do like the message it conveys.

the lesson for today covers creating a future for yourself this moment.

i'm all for focusing in the present moment but, as i've mentioned before, i'm not comfortable visualising some future scenario for myself. it's my belief that, when you focus on visualising a future self, you will always keep what you want, out of reach, in the future. however, if you focus on what you want in the present moment, feeling and acting like you have already achieved it, you will have a much better chance at manifesting it into your current reality. i can focus on my art in this present moment and i believe synchronicity will continue to direct it into my future anyway without me having to imagine where i want to be six years from now, as denise suggests. that said, if it's comfortable for others that is totally fine by me. i am a big believer in the each, his own.

for me, it's all about being grateful for what i already have....'feeling' and living like i already have the things i desire and trusting that the universe will manifest it into my reality. i don't have it down pat yet but i'm working on it.

WOW.....only one day left now! I'm excited and sad all rolled into one.

update on michelle - she was back home by 10 AM this morning after surgery yesterday at around 4 PM. go figure! she's sore and tender but nothing some rest and taking things easy won't fix. after the weekend, michelle will spend some days here because we don't like the idea of her being home alone while alex is at work next week. thank you all so much for your care and concern. it really helped so much.

love, light and peace ~

Thursday 27 November 2008

soul coaching - day 26 - earth week


i am at home, no matter where i am


affirmation for today - I AM AT HOME, NO MATTER WHERE I AM

i read through the chapter this morning and loved it! I plan to implement some of the suggestions maybe tomorrow but today was all about michelle.

she was admitted to hospital last night and had surgery to remove her appendix earlier this evening. we will find out more as to the condition of her appendix tomorrow. would you believe they will be sending her home in the morning if everything checks out okay?! how things have changed.....back when i was a child, appendix surgery meant a two week hospital stay followed by four weeks rest at home before being allowed to return to school. knowing michelle, she will be keen to get home though so i guess it's a good thing. this has been such a tough year for michelle as she is still recovering from the car accident almost a year ago.

WOW! two more days left of my 'soul' journey. it has gone so fast and i will be kinda sad to see it come to an end but i have definitely enjoyed participating.

don't forget to leave a comment here if you are interested in winning an original piece of art by me. the draw for the winner is on the 30th - aussie time.

love, light and peace ~

Wednesday 26 November 2008

soul coaching - day 25 - earth week


PEACE mandala - Pigma Micron pen in A4 sketchbook
click on image to enlarge



today, we were asked to be aware of the rhythms of nature in all its forms....sunrise, sunset, shadow changes, movements of animals and insects, weather changes etc. we were to ask ourselves if our own internal rhythms felt in alignment with nature's rhythms.

as part of my meditation today, i visualised myself at a beautiful beach....making it feel as real as possible right down to the feel of the wet sand between my toes and the waves gently rolling against my legs....i could also feel the drag of the undertow as the waves moved back out to sea. i could smell the sticky, salt air and the seagulls calling out to one another as they looked for food. i took deep breaths and realised how connected i felt to everything around me. i was the waves, i was the sand, i was the sticky, salt air, i was the seagulls.....WE WERE CONNECTED, i felt totally at peace and was amazing!

love, light and peace ~

Tuesday 25 November 2008

soul coaching - day 24 - EARTH WEEK


boab tree doodle - pen and coloured pencil
click on image to enlarge



this lesson covers how we carry ourselves and how it is one of the most powerful ways to impact on your body. the way we use our body is the secret key to show how we feel.

basically, if i carry myself in a confident, sure way, my brain will align my inner processes to be the same.

i can see where that would work......and i feel i could use a little work in that area because i'm still shy by nature and feel uncomfortable in public places so i walk about trying NOT to be noticed.

i've had a lot going on the past couple of days with michelle here so this doodle was all i managed for my art this evening. michelle and i did some sewing for a few hours today and that went really well, apart from her still being tender from what the doctors think is a 'grumbling appendix'.

in the comments section of a previous post, dianne, asked what sort of tree would i be. i LOVE all trees but, as far back as childhood, i have felt drawn to the 'boab' tree. they are such a beautiful and unique tree. of course, they don't grow in nature as fancy as the one above but it is a doodle after all.

i'm feeling so tired right now so i apologise if this post is a little incoherent. i think i'll call it a night and hope to catch up with blogs tomorrow.

love, light and peace

Monday 24 November 2008

soul coaching - day 23 - EARTH




our physical body is a good barometer for our inner well being. if our body is sluggish, we can feel emotionally sluggish too. to maintain a healthy environment for our soul, we must detoxify our body periodically. i have been a vegan now for 11 months and i do feel much healthier for it. i don't smoke. i drink green tea and only have the occasional glass of wine so i'm fairly happy with my diet.

i do feel that my emotions effect my body though as, after an emotional start to my day, my body felt drained and tired for the rest of the day. i think a good night's sleep is in order.

i plan to pay more attention over the coming days and try to listen to what my body is telling me....

do you listen to what your body is trying to tell you?

love, light and peace ~

Sunday 23 November 2008

soul coaching - earth week begins


I am Present - acrylic on 6"x6" chunky canvas
click on image to enlarge


affirmation for today - I AM ONE WITH THE EARTH. I AM ONE WITH MY BODY.

earth week has arrived and focuses on our physical environment, nurturing ourselves and connecting to the earth.

today, in my morning meditation, i visualised that i was a tree with my roots firmly planted in the ground, at the same time, being fully present and aware of the air and water elements needed for my existence......and also the fire element which brings renewal and change in my life. the interaction between the elements emphasises to me that we are ALL connected.

we were asked to assess our body by answering 'yes or no' to a list of questions. am i comfortable and happy with my body? hmmmmmm....yes and no. for one, i live with a back injury i sustained in a fall five years ago and i have to be careful not to overdo things or i can suffer in pain for days. that said, i do try to live a healthy lifestyle. i am enjoying my morning meditations as i feel they help to centre me for the rest of the day.

my art today revolved around nature. aaron and i walked down to the creek and we picked a few leaves to use as stamps for my canvas. i thoroughly enjoyed putting it all together in a messy fashion with earthy tones.

update on michelle - the pain has subsided for now though she is still quite tender in the region. she is staying here for a couple of days so, at least, she won't be home alone if the pains return. thank you all so much for your prayers and words of concern. it was so appreciated.

love, light and peace

Saturday 22 November 2008

storms created

thankfully, the afternoon storm didn't eventuate though i don't think we're quite out of the woods yet as i can hear thunder in the distance.

update on michelle - the doctors pumped her up with morphine and sent her home. they believe she has appendicitis though it's not at an operable stage yet so they've told her that the moment she gets any signs of nausea or vomiting, to head straight to the ER. we're hoping it will settle down and stay that way. poor shell has been through enough for one year.


ZEN butterfly - pen & coloured pencil in A4 sketchbook
click on image to enlarge



the soul needs creativity to express itself.....i love the sound of that!

denise states that when we are being truly creative, time stands still and we enter into a dimension that can carry us beyond the ordinary state. i totally identify with what denise is saying here because, when i paint, i often go into what i call 'the zone'....and when it seems like only minutes have passed by, it has actually been hours. i've heard that most artists/creatives have this same experience.

today, we were asked to let our creative juices flow and find ways in which we could do things differently. i've never used oil pastels before but i bought some recently after being so inspired by jessica's lovely work using oil pastels. so, there i sat with my new pastels and A4 sketchbook. i closed my eyes and focused on how i was feeling. i felt calm and grounded and the colour green came to mind in a circle shape. i guess the circle could have symbolised 'being centred'. i started blending the first couple of green tones and daughter called and sought advice on the terrible pain she was in. you know the rest but, from that moment, i found it quite hard to focus so just went with the flow of continuing the circles in colours that flashed to mind. i loved blending the oil pastels with my fingers but.....

...i really didn't play much more after that so focused on producing my art piece for today. this was also influenced by my concern for michelle. she adores butterflies so the choice of subject was obvious....i placed hearts on the butterfly's wings and focused on surrounding her with love and as i doodled the rest, i sent her lots of caring and healing vibes.

i plan on trying out the other task levels in the coming week as they sound very appealing to me. i'm keen to see how the rest of my 'soul' sisters did with today's lesson.

love, light and peace ~

interim post - just in case

hi everyone,

i thought it best to do an interim post early (it's 2PM here) and let you know that we are expecting severe, electrical storms some time this afternoon. some suburbs of brisbane have already suffered extensive damage in the past few days, caused by the worst storms we've had in 25 years, and the pattern seems to be continuing. we are being warned to prepare and stay indoors. the winds are already building up with ferocity. what a week we have had so far...the backyard is waterlogged from all the rain. i'm not sure water week was keen to be over....however, these storms are electrical so that fits in with fire week too. i'm trying to stay positive that the impending storm will not be as bad as the last two. there are two huge trees that sit behind our back fence and they do worry me with the ground already so waterlogged but....positive thoughts....positive thoughts.

i am working on my 'art every day month' piece as well as my 'soul coaching' lesson so, if i'm unable to post them tonight, stay tuned for a post tomorrow.

on another note, i'm currently waiting to hear news on my daughter as her de-facto boyfriend took her to hospital earlier today because she was suffering severe, stabbing pains in the mid-right area of her abdomen. last i heard, alex (her boyfriend) said the doctors were organising an ultrasound. please think positive thoughts and prayers that she'll be okay...

i will, hopefully be back later tonight if we don't lose power.

love, light and peace ~

Friday 21 November 2008

random act of kindness - GIVEAWAY!


I AM 'LOVE' - acrylic 6"x6" gallery-wrapped canvas


affirmation for today - I AM A LOVING SPIRITUAL BEING

today's lesson is how we can make a difference in this world through love, prayers, compassion and kindness.

we were to let this day be filled with the action of kindness. to radiate my love and prayers with purity of heart. we were asked to commit a random act of kindness which could be as simple as sharing a smile with everyone i meet.

I LOVE THIS! for the longest time, my email signature used to contain the words, "be an angel - practise random acts of kindness." i LOVE to help people and animals where i am able. i have always been a very giving person because it truly does make me feel like i am making a difference. of all days though, i didn't actually have a situation where i crossed anyone's path to actually perform a random act of kindness.

so....i thought it might be nice to offer my readers a GIVEAWAY!!! all you need to do is leave a comment on THIS post and, on the 30th (aussie time), i will allot all the comments with a number and then let bradley, my eldest son, draw a number from a hat. the lucky winner will receive my original painting from today which i painted to coincide with today's lesson......I AM 'LOVE' (see pic). it is 6"x6" in size and can be hung on a wall or can stand nicely by itself on a shelf because it's the wide, chunky canvas.

there, that makes me feel better already.

love, light and peace

Thursday 20 November 2008

like a phoenix rising


phoenix - pen/coloured pencil/watercolour crayon in A4 sketchbook
click on image to enlarge



i believe that we are all connected....that we are all part of the same pure consciousness but we temporarily exist in human form for reasons that i don't fully understand at this point in time. i believe that when our human vehicle/body dies, which is inevitable, our soul - pure consciousness - does not. in this lesson, denise talks about being comfortable with our own death. i can say with surety that i'm not afraid to die and i accept it as part of our evolution but it's something i choose not to focus on in the present moment.

today, we were asked to cherish our life and embrace our cherish life and death in all its forms such as fallen leaves, new growth....remembering that without death, there cannot be life. i am totally fine with accepting death but i admit that i wasn't overly comfortable with Level 3 today. i just couldn't get comfortable with the idea of visualising myself dying in all manner of ways. it just seemed a little too macabre to me. i also feel like this is focusing on a future moment which kinda conflicts with the 'focus on living in the present moment' bit.

so, i went with level one of the tasks today. i could handle releasing my past burdens because these things did happen. i created a ceremonial fire, wrote details about my old self/my identity, on a piece of paper and burned that sucker! this symbolised the letting go of the 'old' me/the ego self and the emotional baggage etc., so that i am free to focus on being in the Now. my art today reflects this too....a phoenix rising from the ashes which symbolises the new 'me', the 'i am'.....pure divine light.

i cherish my life and will embrace my death when that moment comes.

love, light and peace ~

Wednesday 19 November 2008

being fully present in the moment


mandala - ZIG pen in A4 sketchbook
click on image to enlarge



today's lesson was about being present and saying yes to life.

ah yes, this truly resonates with me being that i'm a huge devotee of eckhart tolle and his books. my kids would verify this as i've talked incessantly to them about the concept of The Power of Now and A New Earth. :)

so many people go through their lives either living in the past or living in the future but, rarely, touching base with the present moment. the reality is that the present moment is ALL we truly have. our past doesn't exist anymore but for the memories of it that we retain in our mind. our future hasn't even happened yet but we seem to focus on future outcomes or worry about what could happen. there is nothing wrong with laying down future plans/goals etc., but they are not the primary focus in your life. all the worry in the world is not going to change outcomes except to maybe add more stress along the way which is obviously not a good thing for your wellbeing. the present moment is so important yet it so often goes ignored or taken for granted. a good way to focus yourself in the present moment is to continually ask yourself throughout the day, "how am i feeling NOW?". this will bring your attention to the present moment. the more you do this, the more you will come to understand how it can have a life-changing effect on your life.

my day was very busy and i spent quite some time on phone calls which weren't planned, however, i took each moment as it came and gave it my full attention. in doing this, i was able to remain calm and feel at peace within and the day went very smoothly. i didn't even panic that i hadn't done any art all day....the moment for art came around 5PM and i did manage to create a mandala in pen for today.

being present in the NOW is key to living an authentic life.

love, light and peace ~

Tuesday 18 November 2008

the red t-shirt


pen & coloured pencil in A4 sketchbook
click on image to enlarge



today's lesson was aimed at owning all of our parts and to take responsibility for the choices we make in life. that i can handle, however, denise then speaks of a 'shadow' self. for the most part she suggests that, if i encounter someone who is angry and nasty, it is supposed to mean that these are aspects of my 'shadow' self reflecting back to me....repressed anger and nastiness that i have locked away???? i'm not too sure i believe that. when i meet someone like that, i believe they have had a bad day or they have their own demons to deal with. okay, denise says if i am only observing this negative behaviour in someone else, then it's NOT a projection of my 'shadow' self. it's only when i judge someone that those traits would suggest a reflection of my shadow self. if i see someone doing something wrong and i speak out and tell them so, why should this mean that i have those same traits hidden away? maybe i'm missing something.

denise says that self-criticism is a part of the shadow self....that i do get. to me, the shadow self is basically the ego self that eckhart tolle speaks of. it constantly tries to control you and knock you's all about power. who needs enemies when you have your ego-self living inside your head day to day?

actually, i had an argument with my ego-self this morning when i thought i would try one of the tasks from yesterday. i've never owned a red t-shirt or any other piece of red clothing until just a couple of days ago when my son sorted through his clothes and was discarding a bright red t-shirt. it was new was red, a colour i have NEVER worn. it's just not me! i kept the red t-shirt with the intention of using it as a blending tool in the art studio or maybe even a mop up rag. i was, this morning, actually considering whether or not to wear the red t-shirt for the day as the task suggested you do something completely out of the norm for you.

my ego-self quickly responded with, "are you stark, raving mad, woman?! you KNOW there's a reason you have never worn's sooooooo NOT your colour and it will make you look downright ugly."

i replied with, "surely just one day couldn't hurt?"

my ego-self retorted, "well that all depends if you want to be seen as one of those, in your face, neon glow sticks shouting 'look at me....look at me'......or, better yet, a heavily decorated christmas tree."

"i'm going to do it."

ego self yelled, "you will look like a fool and you will feel like everyone is watching you.....don't say i didn't warn you."

so.....i wore the red t-shirt...

....and i have to say, while i still don't see it as my colour....i enjoyed stepping outside of my comfort zone. maybe it won't end up in my studio as a mop up rag after all.

Monday 17 November 2008

soul coaching - day sixteen


Sun face - acrylic on 6"x6" gallery-wrapped canvas
click on image to enlarge



today, we were told to constantly ask ourselves - "how can i experience even more joy and fun today?"

while i didn't do anything out of the ordinary, i did thoroughly enjoy some time in the studio today. i worked on a christmas ornament for an email exchange. i also painted the sun for today's art which i felt was appropriate for FIRE week. i did belt out a song after i dropped aaron, my nine year old son, at school this morning but that's not unusual....i often sing in the car with aaron beside me and i will deliberately sing in a weird voice, or off key, because i always get a kick out of his reaction.

since around 1PM, i have been experiencing a burning sensation which radiates a warmth in my lower right abdomen. i thought it was interesting that this is happening during FIRE week. i've never experienced anything like this before so, if it persists til morning, i will go to the doctor.

on the matter of changing habits that do not empower me - i've noticed that i have hardly watched any television at all since starting the 'soul coaching' program. i'm pleased about breaking that habit because TV can be such a time waster.

i feel like a bit of a party pooper today but i do hope to address the tasks in more depth tomorrow. that said, it did feel wonderful to get some painting done today.

love, light and peace

Sunday 16 November 2008

fire week begins...


click on image to enlarge


affirmation for today - I AM SAFE

the weather today certainly made me aware that FIRE week has was a scorcher of a day which dazzled us with an electrical storm earlier this evening. YEP! Fire week has definitely arrived.

today, we were asked to be aware of all forms of fire signs in my life....

  • i think the top of the list would have to be myself, considering i'm an aries

  • the scorching heat today

  • i love chillies and my kitchen has quite a few chilli decor items.... i guess that would classify as a fire sign

  • the evening storm which brought lots of lightning and flashing

i'm sure more will come to me after i've posted. isn't it always the way?

as i read over denise's introduction to FIRE week, so much resonated with me. as a child, i was always extremely shy and seemed so afraid of people i didn't know. thankfully, i'm not that frightened little girl anymore but i still have fears, particularly when it comes to stepping outside of my comfort zone. i feel safe in my own environment....but when i step beyond it, i can start to feel very insecure. i don't do well in crowds at all and can feel quite claustrophobic. i am slowly improving as my confidence and self-esteem continue to grow.

denise also mentioned that many people choose being nice and sacrifice their own needs for others and, as a result, they are fractured. i'm putting my hand up for that one too. i still, at times, sacrifice my own needs to suit others but i am learning to say no more often.

denise also talks about fear of rejection. i think that would have to be a big one for me. i've had low self-esteem all my life and, while my confidence is growing, i can still be my own worst enemy at times. i am learning that it's all about empowering myself to find my voice and not be afraid to make my mark in this world and take some risks. looks like fire week has my name written all over it. this should prove

love, light and peace,

Saturday 15 November 2008

farewell to 'water' week


click on image to enlarge

my art for today focuses on elements we covered in water week. 'seeing' with clear eyes, the butterfly symbolising transformation and growth, and words that we focused on...and release of clutter, release of negative emotions.


affirmation for today - WHO I AM IS ENOUGH, JUST AS I AM

today signalled the last day of water week and it certainly has been quite a week. we have been drought-declared for a long time and the little rain we get is few and far if on cue, the beginning of water week started with a storm and we have had good downpours of rain, on and off, throughout the week....the lawn is actually green instead of straw-coloured. my dishwasher was on the blink just prior to the beginning of water week which found me at the sink more often during this past week but i didn't complain once. i'm grateful that the dishwasher is fixed now but i'm also grateful for the time i spent washing up by hand and being more aware of water and its purpose. this week has been all about clearing our emotions, our body and environment.

today, i met with a stranger to gift her with three stacks of home decorating magazines that i've been collecting over the past few years. i made the decision to give them away during my clutter clearing frenzy and it felt so good that i was helping others in the process. OH, and the synchronicity for today - we met at a shopping centre and the art shop there was having a massive sale on gallery-wrapped canvasses so i bought some....YAY!

today, denise speaks of making choices that can have a huge impact on our lives as well as letting go of 'victim thinking'. we learn how to ask 'noble' questions instead of 'unworthy' questions. an unworthy question might be "why am i always struggling to make ends meet?" the universe doesn't differentiate so will focus on the negative and will draw more of that into your world. a noble question would be "how can i feel even more abundant?" the universe then recognises that you already feel abundant and, as mentioned in a previous post, what you feel and put out there, will come back to you. it's all in the asking.

i've spoken on 'victim thinking' in a previous post so, a quick recap.....some people go round carrying the burden of something that happened to them a long time ago and they allow it to continually effect their lives in a negative way. however, they have the power to choose, in an instant, to lighten their load of that excess baggage. the reality is that the past no longer exists. they have already been through the experience in their past and there is no need to keep on re-living it. the burden they carry is just a memory in their mind and they have the power to release it and bring about miraculous change and healing in their life.

by focusing fully on the present moment, entering the stillness and showing sincere gratitude is key to leading an authentic life.

i hope that water week has been an enlightening experience for you.

PS - i would like to say a very sincere thank you for all the well wishes i received on my back pain. i was blown away by your care and concern. (((hugs to you all)))

love, light and peace

Friday 14 November 2008

today, i am grateful for


click on image to enlarge


affirmation for today - MY LIFE IS BLESSED, AND I AM SO GRATEFUL

gratitude is the key to happiness. i've believed for a long time now that our attitude can either draw positivity or negativity into our lives. basically, what we send out into the universe, we get back.

today was smooth-flowing and i felt totally relaxed and happy. My back pain was gone and i made a point of putting no extra pressures on myself. i reflected upon the happenings of the day and took note on the things i was grateful for.....shown in my artwork today. i've had a gratitude journal for some time now and, each night, i write down at least five things i am grateful for on that particular day. this is a great tool because it teaches us not to take people/animals/things for granted. it's also about being grateful on a larger scale. while it's wonderful to be thankful for that nice hot cup of tea/coffee that quenches your thirst and calms goes beyond's benefits the universe to be grateful to the many hands that brought that cup of tea/coffee to you. the tea/coffee growers, the harvesters, the packagers, the supermarkets etc....get the picture? it's a lot bigger than we realise.

in level 3, denise suggests looking into a mirror and saying, "i love you. I appreciate you." i haven't tried it yet and don't know if i'll be able to at this stage. maybe i will try it and see how i go.

love, light and peace

Thursday 13 November 2008

remember the stillness


Zen heart in A4 sketchbook
click on image to enlarge



today, we remember the stillness. no matter what is occurring around us, there is always an inner sanctuary of profound tranquility available to us. the more inner peace we experience, the more we can effect peace in the world. i really like the sound of wonderful it would be if everyone focused on their inner peace and tranquility. we were asked by denise to use this day to begin hearing the heartfelt messages from our soul, hence, my artwork for today.....a 'zen heart'.

today, at intervals, i would stop to slow down and focus on my breathing...this is something i've been practising for a while now and i do believe it has had a positive effect on my well-being. my day went very calmly but, this evening, did bring about some confusion and the feeling of being overwhelmed after a couple of phone calls i received from different people regarding a related matter. that said, rather than worry about unknown outcomes, i am trying to remain calm and focused in the present moment......listening for signs from my soul that will hopefully guide me on some big decisions.

have you listened to your soul lately?

Wednesday 12 November 2008

soul coaching - day eleven


zen doodle in A4 sketchbook

usually, an idea for a sketch will come to me during meditation or by mid-morning, however, today it just wasn't happening. the pain from my back kept clouding my mind so i decided to sit down and try some mindless doodling....a form of zentangle. i just started with a repeated pattern and let it grow from there not even knowing myself what the following stage or outcome would be. this form of doodling is so relaxing with no pressures. when i reached the point of calling it finished, i looked at it and felt it vaguely resembled a cup with steam rising from the i drew the handle as an afterthought.



today we were asked to choose another area of our home to clean. while i cleaned and re-organised my Tupperware shelf, i focused fully on the moment and affirmed that - "while i clean, i am creating the space for new opportunities to flow my way."

today's lesson was about exploring relationships and recurring emotional patterns.

i feel like i've already freed myself from the shackles of my past so i really didn't delve too deeply into this. in an earlier post, after discussing some emotional issues of my past, i stated that i may still have hidden gremlins that could possibly surface at some point. as i've previously learned through a new earth, if those gremlins should appear again, i will accept that they are JUST painful memories that can no longer hurt me. i've already been through the physical experience, in the past, and survived. the reality is that past memories only exist in my mind and they are not who i am. when i no longer identify with my pain body (as eckhart calls it), it changes and becomes fuel for authenticity and consciousness. how long does it take to become free from the pain body? an instant! it's amazing how freeing that concept is. it has worked for me too and i continue to practise living in the power of the present moment.

unfortunately, i didn't spend much time at the computer last night due to my back pain so wasn't able to catch up on the latest 'soul coaching' group posts. the pain is still with me but i hope to check in on everyone as soon as i'm able.

love, light and peace,

Tuesday 11 November 2008

i got my space back.....YAY!


click on image to enlarge

in keeping with 'water' week, i opted to draw a waterlily today with a stained glass effect.



today, i tackled the clutter and mess in garage/studio and WON! all the clutter has been cleared and i feel great emotionally, however physically, my back is protesting quite badly. it was a huge job but i'm so glad that it's done.

today's task was to notice the relationship i have with every person and every object i encounter. i wasn't asked to change the way i relate to the person or object but just to be aware of the energy i felt around them today. did it go up or did it go down or...was it neutral?

i can honestly say that, i was so busy setting up a double bed in my son's room and then, clearing out and tidying up the garage/studio, that i really didn't come into contact with anyone or anything that brought me down. even the clutter gave me a high because i knew that, at the end of it, i would have my space back. i took a lot of items i'd been holding onto over to the recycling centre and it felt great knowing that someone else would get to enjoy them too. i didn't really feel down or sad that i was letting them go....i was just happy.

i guess, i'm a little bummed that my back is hurting but that was too be expected as it's always been a weak spot since i injured it in a fall five years ago. i plan to work through level 2 when i can focus without pain. i think i will just rest up and get an early night tonight.

i hope everyone had more highs than lows today ~

love, light and peace

Monday 10 November 2008

turning points and perspective


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i have the power to choose what meaning i give to my life experiences. when i was going through emotionally painful times in the past, it was near impossible for me to see positives or benefits during those experiences. it has always been in hindsight that, i can look back after a period of healing and, realise that those terrible times were actually a blessing in disguise. in some cases, i am grateful that they happened because i have become a stronger person for it. i can also see now that i was obviously not on my authentic path and it was wise for me to make certain choices.

on a smaller scale, i can quite easily see positives among the negatives in my daily experiences. i have been practising this for some time now...well, more so, since reading eckhart tolle's books. by being in the present moment, i am more aware and, most times, can act from a place of compassion and authentic power. i went to the bank earlier today and, there were only two bank tellers serving at the counter. the queue had built up because the customers being served had complications with their accounts. in the past, i would have become quite impatient and frustrated but not anymore. i remained calm and accepted that there really wasn't anything i could do to hasten the situation and getting upset, or being impatient, would only have effected my state of well-being in a negative way. it's amazing how smoothly a day can go with this kind of perspective and i plan to keep practising. this experience also served as a lesson in patience and understanding for me.

in today's lesson, denise spoke of making a spirit stick to depict empowering turning points in my life. i think it would be fun to make a spirit stick but time didn't allow today so instead, i decided to draw a spirit stick as my art exercise for today. The four pieces of blue strapping represent my four sons, while the pink one, represents my daughter. extending from the pink strapping, there are two feathers which represent michelle and her boyfriend, alex, as a committed couple. i would say, without hesitation, that my five children have been very positive and empowering turning points in my life. as a mother, i have made some empowering choices, even though i wasn't aware of that at the time. i feel blessed to have a close, loving relationship with all my children.

i have been doing my meditation without fail and i have been continuing to clear and cleanse a little each day. it almost feels like i'm clearing clutter on auto-pilot.

today was a good day and i hope that your day was positive and empowering also.

love, light and peace ~

Sunday 9 November 2008

water week has arrived


another hasty sketch after a full day -



perfect timing! last night ended 'air' week with a storm which brought much needed, heavy if to announce that 'water' week has arrived.

water represents our emotions, purification, and cleansing so this week will be about clearing our emotions, body and environment.

today's exercise was emotionally difficult for me. we were asked to reflect on our life and find turning points that effected our choices and, thereby, influenced our life after that point.

two glaring turning points stand out to me - one was when i left my first husband after years of abuse. during that time i felt like my identity was lost forever but, when i left, and after a time of adaptation, i realised that i COULD make it on my own with four children. i don't understand why but this experience repeated itself when i married my second husband and I subsequently left him too some months after my fifth child was born. both experiences were extremely debilitating and traumatic for me and i never thought i would recover but.....i did. i guess these experiences have definitely strengthened my spirit and, over the years, have helped me to feel empowered in my own life.

i'm sure i still have hidden gremlins so.....who knows what will float to the surface as the week progresses.

Saturday 8 November 2008

why am i here?



affirmation for today - WHO I AM IS ENOUGH

why am i here? what is the purpose of my life?

these are the BIG questions and i wish i knew the solid answers 100%.

why am i here? to seek enlightenment, live an authentic life and make a positive difference in this world.

what is the purpose of my life? to seek enlightenment, live an authentic life and make a positive difference in this world.

how do i go about that? after reading so many self-help books over the years, you would think i would be way ahead of the game but.....i'm not. i'm still on my path, seeking enlightenment. i don't have big goals and i am happy with that. who i am is enough.

who am i? a loving and supportive mother, a carer and an artist. i'm someone who wants to make a positive difference this world, particularly in the lives of animals. in some aspects, i believe i am already making a difference, no matter how small, through my art and my own personal commitments. i also try to be the best person that i can be each and every day but i'm only human and i do make mistakes. life's lesson, i guess.

at this point in time, i do believe i'm heading in the right direction, whatever that may be, by focusing on BEING in the present moment. i believe that by placing my full love, focus and positive commitment to each present moment, the future will unfold as it should for me.

i am exactly where i need to be right now.

love, light and peace ~

Friday 7 November 2008

where did the time go today?


i had barely any time for art/creativity today so this quick mandala will have to do.


affirmation for today - I AM SAFE AND CENTRED NO MATTER WHERE I AM

last night, after posting to my blog, i ended up going to bed with a lot of mind clutter after finding out some upsetting news via phone. i found it hard getting to sleep and meditation this morning was difficult to get into though i'm proud of myself for doing my 15 minutes regardless. i did manage to release some mind clutter after a talk with my daughter later in the morning which really helped. i am opening space within myself for remarkable mental clarity and focus. with everything i release, more energy/love/abundance comes my way.

i'm glad that today was about taking time out to relax and breathe because i think i needed it. the day flew by before i knew it.......some phone calls in the morning, washed some clothes which helped clear clutter from the laundry, then i was off to a friend's house for lunch to celebrate her recent pledge to australian citizenship. it was wonderful to catch up with her, and another friend, as it's been ages since we've managed some girl time together. i had such a lovely time. i am safe and centered no matter where i am. next thing i knew it was time to head home and make dinner. i still had done nothing art-wise so i quickly squeezed in a little time just before i sat down to post on my blog.

tomorrow is another day ~

Thursday 6 November 2008

beauty is all around us


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this image came to me in my morning meditation today. it's simple but speaks volumes. so many people go through life with blinders on. they never really SEE the vast beauty that surrounds them because they are so caught up in their own little worlds. they miss the bigger picture.



this chapter talks of clearing more clutter and recognising that we can hold attachments to material possessions which can cause us to lose sight of the divine. some of our possessions can drain our energy because we hang onto them for all the wrong reasons. clearing clutter helps your home become a refuge for your soul. i used to hold attachments to material possessions but not anymore. i do hold a strong attachment to family photo albums and family videos but that's really about it. i was in a position years ago where i had to start from scratch with nothing so i suppose that time made me realise just how little i need, on a materialistic level, to be happy and content.

i did okay with the clutter questionaire in soul coaching today because, for the most part, i do keep the house tidy but my garage/studio is definitely a problem area for me. i wonder if this is why i can often feel blocked when it comes to my art and creativity? earlier this week, i cleared, cleaned and organised a wardrobe shelf in my bedroom. yesterday, i cleared clutter from all the shelves in the wardrobe, and today, i got stuck into clearing off my art tables in the studio and doing a bit of organising. i refreshed all the water jars for rinsing my paint brushes and i refreshed all my wet palettes with the promise of art to come. fresh, invigorating energy is filling my life and IT FEELS GREAT!

addition - i have bags and boxes of items ready to go to the charity. i even listed, as a giveaway, a collection of magazines on freecycle and I already have someone picking them up in a week. YAY!

Wednesday 5 November 2008

self awareness and henna art


click on image to enlarge

something different for me - i printed out a sketch of my hand which i did a while ago and decorated it like a henna tattoo. i couldn't resist 'painting' my nails black to match and, even though it was on paper, doing this gave me a wonderful sense of freedom.


affirmation for today - I LOVE AND ACCEPT WHO I AM...AND WHO I AM IS ENOUGH

denise writes that, at this stage, we may notice old patterns and blockages rising to the surface.......amazingly, i had a wonderfully, easy-going day. i woke at 4 am, feeling great, read the chapter from 'soul coaching' for today, meditated for 15 minutes and then, things just flowed smoothly for the rest of the day. (afterthought - i even managed time to clear the rest of the clutter from my wardrobe)

some of you were surprised at my comment in yesterday's post about sleeping in until 5:30 am so i thought i would explain.......prior to november, my normal waking time was 5 am each day but i figured that, seeing as how i do best in the mornings, i would wake an hour earlier to get a fresh start on soul coaching activities. it also gives me time alone while the rest of the household sleeps. i've never been a night owl...9:30 pm hits and i'm yawning.

anyways, i'm wondering if my work with eckhart tolle's book assisted me with today's chapter because this lesson was all about the observer and how our identity is not who we are. this was a very strong message in 'a new earth' and i really get that. i've been observing my ego self in action for some time now and, breaking old, conditioned habits is not an easy thing to do because the ego has been used to being in control for so long. its very survival depends on chaos, drama and negativity and it doesn't want to give up that role willingly. most times now, i am recognising my ego self playing out a role and i can react by choosing to take positive action for positive outcomes. the sacred observer - the authentic self - is who i really am and it always speaks from a place of love and pure consciousness.

of course, this isn't going to be an overnight success......the ego self won't go down without a fight and it will constantly rise up again but, as long as i am aware of it, i can stop it in its tracks and choose to act from a place of authenticity. if i slip up and ego wins, i must remember to be gentle with myself and accept that it is part of my learning and there will always be a next time and then......i can beat that crazy, little sucker into submission. ooops, was that my ego self or my authentic self talking?....just kidding ~ ;)

Tuesday 4 November 2008

Clearing clutter



the day started out with me sleeping in until 5:30 AM, which threw me out of whack for the rest of the day. the good thing is that i was feeling much better today so maybe the sleep-in did me some good after all.

after a busy morning, i sat on the floor in yoga position to do my 15 minutes of meditation. after a little back pain yesterday, i took robyn's advice and placed a cushion under my bottom back pain. thanks for the suggestion, robyn!

after my meditation, i worked on my art for today - a mandala. it's the first mandala i've ever done but i enjoyed it so much that i plan to do more. i found it calming and relaxing.


i've always noticed that when i do a clean up, re-organise and/or purge unwanted items in my home, that i always feel lighter and refreshed afterwards. it truly does feel like a breath of fresh air to me. it would seem that our external environment does have a connection with our inner wellbeing. for today, denise suggested clearing clutter from the bedroom or bathroom, being that these are the personal areas in the home. i generally manage to keep these rooms tidy anyway, however, the wardrobe in my bedroom is a little scary in areas, particularly the shelves. if i'm rushing about, which i usually am, i tend to just throw things on top of other things with the intention of sorting them that 'later' was today. i sorted, reorganised and purged unwanted items from one of the shelves in my wardrobe and i do plan to continue on to the other shelves over the next week. after that, i plan to tackle the garage/ THAT'S a BIG job but i'm feeling up to the task. i think i will feel like a whole, new me by the time i'm done.

my new motto - use it, love it or get rid of it!

love, light and peace to all ~

Monday 3 November 2008

commitment and meditation

art every day month challenge & nablopomo

click on image to enlarge

soul coaching - day two

affirmation for today - i honour my commitments to myself and others.

after a day of focusing on my deep breathing yesterday, i woke up this morning feeling very aware of the air around me. i breathed in was drizzling rain outside and numerous types of bird were announcing their awakening also. it was a nice start to my day.

i am still feeling unwell so, i chose level one from the tasks which was to commit to one empowering action daily. the area i have had the most problem committing to lately has been my art and creativity because my life always seems to be filled with so many distractions. necessary ones but distractions nonetheless. i had already committed to posting art or something creative on my blog daily for the month of november so, to that, i have decided to add a daily 15 minute meditation. i was tempted to add one or two more things from the list as there were a few that appealed to me but, denise said to choose one, and i fear that i may over-commit and let myself down if i take on too much, too soon. baby steps......

my meditation attempts in the past have never become habitual even though it's something i have always yearned to do on a daily basis. so, this morning, i sat on my bedroom floor and meditated, focusing on my breath. it went very well, though at one stage my back was hurting quite badly but i chose to persevere and kept drawing my focus back to my breath. to emphasise my new commitment, i chose to base my art for today around meditation......the Buddha, candle, lotus flower, chakras and the symbol 'he' which stands for harmony, all symbols of peace, tranquility and balance.

blessings to all ~

Sunday 2 November 2008

the soul cleansing begins......


click on image to enlarge


the day started out well though i did end up feeling a tad under the weather by mid-morning. i wonder if this is my ego's attempt at self-sabotage. i am reminded that the 'ego-self' can be very critical and judgemental so, today, i focused on the affirmation suggested by denise - my evaluation of myself is not who i am. the element for this first week of 'soul coaching' is air so i paused many times throughout the day to take deep breaths. this helped me to focus and remain calm and relaxed. denise also recommended a media cleanse so, for this week, i will avoid negative news....funny that, as over the past couple of weeks, i've barely had time to watch any news at all. the same thing happened with my altar.....i already had a basic altar set up two weeks before discovering the next chapter blog. all i needed to do was re-arrange it a little to suit the elements. so it seems like i've been headed towards this direction without even realising it.

the art i worked on today was based on the 'air' element....butterflies fluttering, dragonflies buzzing and feathers gently falling through the air. i also filled quite a few pages in my process journal but i promise to give you all a VERY condensed version here.

the task was to assess my physical environment and answer life questions -

for the most part, i'm very happy with my physical environment....i feel a strong sense of belonging, safety and security in this house. the problem area would have to be the garage which is set up as my art studio but also shares space with general household storage and my sons' workout equipment. when we first moved in, i had it set up so nice but, over the past year, more and more storage items are finding their way into the garage and it's been making me feel claustrophobic as it slowly creeps closer and closer towards my art tables. i think a big clean out is in order. i know that when i have cleared away physical clutter in the past, it has always made me feel cleansed on a soul level too.

life purpose - i am a mother of five beautiful children who are very precious to me. i try to be a positive, supportive and encouraging influence in their lives. i am also an artist and paint when i can. all my life i have felt a strong passion for animals and i aim to use my art to help in animal welfare. that said, i have noticed over the past year that i am feeling drawn to different areas of art and i don't know if this will be an impediment to the cause i am working towards or not. i guess, i will see where this road leads me.

spiritual source - i have always leaned towards metaphysical and spiritual practices. i believe there is a higher power which empowers our soul consciousness within. we just need to learn how to connect to it.

i am learning that all i need to be happy and content with my life is already right here, right now. it's okay for me to set goals, however, i will try not to focus on expected outcomes. i will practise focusing on the present moment with good intention and the rest will follow as it should. can you tell i'm a huge fan of eckhart tolle books? ooops, sorry denise....i love your books too.

blessings to each and every one of my soul coaching friends.

Saturday 1 November 2008

today starts a month of daily challenges....

.....and soul searching.

i'm actually quite excited that i made it through the first day. i had no prior plans in place as i just thought i'd go with wherever the day took me art-wise. i did set my alarm an hour earlier so, this morning, i jumped out of bed at 4 AM, instead of the usual 5 AM. i did some morning pages which i haven't done for ages so it seems i am getting back into old habits which i see as a positive. here is a sketchbook page i did today signifying some of the things i did.

click on image to enlarge

aaron and i also had a play with an art atomiser/diffuser for the first time. what fun we had with that. at first, i couldn't get the paint to spray out of the spout but, finally, got the hang of it.
this is my efforts so far on a background -

click on image to enlarge

...and aaron's -

click on image to enlarge

unfortunately, the glare spoiled this pic so I'll try to get a better pic tomorrow as it looks so much better in reality than this shows.

jamie, organiser of the blog book club thought it would be a good idea to use the first of the month as preparation and reading the introduction to the book. then we will work through it day by day until the 29th and use the 30th as a summary/closer.

so, today, i arranged my altar -

click on image to enlarge

....and wrote out my sacred contract on the first page of the journal i will be using the record my progress each day.
click on image to enlarge
i plan to add to my altar as i progress through the book.

all in all, it's been a pretty good day....a few distractions but i handled them okay. wish me luck for tomorrow.